Social Titans

When it comes to social media today, there’re a lot of options. A quick Google search will flood you with a ton of social apps especially if you’re on Android and IOS platforms. The internet evolved as a tool to help connect people and share information and has today become a platform that has helped facilitate the evolution of a new virtual society where people are distinguishable as personalized avatars.

Social media is also evolving thanks to the developments in hardware, especially in mobile devices momentously. Today, there are a ton of social apps with unique features that make good use of the available hardware and manipulate it to give the user an unparalleled experience. One such app is Skout on zendesk. Skout is built around the idea of expanding users social circles.

It’s a social app that allows users to interact in unique ways based on their location. It uses global positioning to help users find other users near them. It also allows users from different locations to interact with each from all over the globe. Registry for Skout follows a strict, detailed process where users fill details such as age, gender and a lot of other information. This information helps specialize the experience to meet each user’s particular needs from the app. After registration, a user is placed in the same age group as other peers with about the same age.

They can then comment, post information, hold chats and share pictures with people in this same age group. The user also gets notified when another user close or in the same geographical location sign in, further boosting their chances of meeting up. If a user wants to search for another user outside their geographical area, they cash in their Skout points. Users also get alerted when other users check out their online avatars, but to see who checked them out, they must cash In Skout points.

Last year, Skout introduced a new feature travel feature that lets users take virtual trips around the world using locals in the region in question. Currently, there are over 10 million subscribed to the new feature, many of them being the youth. The feature was introduced as an aid for those wishing to travel but have no contacts in their destination and to help users who needed to make new friends in new locals. The new features adoption serves as a testament to how successful Skout is as a social media tool. The app uses a very interactive interface that is simple and very efficient to use with a very visual appealing look. Skout is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

Bruce Levenson, an inspiration to us all.

Manager of the Atlanta Hawks is perhaps one of Bruce Levenson’s most notable roles. Though being manager is a very time consuming position that has allowed Bruce to be in front of the spotlight, he has managed to stay involved in other business endeavors, charities, and of course family.

Bruce Levenson was born on October 1, 1949 in Washington D.C. In spite of the fact that he was born in D.C., Bruce spent a large portion of his adolescence in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce’s instructive excursion drove him to Washington University in St. Louis, where he got his Bachelor degree. Bruce continued to pursue an educated even after he graduated from Washington University by attending American University in order to obtain a degree in law.

Even though he was attending law school, Bruce got a job at the Washington Star according to At this publication he would start a career in journalism. After finishing law school, Bruce took a leap of faith by becoming an entrepreneur. In 1977, Bruce and Ed Peskowitz worked together to create United Communications Group, an arrangement of expert business data organizations. The two started the company with very little resources. Working out of the Levenson’s apartment, he and Ed worked hard to develop and publish The Oil Express. This newsletter provided much information about the advancements of the oil industry. United Communications Group started with one newsletter but later they managed to acquire other newsletters that were currently in publication. In addition to obtaining other newsletters, United Communications Group (UCG) took the time to develop and offer other services. No longer did the company just publish newsletters, it now included Oil Price Information Service. Throughout the years UCG would continue to grow and provide services in the field of telecommunications, data, news and analysis, and technology.

UCG continues to expand in 2004 when Bruce and Ed became part owners of the Atlanta Hawks team, The Atlanta Thrashers, and the Philips Arena. Becoming a part owner of an NBA team opened the door for Bruce to become a managing partner and also a member of the NBA Board of Governors.

Bruce continues to stay in business with other opportunities such as being a part of TechTarget, where his investment allowed him to be a founding shareholder and also a part of the board until he gave up his position in 2012.

Other business endeavors allowed Bruce to be a part of DOT, a privately owned business that has concocted another cooking innovation equipped for toasting bread in three seconds.

Though Bruce spends much of his time being a businessman, he also takes time out with his wife to participate in charities. He has participated in the “I Have a Dream Foundation” as well as creating the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Bruce is also a family man; he has three sons with his wife Karen. When Bruce has time to himself, he enjoys playing basketball and golf. He also enjoys to traveling, skiing, and camping.

