Lip Balms Go A Long Way In Maintaining Healthy Lips

Personal care products, including lip balms, have been around for a long time now. They have continued to develop much like anything else, and today they are widely popular for taking care of the lips, or at the very least making them look nice. Some research is probably a good idea to find the right lip balm before committing to potentially harmful or just poor products, because they are out there in abundance.

Lip balms today have a wide range of purposes, besides being the usual treatment for chapped or peeling lips. The lip balms of today are sometimes designed to add colors, gloss, and even SPF protection for being out in the sun.

Evolution of Smooth is a company that provides some of the highest quality lip balms to date, with many different kinds available, all of which are excellent for nourishing the lips and keeping them healthy. They have a great deal of flavors to choose from in their ULTA beauty selection to make their product highly compatible with their consumers, which is why their products are also hypoallergenic and gluten free.

The most important part of any personal care product, including lip balms, is what they are actually made of for ingredients. Many companies out there use a variety of different ingredients, so its important to do some research before buying a product that is low quality or potentially even harmful. This is why EOS lip balm uses high quality ingredients, like jojoba oil and Shea butter, to provide a long lasting effects and nourish the lips without any negative side effects. They also have a variety of different smooth spheres to choose from in terms of flavor and scent as well as color, this every customer has something that appeals to them. They even have the traditional stick lip balms for those who prefer them. Visit the company’s website at to learn more.

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Choose Martin Lustgarten as Your Preferred Banking Partner

About Investment Banking

Investment banking is the banking division that supplies business capital. Investment banking is all about the creation of capital for other governmental and individual companies. These investment banks mainly offer qualified guidance regarding the allocation of investment choices and often work in collaboration with other large banks. Investment banks also present the channels for acquiring reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions. The banks also help Companies to create fundraising policies, business evaluation, and the most suitable arrangements that the Company can conduct to achieve maximum results.

The Investment banking career is the most modern celebrated profession. An investment banker or financial analyst has an extra role more than the knowledge of funds. The job revolves around patience, research capabilities, and observation skills. High-quality interpersonal skills are an additional benefit for a successful investment banking career.

Martin Lustgarten is the most Prolific Investment Banker in America

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most successful professional investment bankers. Martin Lustgarten is a resident of Miami, Florida. He is the CEO and founder of Florida’s Lustgarten Martin investment-banking firm. Lustgarten Martin is the best-renowned investment banking firm in the American banking history. The bank receives this praise due to the skillful leadership of Mr. Lustgarten. He has worked with the company for quite some time attaining an extensive knowledge of the equity and security trades exchange.

Lustgarten is considered among the prolific investment bankers in the whole of America. His company is the most favored firm due to its record success, good reputation, and the capacity to attract more customers. Mr. Lustgarten has set his company from the others through his effective communication standards. He has the expert ability to communicate with each client using the methods that attain the most excellent and possible customer service.

Martin Lustgarten creates the most lively employee relationship. He makes sure that they present the most productiveness. Mr. Lustgarten has offered his services to many multi-national organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurs as a veteran investment banker. You are guaranteed of professional services when you select Martin Lustgarten as your preferred investment banking partner.

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Nathaniel Ru on Smart Marketing and Keeping It Real

Every achievement ought to outlive the achiever. This is a maxim that Nathaniel Ru holds dear. He explains that you are only as good as the impact you leave in the society. As a result, Ru advises people to go out there and leave a lasting impression. Nathaniel Ru and a few of his dorm mates from Georgetown University discovered that they belonged to the healthy eating cult. When they got tired of looking for joints that served healthy meals, they came up with the idea of starting their food joint without any experience in the restaurant business. That is how the $95 million capital venture funded Sweet greens stores were conceived.


The venture currently stands at 64 stores and still expanding. Nathaniel Ru believes that all it takes is several core values to firmly establish the brand, besides an aggressive, creative marketing to get the word out there.


Nathaniel Ru argues that a win-win strategy for their business, employees, clients and community are instrumental to the store’s success. Satisfaction from all the stakeholders means that quality is king. He emphasizes that good employee relations and incentives kit while allowing them to offer suggestions on management has a great positive impact on how clients respond. Simple acts with an authentic touch go a long way in keeping things real.


Sweet green has financial backing from business tycoons such as Danny Meyers and Steve Casey. It is more than about salads to high-end clients who line up for their goodies. It is also about technology. According to the CEO Nathaniel, they have developed a mobile app through which payments can be processed while earning ‘green points.’ It makes for convenient purchasing. Besides, cash and credit are still acceptable.


Nathaniel Ru together with co-founders Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and their marketing director also a former colleague have creatively come up with marketing strategies that have formed a tradition. The best being the famously dubbed “the music and food experience.” In the concept, music plays in a parking lot as people shop directly from food trucks, food purveyors, and sweet greens stores. Another ingenious strategy is by attaching the stores’ coupons to parking tickets.


Born to entrepreneurs, starting a venture from scratch was a viable option. The group’s CEO Nathaniel Ru maintains that nothing much has changed from the business plans. Discipline and having the right set of values in place is the key to their success and to sticking together eight years down the road.



Martin Lustgarten Positively Impacting the Investment Banking Industry

Investment Banking is a division of banking that involves the creation of capital for private or public institutions. Investment banks offer guidance and advice on the investment options available to the clients and show them how to create wealth by making smart investment choices. Additionally, the companies are involved in business acquisitions or mergers. Investment banks often take part in raising capital for corporations. They also assist in determining the net worth of institutions and help firms restructure so as to achieve optimum results.

Few professions currently are as prestigious and lucrative as investment banking. As a result, the industry attracts a lot of interest from people hoping for significant returns on their investments. However, a career in this industry requires not only academic qualifications but also lots of dedication to acquire the skills and experience needed for the acquisition of accurate observation and research skills. In a market that is constantly fluctuating, an investment banker requires the ability to assess market trends and make strategic decisions to avoid losing money. One also needs exceptional interpersonal skills to thrive in the industry.

Martin Lustgarten is a top investment banker in the United States today. The Florida-based entrepreneur is the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, a large investment bank based in Florida. The investment firm has served clients for many years and won various awards for exemplary customer service and innovative approach investment banking. Mr. Lustgarten’s reputation as one who delivers results for his clients has made him one of the most sought after bankers in the industry.

Lustgarten exemplifies the traits of a real investment banker. He is an excellent communicator and goes out of his way to give personalized service to his clients. His company’s track record is an impressive one, a factor that continues to attract clients to his firm. Through innovation and great personal relations, the hugely successful entrepreneur is making a great impact in the investment industry.