Lime Crime: Cosmetics for Those Who Dare to be Different

There are many people out there who love to express themselves in the coolest possible ways. They do this through their trendsetting fashion choices and their makeup application. Color, glitter, and even neon-inspired hair are what help make people unique. For those who love to be on the edge of fashion and always dare to be different, Lime Crime is a cosmetics line that will help them achieve just that.

Lime Crime was created by the lovely and soft-spoken Doe Deere, a fashionista who isn’t afraid of color. This is evident in the style choices available through the Lime Crime cosmetics line. The line features new hair colors, glitter, lip glosses, lipsticks, and eyeliners that will turn heads wherever a person goes.

For starters, Lime Crime is not an average makeup brand. This is made clear the first time a person shops for a Lime Crime product. Silver eyeliner and neon green glitter take a person’s look from fabulous to standing out in a crowd. Nail polish hues in lovely peachy, soft pastels help a person complete their look.

Lime Crime is all about expression and helps a person express themselves without apology. Whether a person wants to dye their hair a hot hue of violet or look-at-me pink, Lime Crime has all people covered. Males and females alike love this accepting brand, which takes people just as they are and helps them shine in their own individual ways.

Not only is Lime Crime designed to help people be their best, unique selves, it’s designed to help people put their makeup choices together in the best possible way. Online tutorials and makeup pairing suggestions help a person pick the right shades for any event when they buy their cosmetics or accessories via Lime Crime.

Many people hear about Lime Crime through the controversy it creates. Simply because it encourages people to be absolutely unique to their own selves, Lime Crime hits the popular media outlets for promoting what it stands for- being an individual. This helps make the brand rise even more in popularity as Doe Deere adds even more products to the growing line.

Is Lime Crime for everyone? Maybe not, but anyone who wants to try something new or be different every once in a while can certainly find something to love. From sherbet orange nail polish to a magenta glitter for the face and body, Lime Crime truly does have something for every boy and girl wanting to put themselves out there. For true expression and unique appeal, Lime Crime is where it’s at.

The Search for a Dog’s Health Can Be Found in Food

There’s as much variation in dog owners as there are in dogs. But there’s one common thread which runs between almost every single dog owner. And that’s a deep concern over the health of their furry friend. The reality is that dogs can’t really tell owners how they’re feeling about some things. Even if dogs had the words, they’re often so eager to please that they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to make do with what they have. In many ways a dog sees his or her job as making the humans feel good even if at personal expense. When in reality humans are far better equipped to look after the health of their canine companions. But to ensure that a dog remains as healthy as possible one must first look into the nature of health. It’s important to look into how dogs live in the typical home, and how that differs from the ideal practice.

Probably the biggest issue for most dogs will come from diet. The typical household will usually feed dogs exclusively on fairly low quality dog food. This is also almost always done without any ill intent. It’s simply that the average dog owner hasn’t put much thought into what makes one brand of dog food better than another. And at the same time this means that the family dog isn’t living as healthy a life as he otherwise might.

Thankfully researchers have tackled the question of canine diet and come up with some very good conclusions. One of the ways this was done was by observing the direct relatives of dogs. While wolves are a lot more fierce than dogs they’re still genetically very similar. And when it comes to health and nutrition they’re almost identical. This allows researchers a perfect way to see what canines choose when they have all of nature available to them. This has then been extrapolated with extra observations on dogs themselves. Some of the results might surprise people. For example, people often assume that canines are strict carnivores who can’t handle plants. In reality it turns out that canines aren’t obligate carnivores. This means that they can and sometimes need to digest plant matter along with their meat. Though this is also one of the larger differences found between wolves and dogs. Both desire some level of plant matter in their diet. But the time dogs have spent with humans has somewhat expanded their ability to digest it. As such it’s important to make sure that dogs are getting both meat and vegetable matter.

Thankfully, some companies have been keeping track of the research and updating their brands accordingly. One of the best of these is Beneful. It takes the latest research in mind to create a dog food which is perfectly formulated to not only taste good to a dog, but also able to keep him feeling good. The Beneful brand combines fresh ingredients to provide the natural flavors dogs like. The various flavors come from the actual foods that one can see within it. If there’s a chicken flavor for example, it’s because there’s actual chicken in there.