Mobilization With Movement, The Mulligan Concept

Brian Mulligan finished his training on becoming a registered Physical Therapist in 1954 at the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Two years later he went into private practice in Wellington as a physiotherapist and stayed as an active clinical therapists until 2000. Brian is a well-known International Lecturer in the art of manual therapy.

In the 1960’s Brian was introduced to manual therapy by Stanley Paris. Brian always had a great interest in manual therapy and accredits Freddy Kaltenborn as his mentor. He also contributes invaluable information from James Cyriax, Robin McKenzie, Geoff Maitland, Robert Elvey and others in the field of physical therapy.

In 1968 Brian and a small group of other physiotherapists founded the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists association. He and Robin McKenzie were the main teachers of the Post graduate program. The program awarded those students who graduated from the program a Diploma of Manipulative Therapy. In 1972, Brian joined the international lecturing circuit. While being in the United States, Brian has taught in 91 different cities. He has also traveled, lectured and taught in over 20 countries around the world.

There is great demand from therapists who are wishing to learn Brian’s techniques. In 1995 he formed the international organization to accredit teachers. At the present time there are 48 Mulligan Concept Teachers from 18 nations. The Mulligan Concept is taught both as an entry-level program and as a postgraduate physical therapy program. The programs are taught by faculty members who already have the credentials to teach the programs.

Brian has received the International Service to the Profession Award from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The award is only presented only once every four years. Brian received the award for his teaching and development of mobilization with movement, the Mulligan Concept.

The Mulligan Concept was founded in 1995. As a manual therapy technique for musculoskeletal disorders, the Mulligan Concept has become extremely popular. The Mulligan Concept relieves pain and increases the range of motion in the patient. The concept uses mobilization with movement in the extremities to help relieve neck, back, and spinal pain.

Brian Mulligan has been an international lecturer in high demand since 1972 and has received numerous prestigious awards for his books, writings and seminar lecturers. He has been married to his wife Dawn for over 50 years. They have two daughters, a son, five granddaughters and a grandson.

The History Of The NBA Meets The Future

After the National Basketball Association started to become the dominant sport due to the Boston Celtic’s domination in the 1960s, the NBA started to expand even more. Their initial expansion looked like a shrinkage when the Basketball Association of America absorbed the National Basketball League and its teams. Then due to legal and political pressures, the two leagues renamed themselves the National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA.

The hidden expansion was when the National Basketball Association trimmed down the number of franchises in their league because there were so many small teams in towns with paltry populations and inadequate arenas for a league that was looking to hold these spectacular games in the large metro areas, and not only did they want them in large metro areas, but they wanted them in the larger cities’ premier arenas. In that case alone, the NBA expanded because they trimmed away their non-profitable areas, and they then took their trimming and they spread them out to their major franchises. This actually made the league more money so they could reinvest in gathering more quality players in other cities that they could see a potential for growth and dedicated fans.

The Boston Celtics was the team that really turned the NBA into something mainstream media couldn’t get enough of. The Celtics started to make their mark in 1957 when they were able to sign Bill Russell who ended up becoming one of the most legendary centers in the history of the game of Basketball. His talent was combined with fellow teammate Bob Cousy and legendary, brilliant coach, Red Aurbach. The trio of talent went into the 60s with a talented supporting cast and won every championship of the decade except for one year, and because of their initial dominance that started in 1957 with the acquiring of Russell, the Celtics won a total of 11 championships with eight in a row in the 1960s. To thiis day, they still hold the record for the most championships in that amount of time, and they also hold the record for the most championships to be won in a row. The success of the Celtics put the National Basketball Association in the spotlight more than ever.

All of those wonderful tidbits of history have helped to pave the way for owners to make history like Bruce Levenson. Bruce shocked the sport’s world when he made the largest profit ever off the buying and selling of the Atlanta Hawks. People must wonder sometimes if the greatness of the NBA’s history will be paved by the owners and the players equally because of Levenson’s historical sale.

