A New Eco Flavor Of Ben & Jerry’s: Save Our Swirled

Everyone at TechCrunch and Skout are excited because the ever popular brand of Ice Cream “Ben & Jerry’s” is on a new mission now: to help the planet that we live on and assist it in continuing to thrive. This new flavor is going to be called “Save Our Swirled” and it will be forming a partnership with some environmental groups such as Tesla Motors and Avaaz.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Grubstreet.com, the flavor will be similar to something like dark and white chocolate fudge ice cream with cone bits, raspberry ice cream, raspberry swirls and also some marshmallow stuff. Apparently it will have an interesting feature and if it melts down it will say at the bottom that if it’s melted it is ruined, which is their message to people about how global warming is going to affect the Earth.

It is good that big companies like this one work hard to use their fame and popularity to change the world for the better. After all, people like to take other’s advice and listen so this is a great way to send that message out. I am sure that this summer with the heat months coming up there are going to be a lot of fans of this new flavor, and it is awesome that the company is always coming up with relative titles and new tastes to their ice cream that they make around the world.

Morgenstern’s Free Scoops

Instead of a distant dream, the month of June is close by. It’s almost a week until many folks can say hello Summer. Summer is a wonderful time because a lot of new and exciting things go along with that warm weather, and sunshine. One staple of almost everyone’s summer season is of course ice cream. After all, it’s delicious, it cools you down, and there are so many options. There’s literally a flavor for everyone. What’s better than ice cream? Free ice cream!

According to GrubStreet Morgenstern’s ice-cream parlor is in New York City and they are celebrating their one year anniversary. A great way to celebrate an anniversary and a successful first year in business is by giving back to those people who helped you get where you are today. The customers. So it’s free ice cream for them! Anyone can come in and grab a free scoop. The hard part will be deciding which flavor to choose. After all,this ice cream parlor offers so many different kinds, it will be hard to choose! They even have five different kinds of vanilla ice cream. I for one didn’t even know that existed.

So while, it’s the month for cold treats, it’s also a month for even cooler deals. Anyone at Boraie Development will tell you that free is a deal that you just can’t pass up, especially when the ice cream is this good. The free ice cream deal runs on a Saturday, so stop in early to secure your scoop!

Tic Tac Flavors Are Evolving

The younger generation out there seems to change directions a lot with their tastes, and that is why the Tic Tac company has decided to branch out a little bit and expand their line of snacks. According to an article found on Eater.com, the brand hasn’t even brought out any new flavors since 2008 and now it is time to switch things up a bit.

The new Tic Tacs are going to be called Tic Tac Mixers and they are designed to change their flavors half way through eating them.  Sam Tabar thinks that this is a fantastic idea, because the researchers are right, many kids don’t have the attention span these days to really enjoy one kind of taste to the candy on their own. This will be a revolutionary move by the company and the idea itself is very intriguing. Apparently they had to send some employees out to go talk to people and figure out what exactly it is that people are on the hunt for. What they found is that more often kids are getting bored with their snacks and candy, so adding in Tic Tac mixers will be a great way to get exposure and build a bigger fan base that will draw in more customers too. It will be exciting to see what blends of flavors will be coming out, and I know that I will be looking for them too.

Mars Candy Company Takes a Surprising Stand

We are all used to the idea of companies lobbying the government to get rules and regulations and tax breaks that favor them and to oppose any that threaten their bottom lines. Whenever a carbon tax is proposed, all the oil companies will, of course, oppose that, and the same for any other industry when you try to tax their product. The same could be said for just about any proposed rules change that negatively affects a particular established industrial interest. They will hire an army of lobbyists and either kill the proposed law or at least steer it in their favor, so the resulting legislation minimally impacts them while restricting potential competition. One thing you never see is a company, especially a large, multimillion dollar company, lobbying for laws that put an economic cost on them; until now.

The candy giant, Mars Inc., has recently added their support to the idea that people should be getting no more than 10 percent of their calories from sugar. They have gone a step further in advocating the proposal of including a declaration about added sugar on product labels. This seems contrary to their business interest, so the cynic may be wondering what they are up to. They must be aware that people know chocolate candies have plenty of sugar and are bad for them, but by coming out for this rule and labeling they look like good guys who are looking out for people.

Thanks to Daniel Amen for showing me this story!