Obtaining a Positive Classroom Through Class Dojo

Class Dojo focuses on teachers, parents, and students worldwide. The app can be viewed in over 35 languages and is currently being used in more than 180 countries. Classes are in the form of animated episodes that are colorful and can collect a child’s attention. Each lesson plays out like a usual cartoon that they are accustomed to watching on TV, which is a powerful way to keep the material more memorable. They even make use of having a set of interesting characters that the students can become familiar with.

Some of the many lessons that can be learned:

  •  Having a mindful outlook
  •  Strengthening empathy and skills of gratitude
  •  Keeping perseverance when going through life’s challenges
  •  Gaining knowledge in creative writing

Class Dojo can encourage each of the student’s mannerisms through a daily award system. Students can sign in, design an avatar that represents them, and keep track of their points. Being able to know how they are doing can promote friendly competition and this can motivate the students to improve.

Teacher & Parents

Teachers can use the app to customize exactly what kind of positive behaviors they want their students to display and give points during class. The same goes for the behavior that they want to label as negative. There is a social feature, Class Story, that allows the classroom to update summaries with pictures of activities and current curriculums. Parents and guardians can also get engaged and have access to their child’s ongoing progress reports. This way reinforcements can be continued in the home. When the class and student stories are updated, the parents can then choose to like, comment, and even stay in direct contact with the teacher.