In addition to the National Basketball Associations expansion of talent and star power with the Boston Celtics, that time period saw the emergence of a man that stood over 7 feet tall by the name of Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt played for a popular and growing franchise called the Golden State Warriors. Wilt’s contribution to the talent and media expansion was an all time scoring record of 100 points in a single game, and he also still holds a rebound record of an astounding 55 rebounds. The NBA in the 1960s and 70s exploded.


Doe Deere Wants Girls To Be Able To Show Who They Are

Beauty products are something that every girl can put on to add a bit of personality to her look, and every girl should take advantage of that. Instead of purchasing the same kinds of products as what her girl friends are wearing, she should instead think about what she actually likes, herself. She should never feel pressured to put any beauty products on that are not something that she loves, and she should always remember to have fun while she is putting them on.
Beauty products are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to help to show a girl’s personality. Too often girls forget this, and then beauty products become boring to them. They become part of their routine instead of something to break them out of it. And it is time that all of that started to change.
Doe Deere created a beauty product brand that is completely different than what is already out there, and when girls see all of the brave things that she has done for herself, then they should be able to feel a little bit braver in the beauty products that they put on. No girl should ever feel timid about the kinds of things that she puts on, but she should instead own her look. Doe Deere of wants girls to be able to let their personalities shine through in their makeup, and that is why her brand is so different than ever other brand. That is why she has created such unique makeup, so that girls can have fun and do all of the things that they want to with their beauty products.
Doe Deere grew up in Russia, and then she moved to New York City when she was seventeen. There were many things that she did between the time that she arrived in the United States to when she created her makeup brand, and each thing that she has done in her life has shaped her into a great entrepreneur. She seems to know how to do things better than most, as her company has really gotten off to a great start.
There are many brave people in the world, and girls should never be afraid to be brave with the beauty products that they put on. They should always feel encouraged to go ahead and try something different with the products. They should know that being themselves with their makeup is the best thing that they can do, and they should always be embracing who they are inside and showing it through their beauty products. There is no better reason to put beauty products on than to try to let one’s personality be shown through what one is wearing.

Slyce Buys Pounce to Compete with Amazon Firefly

Slyce is really making a name for itself in the realm of online shopping. The Toronto company has greatly innovated the new concept of visual product and image recognition searching. Now, Slyce is primed to continue its attempts to compete with Amazon. Slyce’s image search concept seeks to go far beyond what Amazon delivers with its Flow search feature. Now, Slyce is targeting Amazon Firefly.

Slyce is really capitalizing on the limited scope of what Amazon offers. Amazon, not too surprisingly, has developed a number of apps to aid its customers in purchasing products on the retail giant’s site. Amazon would not likely find it too beneficial to develop apps so customers are able to go elsewhere. Slyce is a third-party app provider. The company wants to provide shoppers with the ability to buy from any retail website. More accurately, Slyce wants to provide apps that allow customers to buy things more easily and a lot more quickly.

By adding a novel new app to a smartphone, customers can take pictures of merchandise they are interested in. The image can then be used to search for something similar (and, possibly, less costly on other retail sites. As Slyce grows bigger in notoriety and popularity, more and more consumers are going to start downloading this app. Unlike Amazon Flow, the app will work with scores of different retailers. That alone is going to be very attractive to consumers. This, of course, is Slyce’s version of Amazon Flow. The variant of Amazon Firefly is going to prove very intriguing as well.

Actually, Slyce is not going to be making their own app. Rather, the company is purchasing Pounce. Pounce is an app founded in Israel and helps consumers shop from print advertisements and catalogs. Slyce paid $5 million for Pounce and the acquisition allows the Toronto company to really expands capabilities.

Slyce did have plans to develop its own version of Firefly and Pounce. Through purchasing Pounce, a competitor is eliminated from the market. Moreover, Slyce is able to combine Pounce without whatever original designs or prototypes existing on the company’s drawing board.

One huge benefit to acquiring Pounce is all of the affiliated retailers under the Pounce umbrella are acquired as well. The retailers associated with Pounce are both popular and impressive. Pounce wouldn’t be worth $5 million if the app didn’t work for fans of big name retailers.

