New Options from the OSI Group

As a food service provider for many different restaurants in the world, The OSI Group has been able to help many different people with the options that they have available. They have many different things including fresh and frozen food for the restaurants that they serve around the world. This has allowed OSI Group to be one of the most successful food companies in the food service industry because of the way that they treat their clients and everyone else who is in the industry and who has been able to get what they need from the OSI Group.

Since they started out as one of the most influential fresh food markets available, they were able to offer people different things. This was something that allowed them to grow to different points. They started out as only a fresh meat market in the Pacific Northwest and this allowed them to improve upon their business model. They made sure that their clients were able to come there and to get what they need from the different things that they had to offer. It gave them a chance to provide their clients with the different options in the food market. They then moved from the market to a different type of food business setup.


Now that they have been successful with fresh food, they have also branched out into prepared meals. Not only do they offer things like raw chicken and fresh vegetables but they also offer prepared meals as well as desserts and even products that restaurants are not able to get anywhere else. This has allowed the OSI Group to set themselves apart from many of the other food service providers who are a part of the same food service industry. They have been extremely successful with what they offer their clients.

While they did start out in the United States, this is not the only place that they are able to serve their clients in. OSI Group now has clients around the world and they are a global food service provider. This means that they can work with most countries around the world to ensure that they are getting the food that they need in their own restaurants. It has allowed them to be as successful as possible and has offered them the chance to branch out to even more markets than what they had originally worked for.

They have been so successful that they are constantly rolling out new options for their clients. They want them to be able to get exactly what they need and this has allowed them the chance to show off what they have for their clients. There are many options that have been included in their new products. They plant to continue this level of huge success. While they have been great at what they do, they want to be even better when they are working towards even more new and exciting goals in the food service industry and with the restaurants that they provide their services to.

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Handy Is Always Available For Cleaning Services And More

Handy has added moving services, painting, furniture delivery and assembly, plumbing services, and electrical work. With everything that Handy offers to those who have a home, Handy is quickly becoming the go-to home service company. With so many different customers with many different requests, it may seem difficult to have a Handy worker do their job correctly, but since they are professional, the job always gets done right, especially since the work is guaranteed.

Customers may request different types of cleaning, such as dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning and more, especially since home cleaning services are the most popular services that Handy offers. Those who get Handy’s services can also pay ahead of time with a debit or credit card as long as they pay for the service online. Those that are looking for the services that Handy offers can go directly to their website to find out more information and to pick a service.

With all the services that can be found on the Handy website, some may find it intimidating to pick even one of the services, but according to, Handy only hires the best workers that are completely professional and very knowledgeable. Any service that is chosen will be priced based on the work that needed, and no to service jobs will have the same price.

If one person needs their home cleaned and has a larger sized home and more cleaning duties, they’ll have a different price than someone with a smaller home that needs less cleaning. Since the services are priced ahead of time, those who get any Handy service will be able to know exactly what they’re going to pay beforehand. Those that want to tip a Handy worker can do so as well. Let Handy be the company of choice when cleaning services and more are needed.

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The Life and Charity work of Dick Devos

Born on October 21, 1955, Dick DeVos is a Michigan entrepreneur-business man who has spent his life working in various executive positions at the Windquest Group, NBA’s Orlando Magic and Amway where he worked as CEO of consumer goods distribution from 1993-2002. Devon ran for the Michigan governor seat in 2006 but lost to the Democratic incumbent, Jennifer Granholm. With a net worth of about $5.1 billion, Dick Devos was named as the 67th wealthiest person in the US by the Forbes magazine, in 2012. He has a New York Times top-selling book called, “Rediscovering American Values,” which was published in 1997. The book is available in 7 different languages.


Dick Devos is a graduate of the Northwood University, a qualified helicopter and jet aircraft pilot and a two-time National Champion sailor. He is married to former Betsy Prince, and they have seven kids and five grandkids.




Dick and his wife have been increasingly committed to assisting parents from low-income families get the best schools for their children. In 1993, the two of them founded the Education Freedom Fund which they co-chaired. The Fund awarded over 4000 scholarships to underprivileged kids in Michigan. In the same year, they became politically involved in passing the Michigan’s first charter-school.


In 2000, Dick became the co-chairman of “Kids First! Yes!” campaign board, which sponsored a ballot initiative intended to amend the Michigan constitution to accept tuition tax credits and vouchers for private K-12 education. Unfortunately, this initiative lost- 69% of voters opposed the measure.


In addition to supporting Christian schools in West Michigan, the Betsy and Dick Devos Foundation has also funded groups like Choices for Children, Children First America and American Education Reform Council.




As chair/co-chair, Dick DeVos has led several magnificent Rapids area downtown revitalizations as well as regional health care improvements which include a $212M convention center, $75M downtown arena, $90M medical school, a $30M Downtown Market and a $130M heart hospital.


Michigan has many families who are desperate to find better educational options for their children. Dick Devos’ good deeds have ensured that no matter their zip codes, all parents can choose the best education for their kids and that all students have the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. He expressed his commitment to education by running for the Michigan State Board of Education, where he was elected in the year 1990. Dick is not only committed to offering quality education but good health care as well. He has done this by donating funds to help improve the health care system in Michigan.

Markus Rothcranz Give The Down Low About Fava Beans

In a recent video, Markus Rothcranz explains that a great way to supplement your diet with highly beneficial nutrient is to consume fava beans. Fava beans have been consumed all over the world for thousands of years. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t often offer these powerhouses on the consumer market. They are packed with human growth hormones that slow the aging process and promote energy and well-being.

Fava Beans are also high in fiber and offer ten grams of protein in just one handful or one-quarter cup of beans. This is an amazing amount of protein in such a small serving size. Fava beans make an excellent source of essential nutrients such as B-17 and L-Dopa. These are uncommon in our everyday food in this country and so, therefore, many people are deficient.

Fava beans also encourage healthy levels of probiotics, help regulate the endocrine system and provide immune support. The previously mentioned B-17 vitamin is called the cancer-fighting vitamin and is thought to support the body’s ability to kill cancer cells. Markus also explains that fava beans help control blood pressure, heart function, and gives the body much needed vitamin A for healthy skin and vision. Fava beans can be easily grown in a garden or on a patio so if you aren’t able to find them in your area you can simply grow them yourself.

Fava Beans can be consumed without cooking them. You may opt to remove the waxy coating but it is edible if you wish to leave it on. Markus give a recipe in the video that involved marinating the beans with apple cider vinegar, lots of olive oil, pepper, and other spices. It can sit on the counter for a few hours and be eaten later in the day. The recipe that he gives will keep the beans naturally preserved for some time in your refrigerator.