Ricardo Guimares is a man born to a business family and seeking to continue that reality. He has achieved a high level of success in a crowded field of banking.Guimares has grown his grandfather’s bank from a small bank to one of the largest in the country. It has increased 17 fold in less than a decade and today has a market capitalisation of $ 3 billion with an asset base worth R $ 29 billion.


Antonio Guimaraes founded Banco BMG in 1930.It was meant to serve primarily as a miner’s bank and served as a payroll processor for many decades. When Guimares took over in 2004, he expanded into the Personal credit sector. It was an area with low default rates. It is this that prompted him to start provisions for the cheapest form of consigned credit for Brazilians.


Today, Banco BMG has merged with Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to leverage the strengths of BMG with those of ITAU.BMG has an extensive distribution network and pioneered the use of USSD mobile banking in Brazil.Itau has this year posted impressive results with 36% increase in profits and its stock price up by 28%.


Ricardo Guimares is a big sports fan. He supported Clube Atletico Mineiro and served as its president for five years. During that time, he did his best and today is a club legend. Ricardo has also started a hedge fund that targets future players. It builds their brand and creates it to enable them to monetize the effort. It currently has R$ 20 million in funding and is growing fast.


Banco BMG is the leading sponsor of sports in Brazil.It sponsors over 100 teams in various divisions of the Brazilian league. It has posted the highest returns on a per dollar invested. More than any other brand. It recently announced Marcio Melo as the newest signing.Melo is expected to fly the banks colours high as he seeks more glory at the Olympics.


Soccer is big in Brazil, and over 70 million watch matches each weekend. It is a huge market that BMG gets access to every weekend.


Guimares is a Business Administration graduate. He has achieved a great deal of success thanks to his hardworking nature and relentless pursuit of perfection. He advises any brand that seeks a piece of the Brazilian market to hire the brightest and work hard. Visit wiki to know more.

About Igor Cornelsen And His Perspective Of Passive Income Investments

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment adviser from Brazil. He is also a great Brazilian stock market business person who has been a crusader of long-term investments. He also have been trying to help investors figure out the best investments that fit their portfolios before investing. This stock market businessman has been offering insight on investors on different investment sectors in the market. Igor Cornelsen has been working with entrepreneurs in different sectors in business helping them to understand how the stock market and its investments work.

Passive income investments are one of the fields that Igor Cornelsen has specialized in. He has been offering free lectures and advice on the importance of investing in the passive income sector to investors, the general market and firms. He says that currently the market all over the world has picked a special interest in passive income sector. This he says, can be supported by the large numbers of internet users looking for information on the sector all over the world. Igor Cornelsen says on a PR Newswire interview that he has been part of various online forums and social media conversations over passive income investments. Passive income investment is one of the surest ways an investor can make without maintaining any direct involvement with the investment. Igor Cornelsen says that there are many business activities in the market investors can engage in order to get passive income.

From Igor Cornelsen’s perspective, passive investments are very advantageous to investors compared with other investments. On the bright side, passive investments do not require the direct involvement of the investor in order to yield profits. This gives an investor the freedom of working on other investments and still earn an income from the investment. Furthermore, passive investments guarantee an investor a continuous flow of income. Even when the investor is not working, they will be assured that at certain time intervals they will have an income. This type if investment favors those who do other types of businesses or work as it can act as a supporting source of income.

Igor Cornelsen also says that this type of investments requires minimal input of resources by investors. He goes on to add that even with the least resources contribution, an investor can still be able to invest and still be able to earn some revenues. An investor can also easily access records of the progress of their investment, monitor and keep track of it. Igor Cornelsen says that investors in the current market should take seriously passive income investments.


This year’s political atmosphere in the United States is different from the other election years. The main difference is observed where liberal donors are in one side of the poll. George Soros and other liberal billionaires are willing to fund the Democratic Party and help it through its campaigns. This has been seen in the super PACs project which is aimed at rallying all the Latinos living in the United States into voting for the Democratic Party’s candidate in the coming election. George Soros according to New York Times, together with other donors has given out $15 million to be used in the mobilization project which targets bringing massive voter numbers to help the Democratic candidate to power.
George Soros has been funding other political activities in the past. In the year 2004, he made a contribution to the $200 million advertisements which sought to help John Kerry to power. The project, however, failed since Kerry lost the elections. The most impressive thing about that advertisement is the amount of voter turnout that it was able to raise on the Democrats side. Soros has never left the Democratic Party’s side as far as politics have been the question. He believes in the protection of the immigrant rights. Democratic Party according to him is the party that cares and protects the immigrants in the United States. He has funded projects in the United States that aim at educating and organizing the Latinos politically. It will be better for the marginalized parties to realize their political and democratic strength in the United States. The Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and all other immigrants should realize the need to support the Democratic Party by voting for its candidate.
The project in which Soros and other billionaires are massively throwing funds to see its running will aim at mobilizing the Latinos to come out strongly in support of the Democratic Party come this year’s election. The Latinos and most immigrants are already in support of the Democratic Party. The purpose of running this project will, therefore, to look for new supporters to vote for the party this election. This will be realized by taking advantage of Trump’s declaration that he will deport a good number of the immigrants living in the United States.
The Republican Party and its candidate Trump have been openly campaigning and confirming that they would put in place onerous regulations on immigration. This will include limiting the rights of the immigrants. The immigrants in the United States have been seeking better considerations and rights. The Latinos might have voted for the 2008 Democratic candidate Obama, but they feel betrayed since almost 5000 deportations were made on Latinos during Barrack Obama’s term. With such mobilization, the Democrats might have a win again this coming election.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Nixed By State Agency

When the backers of Olympic Valley’s incorporation withdrew their proposal, it was a relief for many of the picturesque town’s residents. Since California’s Local Agency Formation Commission declared that incorporation wasn’t a viable option for Olympic Valley, there was nothing more that proponents of the proposal could do, so they formally withdrew their request. Now, the town can get back to being a cohesive community, according to Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which operates the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. Wirth, as reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, opposed incorporation because he felt that incorporation would reduce services for Olympic Valley residents, while increasing taxes.

