Chocolate Might Actually Be Good For You

There’s a lot of information out there that tells you to really cut down on the chocolate. But medical researchers are starting to discover that they may have been wrong about that great cocoa flavoring found in so many treats.

There’s a compound called reservatrol which is found in common after dinner treats like wine, and chocolate, that actually has anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s more, Andrew Heiberger tells me that this type of compound actually contributes to spinal bone density in men. Meaning greater back health and performance in older age.

Of course, you have to realize that this is from straight up cocoa powder, so the compound is best when used in dark chocolate and cocoa power itself. Milk chocolate, and other types of mass produced candies still aren’t very good for your health, because of all the additives. But that does mean you can still have a health diet and include some chocolate.