Sahm Adrangi’s Inside Revelations

According to a research done by Kerrisdale’s CIO Sahm Adrangi, Eastman Kodak Company is a one hundred thirty-eight year old imaging and printing company whose stock increased two-fold or more ever since a blockchain and cryptocurrency partnership licensing has been announced. Kodak gave permission to have its brand be licensed in connection to a blockchain project that created more than $300 million. Prior to the licensing announcement, the Board members provided themselves with shares, and hired a promoter who has a bad history in public relations together with a team of Germans who pretended to be blockchain platform managers. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


While innovative in every sense Sahm Adrangi maintains that cryptocurrencies and blockchains have the ability to unsettle more than one industry, and utilizing KODAKOne media right licensing will not be a part of that. Using a blockchain in the operation of a copyright image platform will not realize anything. KODAKOne will be using a crypto-asset and smart contracts to resolve the issue on copyright violation.


Decoding and coding an image within a blockchain does not demonstrate the origin of having intellectual ownership. A blockchain does no minimize the sources needed for copyright violation. A photographer would preferred to be paid in KODAKCoins that real money. KODAKOne is at its best a declining company with muted efforts to pursue the ICO or initial coin offering fashion trend. To this point it is considered a PR initiated stunt that offers a distraction, which will eventually pass when the company issues its financial earning reports that would inform stakeholders of its true financially troubled situation. More details on Sahm Adrangi at


Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and has been hand-on in the various facets of development of the company ever since it was founded in 2009. At its initial launch the company has a little under $1 million in capital asset, and as of 2017 the company is managing $150 million assets.


Sahm Adrangi is popular for research publishing and short selling where he imparts his company’s opinion and take on stocks that are overhyped short and under-followed long, which are often misunderstood by the public. Kerisdale publishes its investigation on relevant third party investing websites, on Twitter and on its own website.


All About Agora Financial

Agora Financial Company was founded in 1979 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a subsidiary of the parent company named The Agora, and it was founded by Bill Bonner. The company is a leading financial corporation that publishes and produces a number of publications in print and email, such as books, conferences, all aimed at advising its readers on financial matters, predicting market behavior and trends on stocks, energy, emerging technologies and so forth.Agora Financial Company boasts of being the “leading innovator in the financial industry around the globe.” Their work has been recognized by renowned publications such as the Washington Post, the Economist, Reuters, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, the Daily Telegraph and many more.

Agora Financial Company hosts a yearly Agora Financial Investment Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is considered one of the company’s largest events as it brings together a large audience as well as a significant number of speakers. In panels, debates and general conferences, these speakers analyze contemporary and upcoming financial trends and market behavior. Each of these annual symposiums has a specific theme, for instance, the theme for the 2013 symposium was “A Tale of Two Americas.”As mentioned earlier, Agora Financial involves publishing. Some of its flagship publications include Breakthrough Technology Alert which informs readers about investment trends in the technology industry.

Capital and Crisis is a newsletter that delves into issues of global value investment; Daily Reckoning is a daily publication exploring ideas on investment, analyzing the market and addressing issues of economy, and, Options Hotline is a publication looking into possible chances of investment in stock markets.Agora Financial gives unbiased and rather independent reporting on investment opportunities, financial news and market analyses to its customers to ensure that they make sound financial decisions. According to their website, their news, publications, and editors are independent in that they do not accept bribes of any kind from corporations to favor their products or stocks. The editors of their publications are also not afraid to make bold predictions, as customer satisfaction and success are of utmost importance to Agora.

Cryptocurrency Trailblazer, Malcolm CasSelle

Cryptocurrency is a fascinating subject to many people but is taking new strides in the gaming industry thanks to people like Malcolm CasSelle his new company Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Developed by the founders of the company OPSkins, the progressive company WAX is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to participate in a virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing. OPSkins is the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets and WAX is using blockchain technology to make the whole process more streamlined.