Bruce Levenson and the NBA

The National Basketball Association is an internationally known and accredited entertainment league that oversees thirty professional basketball teams, one in Canada, and twenty nine in the United States. The Association also oversees a D-League, which players that are preparing for the NBA go to. The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States, let alone the world. People from all stretches of the world keep up with the NBA closely.

The Atlanta Hawks went pretty far in the playoffs in 2015, thanks to their well-rounded team. Their most recent owner, Bruce Levenson on, undoubtedly helped the Atlanta Hawks go as far as they did in the playoffs – they went to the Eastern Conference Finals (which means that the Atlanta Hawks were at least the second best team in the entire Eastern Conference).

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a well-known, wealthy, American businessman who is known for his excellent financial decisions. Mr. Levenson accumulated enough wealth to purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball club for around five hundred million dollars a few years ago. He sold the club shortly after he purchased it for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars. Talk about one heck of a profit!

The National Basketball Association has eighty two games in a standard season, plus four rounds of playoffs. There are two conferences: Western Conference and Eastern Conference. The games are always attended by thousands of people, but attendance usually ranges in the tens of thousands and the majority of all NBA games. Teams that are a part of the National Basketball Association are frequently shown on major news networks, such as ESPN, ABC, and NBC, to name a few.

The NBA is one of the four major sporting entertainment leagues in the United States, along with Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the National Football League. According to ratings, the NBA falls behind baseball and football as America’s favorite sport. Just because it is ranked third does not mean much because the National Basketball Association has fans from literally every country in the world.

In the playoffs of the NBA, there are four rounds. The best eight teams from each conference get in the playoffs (I should add that the last few weeks of the NBA season are usually pretty hectic, as it is not impossible for an eight seed to hop up to a one seed, and vice-versa). The first seed plays the eight seed, two seed plays seven, etc. All playoff series in the National Basketball Association are the best out of seven, so the first team to win four games in a series is declared the winner.

After the first round, the teams enter the second round of four. After that round, the Conference Finals occur. The Conference Finals are held in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, and consist of the two best teams in each conference. After the winners of those two series are declared, the two best teams go on to play each other in the NBA Finals.

Taking on Syngenta: Lawsuit Against a GMO Giant

On the fifth of August this year, Frank Guerra IV was appointed as co-lead counsel in the Re: Syngenta Litigation, by the Honorable judge Thomas M. Sipkins. Frank was also appointed to serve as a member of the plaintiff’s executive committee. Guerra and the select team are supposed to bring forward a strong case in which they are working in agreement with the MDL leading team.

The case that has been brought against Syngenta was filed by people who complained that the company was manufacturing genetically modified corn and that the product had negative impacts on farmers. The prosecution’s main argument was that this GMO product was leading to a drop in the national corn prices in the country, therefore creating a huge disadvantage for farmers.

Frank is representing the Farmers that filed this class action lawsuit. He stated that he was delighted to be serving farmers and that he had a very deep understanding of the problem the farmers were going through.

Looking closer at the lawyer, it is easy to understand why he would be so passionate about this matter. Watts was born on 17th July 1967 in Corpus Christi Texas. SuperLawyers said that he states that he did grow up on a farm, which means that he has experienced firsthand the effects of falling corn prices in the country. He started school in Texas and after graduating high school, he joined the University of Texas, where he enrolled for a Bachelor’s of Arts. He graduated with honors after a period of just two years. After the bachelor’s degree, he joined the School of Law at the same of the university. He graduated from the school when he was 21.

After his graduation, Watts worked in various sectors. His first job was that of a briefing attorney for the legendary Thomas R. Phillips, the chief Justice to the supreme court of Texas at the time. After leaving the Chief Justice’s office, Watts worked as a partner in the Law firm of Perry and Haas. In 1997, he decided to set up his own law firm. He called it Harris and Watts. The firm expanded a lot in the period between 1997 and 2001 and by the end of this period of time, he had a total of 29 lawyers working for him. The company had offices in more than 5 cities in Texas, and they also had more than 100 support staff. In August 2002, he split from the former partner and form his own law firm, Watts Guerra LLP.