Wirth repeatedly shows his dedication to the community by becoming involved in civic affairs. As reported in the Sierra Sun, the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority recently appointed Wirth chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. If Wirth is successful in attracting more flights to the region, Olympic Valley will benefit, as the unincorporated community’s economy is based on tourism. In addition to the two resorts, Olympic Valley also hosts various skiing and non-skiing annual events.

By connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley with a gondola, two ski resorts owned by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth will make each resort more attractive to tourists. Powder Magazine reports the proposed gondola would benefit 20 to 25 percent of the skiers visiting both resorts. Wirth’s plan includes community input and involvement and he stresses that each mountain will retain its own unique heritage. Intent on making Olympic Valley one of the nation’s top tourist destinations, Wirth is making good use of his decades of experience in the ski resort industry by upgrading Squaw Valley to ensure visitors have the best possible experience. By uniting the two resorts and bringing in more flights filled with tourists, in addition to the upgrades at Squaw Valley, Wirth will attract more visitors to the region, which will benefit the residents of Olympic Valley.

Advantages of using Wen by Chaz line of Hair Beauty Products


Many people are faced with the challenge of keeping their hair nourished, springy and glossy. Many counterfeit products have infiltrated the market. There is usually a high degree of risk associated with using these new products. Wen is a reputable brand in the cosmetics industry. Its commercial on television calls it “magic in the bottle”, which can transform a user’s thin strands into a luscious and healthy mass off hair.

WEN cleaning conditioners are packaged in an all-inclusive manner. The bottles contain shampoo, hair conditioner and shaping treatment. This means one will not spend any extra money purchasing the products in isolation. Furthermore, the products are of high quality, which means they can be used on any type of hair irrespective of the design a user wants. It also stops hair from dropping off, giving it a gleaming voluminous appearance. Beauty enthusiast, Emily McClure used it for one week and highly recommends it. She describes it as a great product for those who have fine hair and style it every day. The original article was posted on (

Wen by Chaz in brief

This is a line of hair conditioners, which was started by Chaz Dean. They are manufactured under the keen watch of proficient beauticians. The end product is of high quality, which guarantees that those using it have attractive and healthy-looking hair. The most prominent product in the line is Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. It is a formulation that contains shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner.

Other Wen products available on Amazon are Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, Cucumber Cleansing Conditioner, Fig Cleansing Conditioner, and Perfect Hair Day Conditioner. All these are highly recommended to those who want to preserve their hair color. It also works well with long hair, leaving it lenient and adaptable.


Doctor Sergio Cortes’ Commentary On The Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has spread from it’s place of origin in Africa. It has now spread to a lot of different countries, throughout the world. One of the places hit by the Zika Virus is Brazil. It has also hit Brazil pretty hard, with 1200 incidents of suspected Zika Virus complications. This has occurred over a period of only about a year, and this is the entirety of the span of time that the virus has existed in Brazil. That’s how new the virus is to the country. The virus is not a health concern in the same manner that many other epidemics have been. The vast majority of dangerous epidemics tend to cause severe or even life threatening symptoms in the afflicted person. This is not generally the case with the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus is dangerous for a different reason. It causes alterations in the brain development of babies of mothers who were infected with the Zika Virus while pregnant. Also, the Zika Virus is different from many other diseases, because it isn’t spread person to person. It’s exclusive means of transmission is through mosquito bites.

Luckily, it is possible to take measures to keep from getting the Zika Virus. Doctor Sergio Cortes says it’s important for pregnant women to take these measures. If one can avoid being bitten by mosquitos, they will also avoid getting the Zika Virus. To avoid mosquito bites, hours when mosquitos are stirring will be best avoided.

Medical attention is strongly advised if a pregnant woman seems to be having symptoms of the Zika Virus. This is even advised with regard to mild symptoms. Doctors are unable to use any type of tests to check for the Zika Virus. However, symptoms of infection are identifiable by doctors. When anyone, including a pregnant woman, has the Zika Virus, the symptoms can be relieved to some degree through treatment. However, the Zika Virus cannot be treated in and of itself. Of course, scientists are working on developing treatments for this potentially serious illness.

The virus seems to show no signs of slowing down. Over the course of time, it has spread to a very large range of regions, such as Asia and North America, in addition to Brazil. The virus has been infected numerous people around the world, and it has led to a startling rise in the number of birth defects. The babies that are affected by these birth defects often are born without the basic cognitive abilities that many people take for granted. In Brazil, there has even been an infant that likely died from Zika Virus complications. There also have been two cases of adult deaths that are thought to have been Zika Virus related.