The company’s WAX Tokens are a utility that can be used to trade virtual goods not just video game assets but also allows cryptocurrency exchange. Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX, believes that the gaming world will showcase the world of cryptocurrency to the masses.

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the entrepreneurs behind many groundbreaking companies. Besides acting President of WAX, CasSelle is CIO of OPSkins. His previous business adventures include CTO and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc., Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China. Holding a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, both in computer science, it is safe to say that WAX is in excellent hands.

CasSelle began his venture in cryptocurrency in 2012 as a partner in early bitcoin mining projects. He has worked closely with many cryptocurrency startups like BTC China, GoCoin, and Blockchain Capital Partners. His history of working with China-based companies is only more accessible since he speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

CasSelle’s earlier life is a humbling one, being born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His great-grandfather William Henry Casselle (1882-1956 was a man from Philadelphia and very popular in the middle-class community. Helping his community prosper he has been quoted several times in the Philadelphia newspapers. CasSelle’s grandfather was a favorite barber, John “Jack” T Casselle.

Malcolm CasSelle is a trailblazer in his knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I look forward to hearing more ventures to come from CasSelle and WAX.




Daniel Taub Continues to Sound the Alarm About an Iran With Nuclear Capabilities

As Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Taub is the one man who “stand in the gap” for the ancient country. If anything concerns him, he will sound the alarm and throw out the lifeline in order to represent his country to the rest of the world. Indeed, one of the most pressing concerns he might have would be an Iran with a fully capable nuclear device.

Taub has floated many ideas in regards to conquering this threat, including the idea that the Jewish state should consider some alliances with some longstanding rivals in order to try to assuage the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. Taub hearkens back to the Geneva accord, which was signed in 2013. He has noted that even with that accord being the rule – Iran still has nuclear ambitions five years later.

Taub actually even believes that cooperation between Israel and Sunni states such as the Gulf Countries and Saudi Arabia might be necessary in order to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. He also believes that there are some positives, however. These would include the fact that sanctions against Iran were eased in return for their cooperation with U.N. Inspectors.

However, according to Daniel Taub not even a single centrifuge was dismantled after this deal was created. Progress? Maybe in the eyes of liberal apologists, but for those of us living in the real world not so much. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

The dominant elephant in the room after the signing of this deal occurred about a day after the signing of it. Does Iran have the right to enrichment, even though they claim it is just for providing electrical power? Some say yes, and some say no. The fallout in the international community was quite severe, with many saying they were furious at the deal.

Benjamin Netanyahu said that the world was a less safer place. Barack Obama said that he was going to “ratchet up the pressure.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that there needs to be a comprehension resolution and this wasn’t it.

Finally, David Cameron said that the world continues to need “persistent diplomacy” in order to solve these concerns. Taub is right to be alarmed, and hopefully the powers that be will continue to “stand in the gap” to keep Israel and the rest of the world safe.

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TMS Health Solutions of Northern California, Services and Locations

Mental Health and clinical depression treatment has come a very long way. Finding the right group of supportive, compassionate and innovative physicians is a key element in beginning your road to treatment. TMS Health Solutions is a northern California based group of physicians who specialize in caring for the 40% of patients who do not respond to medication. They provide non medicinal therapies for patients with treatment resistant depression. TMS Health Solutions is covered by most of the nation’s health care providers for both medication and therapy treatments.

TMS health understands that 40% of adults who suffer from depression will also experience major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorder is commonly referred to as MDD and it often requires talk treatments in conjunction with medicinal treatments. Some of these patients battle with TRD which stands for treatment resistant depression. TMS Health utilizes TMS for patients who suffer from TRD. TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an alternative treatment for major depressive disorder. The TMS health team of experts works with each individual patient to determine which treatment is best and if medicine needs to be used in conjunction with treatment therapies.

