Seeing Economic Troubles On Horizon, George Soros Becomes a Bear

This is not the first time billionaire investor, political activist, and worldwide philanthropist George Soros has profited from his worries over economic doom. He made well over a billion dollars in the 1980s, selling the British currency short. He saw the handwriting on the wall and invested accordingly. Now he is predicting a global recession, based on China’s economic downturn and expansion slowdown.

It has been several years since Soros did any major investing. Now he is guying gold mines and gold itself, the most bearish investment of all. It might be smart to heed his warning. Time will tell, but for now, analysts are sounding the alarm. He has made public comments, which having made their way into the Wall Street trade press, indicating his new stance as an investment bear. His significant sales of long-held equities and turning around and buying gold is quite telling. He is rumored to be worth in the neighborhood of $30 million.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

It is the fluctuations in China’s market that seems to have Soros for concerned. He has made statements to the effect that he believes their weakened political machinery, coupled with rampant corruption, will soon result in their financial picture being flushed down the toilet. George Soros likens the current situation, which he believes will result in worldwide depression or at least a very bad recession, to that of Europe when Greece defaulted on its loan to the European Union. But that problem only basically affected Europe in the West. The problems in China will certainly deeply disturb all of Asia, and probably also the rest of the world.

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George Soros in a smart businessman who was once a very poor immigrant from Hungary, where he was born in the year 1930. He survived the Nazi atrocities in his home country during their occupation in World War II. He escaped to England during the Cold War and later, in the 1950s, graduated from London’s School of Economics. After that he immigrated to the United States and worked hard to build his fortunes from absolutely nothing. He has always held very strong views on social justice and human rights. to this end he founded the Open Society Foundations (OSF) to help spread democracy and pervasive human rights to all countries of the world. Most of this information came from this Wall Street Journal article.

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Bellamy’s Restaurant a product of Business Genius Brian Bonar

Bellamy Restaurant is a top new joint by business genius Brian Bonar. San Diego business world has felt the aggressiveness of Bonar in starting and running successful ventures. His skills enable him give his clients only the best, and this is precisely what he is doing with Bellamy’s.

Getting Chef Patrick Ponsaty on board was a wise move. Having known Ponsaty long time ago from El Bizcocho, his old time favorite joint, Brian Bonar was aware of his extraordinary skills. He was sure that Ponsaty would help him take Bellamy’s to the next level by offering clients with the best dining experience. In 2012 Ponsaty earned the prestigious title Meilleurs Ouvrier de France.

Patrick Ponsaty is a native of Toulouse, France and for him Escondido is home. He is known for his expertise and excellent skills in the kitchen. At Bellamy’s Ponsaty is looking to get even more recognition and the freedom he has longed for so long. He describes his style of cuisine as “French”. Ponsaty’s menu includes monkfish with morels, filaments of watercress, and duck sauvage.

Apart from the exotic menu, Ponsaty is bringing along his cave for vintage Armagnac. The elegant dining areas, fine wines, amazing Jazz paintings giving the place an impression of a traditional home with world class cooking and relaxing copper hues get the diners coming back.

Bellamy’s is not the only plan that Brian Bonar has got for Chef Ponsaty. He has plans of transforming the Ranch at Bandy Canyon into an event space and a top notch dining destination with Ponsaty heading these plans. If at all Bellamys, the Ranch, and the planned pizza venture get Ponsaty the fame he deserves, he will be thanking El Bizcocho, the place where he first met Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar has over forty year’s successful career in the finance industry. He has earned extensive experience and expertise as a financial executive and a top businessman in the country. His top-notch management skills are widely sought after by many companies and today he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucep Inc. Brian’s technical background has significantly shaped his career.

Immediately after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree from James Watt Technical College, Brian Bonar got his first job with IBM. He worked here as a procurement manager for 16 years. Later on, he worked he worked for other notable organizations like QMS as director of Engineering and Rastek Corporation where he was Sales and Marketing Vice President.

In 1994, Brian Bonar launched his very first business Bezier Systems. Brian loves the community he works and lives in. He tries his best to give back to the community by imparting in them the great leadership skills that have elevated him to one of San Diego’s successes. Brian holds a Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England UK.

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Cater to Envy with Tarrallucci e Vino

Before flying to the moon in June, celebrating retirement, milestone birthdays, or 50 years of wedded bliss, one needs an elegant venue to create memories of a lifetime. New York is never in short supply of fabulous spots for dining and hosting events. There are grand places like American Cut on Greenwich Street and Babbo on Waverly Place, but Tarallucci e Vino is a gem New York residents and high-end clientele gravitate for fine dining and classic atmosphere.

Serving esteemed clients like Forbes, Harvard, and Chloe & Isabel has its own daunting tasks, yet the hardest person to please is the wife to be. Everything must be perfect for the big day, hair, dress, make-up, and the room she will announce her devotion to her betrothed shouldn’t be anything less than magnificent. Tarrallucci e Vino hosts listen, envision, and deliver beyond expectation. Even Cinderella would break her delicate glass slippers in a fit of envy over the fine details Tarallucci e Vino supplies. If My Big Fat Greek Wedding proved anything, wedding days are pure madness. No bride should ever have to ruin her mascara because of things like missing boutonnieres, wilting flowers or dirty silverware. Tarrallucci de Vino treats your big event like it is their own. They don’t promise perfection, but they come pretty close. Tarrallucci de Vino is sought after for their big events, but they also cater other events including intimate dinners for two. Recent events include Garibaldi Week celebrating the founder of the Italian Republic, Negroni Week donating some of the profits to Meals on Wheels, and custom made Father’s Day picnic gift baskets fit for a king.

Tarrallucci e Vino has four convenient locations in East Village, Union Square, Upper West Side, and Cooper-Hewitt. Each location is just as fabulous as the next. Founder Luca Di Pietro created an environment of scene-stealing decor, luminescent lighting, and culinary masterpieces passionately prepared by Head Chef Cara Hermanson and Chef De Cuisine Francesco Gallo is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. And what would a delectable Italian meal be without a fine glass of wine? Wine director, the grandson of Emilia Romagna, Lorenzo Baricca sets the palette ablaze with delicious vino. Tarrallucci e Vino does not disappoint. Tarrallucci e Vino is a true treasure and monument for all things classic Italian. Be sure to check out the gallery, menus, and testimonials at .

Wen Hair Care Products Produce Great Results

WEN Hair care products was created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist, and they are a line of cleansing products and conditioners. To date, the product has been earned a significant amount of positive reviews. A detailed review can be found on Bustle from Emily McClure. She reviewed the product to test out the validity of other Amazon customer reviews and detailed how her experience went using the product.

Wen Hair is a must try for those who keep up with all the latest products in the Sephora  beauty market. The cleansing conditioner has a rich texture to it but does not weight down hair at all, even for those with thin or fine hair. For the majority, Wen produces a great look, leaving the hair plump, shiny, and full of life. Even those with extra oily hair can use the product, though it may take more use of the product before the desired results are achieved.

Chaz Deans product was specially designed to effectively and safely remove all build up that is accumulated from other products as well as seal in the hairs natural moisture. Chaz and the team behind Wen went to great lengths to create a exceptional product that can be used in the comfort of home without having to spend salon costs to get salon results. Check also

Wen hair care products do not strip the scalp of its natural oils either, but instead makes the hair feel smooth and look thicker. The product is mostly healthy, containing no sulfates of any kind. Say good buy to old shampoos, detanglers, and conditioners, because Wen hair care products can take the place of them all.

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