As you can see, the people seem to have chosen the ideal candidate to deal with their case against Syngenta. The many years that Mikal has litigated as a torts lawyer gives him the experience he needs to ensure that the farmers get the justice they deserve on this case.

How The Real Estate Market In New York Has Changed Over The Years

No one wants to live in a place where comfort and safety are not guaranteed. According to Town Real Estate, the NYC real estate market has changed tremendously over the years, and that explains why prices have skyrocketed. According to the New York Times, buyers are clamoring for better outdoor space and better parking amenities. Customers are also offered with low-priced homes that are priced around $500,000 or even less. For such homes; however, terraces and big outdoor spaces are not easy to come by.

In Staten Land, for instance, many listings have yards but for a buyer who wants a home with space that is green, some perseverance and patience is needed. Real estate website StreetEasy had many homes in the under $500,000 category in Manhattan as of August 2015. However, the site does not specify the kind of outdoor spaces the homes have therefore made it very hard for buyers to know how many gardens and gardens are shared with neighbors. Individual brokerage firms and multiple listing sites do not give users the specific details about the property, and they tend to narrow their results by using keywords like ‘garden’ and ‘patio’.

In Brooklyn for instance, there is an apartment being advertised that had a Japanese maple and brick paths that are edged in host as. The property has space that can accommodate a table and few chairs. Brokers who were selling were quick to describe it as able to take someone out of the metropolitan feel of things. The unit was listed for only $435,000, and it has a garden bigger than the 500 feet apartment. Deeper in Brooklyn where apartments are much cheaper, there is a lot more green space. However, in most instances, the outdoor parking spaces are shared by neighbors.

In Manhattan, on the other hand, location plays a very instrumental role in deciding the price of a particular property. A triplex penthouse on a 72-storey CitySpire that has wrapped terraces on three levels and with a total of 3,000 square feet of outdoor space is listed at $100 million. Other properties that have similar characteristics are also listed for around the same price in the area. This alone makes the place a reserve for only the wealthy and affluent in society.

Town Residential is real estate site dealing with all types of properties. The site lists different properties like commercial buildings, apartments, and homes that are for sale and rent. All New York neighborhoods are well taken care of with the same service being replicated in Miami. Town Residential has many representatives that are always very handy when matters related to offering the needed help are concerned. The company has an experienced sales team, a team that specializes in leasing as well as a marketing team for any client who might feel the need to use them to market his/her property.

Joseph Bismark Shares Health & Wellness Tools

In the latest issue of asPire Magazine, Joseph Bismark shares the diet, exercise regime, literature, and the apps that help him maintain his healthy lifestyle.

The article released through Reuters notes that Bismark isn’t all talk. “I am a staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He noted that he works out and does yoga. Additionally, Bismark cycles and swims.

Bismark’s favorite app for cycling is MapMyRide, which is a device that keeps track of fitness activities and contains a log that records distance, length, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned.

When it comes to yoga, Bismark’s favorite literature is “Anatomy of Yoga: An Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses” by Dr. Abagail Ellworth. Bismark explains that the book is very detailed and as a yoga master, it is very important to continue learning more about the practice. SoundCloud, too, is another great tool for yoga, as it allows him to upload his mantras and chants for mediation.

For mental health, Bismark uses Luminosity, an online web-based app that uses games to keep the brain sharp. He plays around 15 minutes a day, everyday. Bismark says he believes in “the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can. Aside from the fact that activities keep us fit, they also help us conquer self-doubts and fears, to achieve the best version of ourselves.”

Joseph Bismark is a multi-faceted man who lives his life by the mantra “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” As the founding director of the QI Group and the managing director as of 2008, he leads with his unique background in Vedic philosophy; at age of nine, Joseph left his home and joined an ashram to become a monk. His strong values are evident in his management style, which is open, friendly, and inclusive.

His devotion and belief in spiritual growth can be seen in his service to other human beings; he devotes a significant amount of his time to the RYTHM Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsiblity arm of the QI Group. Bismark’s humble personality and philanthropic nature are truly rare in the world of business.