Depression is not the only mental disorder that TMS Health treats. In addition to depression patients suffering from memory disorders such as dementia can also benefit from transcranial magnetic stimulation. Mild cognitive impairment is also a treatment that TMS offers. Mild Cognitive impairment is the stage between normal aging and the early stages of dementia. TMS therapy can help slow the progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

TMS Health Solutions has 7 locations in Northern California. These locations include Roseville, Sacramento, San Francisco near UCSF and Union Square, Oakland, El Dorado Hills and Burlingame. All seven of these locations can provide a TMS information packet to fully list patient services. TMS also often sets up tables at health fairs and expos to provide community out reach to individuals who may be considering treatment for their depression or memory loss.

TMS health Solutions has helped thousands of patients receive the help they need to battle their mental health and depression. They have a professional staff of trained individuals waiting for patients to call and schedule a consultation.

Drew Madden: What Will Happen When CVS And Amazon Collide?

Is there going to be an epic blowup when Amazon enters the healthcare market? This has to be the kind of question that executives at companies like CVS are asking themselves out loud at the moment. They have every reason to be concerned about things. After all, their entire company could be on the line when it comes down to it. They risk losing out to the likes of Amazon simply due to the economics of scale. That is to say that Amazon could take over a big portion of the healthcare market rather quickly simply based on its size and how many people rely on it for so many things on a regular basis.

Madden has made a life of following stories like this. He has to in order to protect his livelihood. He works as a healthcare information technology entrepreneur. Before that, he was someone who worked in the industry as an employee. Putting it simply, he has always had some role in the industry throughout most of his career.

This is the kind of thing that makes Drew Madden appeal to the hearts and minds of a lot of people. He is someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Now he observes CVS and Amazon and believes that when the dust settles the consumer will be at an advantage. Check out his website

Amazon might be applying for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products through the country, but what is so wrong about that? They sell all kinds of other things already, so to add this to the list basically just makes good and common sense.

CVS might not like that Amazon is getting involved in their business. They would probably prefer it if they could keep this competition out. If they cannot stop Amazon, then they will do the next best thing. So far that has been to purchase the healthcare insurance company called Aetna. This has allowed them to create a more one-stop shop feeling to their mission. In other words, they have actually made it possible to get your insurance and prescriptions all from the same place. That is changing the game, but in a very positive way for customers.

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Equities First Holdings Keeps Expanding

Equities First Holdings is thriving in part because of the connections it has made to banks in the countries where it is located. It has become a leader because of its associations with those investment and custodian banks, including the largest one in the world. The company changed its name a while ago, and it expanded greatly in 2014. It has added five offices across the globe in its continued efforts to help businesses and individuals to meet their goals in regard to investing. It gives them the money that they need, and it keeps growing because it is there for them in a unique way.

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Eric Lefkofsky Created Tempus To Build A Better Healthcare System For Everyone

Eric Lefkosfksy is a billionaire today, gaining a vast amount of wealth through his business pursuits. Most notably his Groupon app and platform that afforded people with coupons to save money on a wide variety of different things. As of late, Eric co-founded Tempus with a longtime friend and business partner, Brad Keywell. This new company aims to provide healthcare and cancer centers with large amounts of data to give doctors better information in the hopes of improving cancer treatments. Tempus has managed to reach an astounding 700 million dollar net worth, including all previous fundraising that has been done for this new company. Lefkosfky and Keywell remain the biggest investors for the company but have also gained funding from Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates.

Eric spawned the idea for Tempus because someone that he knew on a personal level was stricken with the devastating illness. Based on what Eric saw during this time, he knew there had to be a better way for doctors to get information for their patients and give them better treatment based on their personal circumstances. New technology has become available that will allow Tempus to capitalize on all of this clinical data and provide it to doctors to improve their treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky has made a pretty big name for himself as an entrepreneur and businessman within the United States. He has started up several successful businesses since his time in University and law school, and today he even teaches others about startup tech companies and entrepreneurship using his knowledge and experience in the industry today. What’s more, Eric has even published his own book, which discusses the effects of technology on business, called Accelerated Disruption.