Nobilis Health Corporation: Growth and Success Story

As of Early December of 2014, North Star has changed its name to Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobilis Health Corp. is a publicly traded company that is currently partners with various physicians in the ownership of the management section of ambulatory and acute care facilities as well as healthcare servicing. Nobilis owns and manages rising trends in five ambulatory surgery centers, a few in Houston, Texas, and one in Dallas, Texas. The fifth center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, Nobilis works one care hospital in Houston. Nobilis Health Corp. additionally owns and manages an increase in interest of two imaging centers and a urgent care clinic. For additional information, visit their online site.

Nobilis Health Corp: a healthcare facility and major marketing firm announced that it finalized a $25 million debt financing facility plan with GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. The facility will be used to help Nobilis grow in size, provide a revolving plan for working capital, and give back some of the Company’s recent indebtedness. This includes the $12 million seller’s note that is related to Nobilis’ acquisition of the Athas Health corporation in December of 2014.

Nobilis has a cooperative amount of leadership experience in various areas of the medical field including but not limited to, the development and management of over one hundred surgical centers. Nobilis continuously strives to provide superior medical care all around the board, increase all patient satisfaction, and overall lower the costs for healthcare delivery. To ensure that all customers with different economic status can participate in some way. Also lower costs will ensure repeat customers. Nobilis has been recognized by many as a leading innovator in the industry.

Some of the specialties that they offer are revenue cyle management, marketing, patient recruitment, financing help, partnerships, direct-to-consumer marketing, mergers, and much more. The list of opportunities is endless.

Nobilis Health Corporation also offers a long list of connections to highly trained surgeons in the field of spine surgery, managing pain, oral surgery, general surgery, Otolaryngology, and podiatry. These surgeons come highly recommended in the Texas area and are easy to get into contact with.

The chairmen or CEO of this operation is Harry Fleming. He has quite the impressive resume with just over 20 years of legal and business experience clashing with corporate finance and securities law. Mr. Fleming spent much of his career working on emerging growing companies, mergers, as well as planning for strategic business methods and turnaround execution. His background contains a good source venture capitalistically, business strategy consulting, speaking about public companies as well as mergers and make detailed acquisitions with high tech firms in the Houston and Boston areas. In addition, he has vast experience with merging companies in the healthcare, energy, and waste management industries. Acting as CEO, President, General Counsel for many big time public and private companies, Fleming has a generic base of experience in the field of growing businesses and creating a turnaround.

News Release

Mr. Bruce Levenson and His Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who accumulated the majority of his wealth through his company United Communications Group (UCG), which he co-founded along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Mr. Levenson also serves as a Partner of UCG and still remains very much involved with the firm to this day.

First, a little backdrop about Bruce. He attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science, then graduated with a law degree from American University. These degrees helped him invest, as the study and practice of professional law is very similar to accounting and business in general.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is probably best known for being the old leading majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He helped lead the Atlanta, Georgia, ball club to the Eastern Conference Finals (ECF) in 2015, where they fell to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For those that do not know much about the National Basketball Association, it is the largest professional basketball entertainment organization in the world. The NBA was founded in 1946, and currently consists of thirty teams. These 30 teams are split into two conferences, fifteen each, and then subdivided once more into three divisions.

The Atlanta Hawks are in the Southeastern division of the Eastern Conference, arguably the most competitive in the Eastern Conference. There are four rounds of playoffs, so the Atlanta Hawks won two seven-game series to reach the ECF.

Mr. Levenson took majority stake in the Atlanta Hawks when they were worth approximately five hundred million dollars, and was part of a sale that netted more than eight hundred thirty million dollars. This amounts to more than two hundred million dollars in profit or approximately a 40% return on investment. An ROI of more than 25% is considered a large gain, especially for something that is worth half a billion dollars. Mr. Levenson was an integral part of the trade and helped greatly increase the value of the basketball organization.

Levenson’s group, Atlanta Spirit, recently sold the Hawks to a group of investors led by Mr. Antony Ressler and Mr. Grant Hill.

In trying to figure out how much the Atlanta Hawks were worth, Levenson and his camp hired some financiers from Goldman Sachs, who appraised the franchise at around one billion US dollars. The group sold it for less than they could have, but still earned a substantial profit. Once one has enough money to purchase an NBA team or at least own a 50.1% stake in a near-billion-dollar investment, money is probably of the least concern.

Mr. Levenson has served on the board of directors at a number of companies throughout the years, despite being tied up in so much work with the Atlanta Hawks and the United Communications Group. Some of these companies include, the Electronic Publishers Association, and the Newsletter. He has even been appointed as the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation of Washington. Mr. Bruce Levenson truly has a career tht many businesspeople would dream for.