The strategies that EOS used to beat Lip Balm industry veterans like chapstick

Before the evolution of smooth became a household name in the lip care industry, it was hard to imagine anything else being used as lip balm besides the tubes of colorless balm at the beauty section of the convenience store. If one wanted to get extra, the perfumed tube was all they could get. However, EOS entered the field, and they brought along beautiful orbs filled with flavorful and colorful balms, an enticing clicking sound each time you open and close and a whole lot of natural goodness for the lips.

When the minds behind the invention started out, they were determined to revolutionize the industry. The first thing they had to do was rethink the entire packaging of the lip balm, hence the spherical packaging. After creating the product, the next challenge was to get the product to the customers. They were lucky enough to convince one Walgreens to stock their lip balm and within no time, their products were flying off the shelves. At this point, Walmart also started stocking the balm and the deal was sealed, the next biggest product in lip care had just been born.

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Then, they decided to make use of the right ambassadors to reach the millenials who are their main market. Celebrities such as Taylor swift, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and Nina Dobrev have all been spotted wearing EOS Lip Balm. This is how the phenomenon that is EOS lip balm was born and brought to the masses. There are other factors that have led to the massive success of EOS. These include the variety of flavors that the product comes in and the creative marketing solutions of the team at the top. Even though there have been challenges, which are common for all startups, it is easy to see how successful this product has been in general and the sales are being projected to get even better with time.  Now is the time to follow EOS on

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