Eric has just decided to start up a successful venture like Tempus because he can, but because he also wants to use his gifts to help others however he can. As any philanthropist knows, giving back is what truly makes one feel fulfilled. That is why Eric also started up the Lefkofsky foundation with his wife. which is dedicated to helping out other organizations focused on charity, largely within the Chicago area.


Fabletics: Predicting Change

The economy is an ever-changing ecosystem that depends on savvy businesses. For the most part, businesses used to have all the power to sway consumers either way. These days, that power’s been taken by consumers after being misled one too many times. Now, companies kneel to the power of the crowd.

While it doesn’t seem fair that companies must bend over backward to get new customers, they’re only doing what they should’ve been doing all along. Customers used to trust their favorite brand’s advertising, but recent market shifts allowed certain businesses to get away with taking advantage of their customers.

To combat the pitfalls of online shopping, consumers now research companies before purchasing. This allows the power to shift in favor of the customer. One of the most beneficial sources of information is the comment section found on most websites. By using online reviews, customers get firsthand accounts about a product or service before spending a penny.

According to most studies, over 80 percent of people using online reviews trust these reviews, written by strangers, as much or more than personal recommendations from people they know. This means that companies need to adopt more review-centric marketing strategies to survive.

One brand that adapted quickly is Fabletics. Fabletics became one of the most popular activewear brands in the world in less than four years. To date, Fabletics is a multimillion-dollar business generating over $250 million a year. Last year, their sales increased 43 percent because of online reviews.

Despite some negativity surrounding their original membership model, Fabletics has 1.2 million paying members who are loyal. Everyone seems to love Fabletics’ discount prices on on-trend fashion. It’s the only brand selling that quality of products at such affordable prices. The quality of their products actually surprises a lot of the online bloggers who think the company’s overselling itself.

The most likable thing about Fabletics is the friendliness of the brand. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is trying to take on America’s struggle with health and fitness. Hudson hopes that using fashion to push women toward healthier choices will be a good place to start.

Unlike other brands, which only make products for already fit people, Fabletics makes products for all women; regardless of size or age. By slowing inspiring women, they’re more likely to take that first step if it’s at their own pace.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology Provides Care Home Residents Unparalleled Services

Care homes that excel at providing unparalleled services tend to cost a pretty penny, but this is not the case with the Sussex Healthcare group. Sussex Healthcare is known by its previous residents and patients as a haven for older adults who have unique needs and families of residents have recommended the care homes along due to the efficient audiology services provided here.

The two care homes that are run by the Sussex Healthcare group are located at Horney Common, Nutley, Uckfield, TN and welcome patients who have dementia, Alzheimer’s and other ailments that do not allow them to perform day to day tasks on their own with ease.

The dedicated and professional team that works at both the Wisteria Lodge and Forest Lodge, two care homes in West Sussex, are committed to providing only the best care to patients and residents. The staff members that have been chosen to work here undergo mandated training at periodical intervals so that they can excel as health care providers.

In addition to taking care of older adults who are frail and need assistance, the staff members are responsible for helping patients make proper use of the specialism gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools, holistic therapies and sensory rooms. Physiotherapy and daily exercises are both encouraged and offered by Sussex Healthcare care homes. The staff members are also responsible for fitting audiology equipment and helping patients get used to these hearing aid devices.

Recognized and registered with the Care Quality Commission, Sussex Healthcare Audiology works in harmony with the residents of the care home with the mission of providing safe, effective, affordable audio equipment to improve the overall patient experience patients have when they choose this healthcare provider. Also registered with UKAS and RCP, Sussex Healthcare Audiology follows the National Good Practice Guide by the letter ensuring that patients receive timely and ongoing care along with unrestricted access to other facilities such as periodical reassessments set at a duration of once in three years. The RCCP and HCPC also recognize Sussex Healthcare, and the care homes work along with NHS to make sure that older adults with hearing and memory issues get the best of audio equipment that they can offer.

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