Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions Take on Renting Property to Short-Term Tenants

Renting part or your entire house on Airbnb seems like a quick way of making money. Hosting travelers for a short while can help landlords get the cash needed for property renovation. However, recent incidents have shown several problems associated with renting your home. Temporary renters can often damage your home to the extent that your homeowner’s insurance may not cover. That can leave you with unanticipated financial and legal issues and end up costing you more to address lawsuits than what you secured as rent. Here are some of the factors to consider before renting your home to Airbnb.




Many risks come along with renting your home. By taking in tenants, you become liable for any damage to your property or your neighbor’s property, illegal activities, theft, and even injuries to the residents. Again, tenants may sometimes fail to pay you.




Airbnb only offers secondary coverage. As such, its coverage kicks off only after you’ve exhausted your resources. Again, short-term renters are rarely covered by many homeowner’s insurance policies. That means you become liable for any expenses incurred by your tenants.


After you have looked into these issues, you can decide whether to take in short-term renters or not. It’s recommendable to consult a qualified wealth and investment manager or insurance professionals before renting out your home. Richard Blair is an accomplished wealth and investment manager with a proven track record of success in property management. Richard Blair will help you review your investment options and offer a personalized solution to your situation. Richard Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions, a duly registered investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas. He has close to 20 years of working experience specializing in equity markets.


Having been born to a family with a teaching background, Richard Blair is drawn to the education landscape. He combines his firsthand experience in teaching with his aptitude for finance to help his clients invest wisely. Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1993 immediately after graduating from college to provide personalized and professional financial advice. Over time, Richard Blair has honed his skills in developing and managing retirement plans. He specializes in helping his clients bridge the gap between planning for retirement and living in it. Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions often helps its customers to avoid common financial pitfalls by providing strategies to plan for retirement. His mission is to help investors and entrepreneurs to make their dream of having a successful retirement a reality. Learn more:


Express Your Inner Goddess With Lime Crime Hair Dye Colors

Are you looking to make a change? Do you feel restricted by the color choices you have for your hair? Are you wanting to make a bold statement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are some new choices for you to choose from when you choose Lime Crime for your next hair dye choices.

1.Moonchild- The lavender overtones are great for those who are drawn to pastels.

2.Cloud- The light blue hair dye offers a dye choice that is perfect for those people who love the bold choice of blue but without the boldness of bright blue.

3.Kawaii- This form of pastel purple is great for parties and events

4.Mint Ice- This is a very popular choice for those who love frosted mint.

5.Tweet- Yellow chick color that is perfect for blonds.

6.Valentine- The crimson color that lets blonds be redheads for a period of time.

7.Bubblegum Rose- The pink shade is great for those who love the color of bubblegum.

8.Aesthetic- Mauve color which is great for parties, social events or any other form of special occasions.

Lime Crime is working hard to ensure that while developing the very popular hair products, that they allow for users to feel a sense of freedom, self expression as well as independence when they start to dye their hair with Lime Crime hair dye.

The Lime business is in the business sense that it allows for creative thinking as well as encouraging users to express their own needs and desires through their makeup. If you have grey hair already and are looking for something to hide the grey, this line of dye is perfect for users to conceal their grey hairs.

Each shade of dye is vibrant is will allow for the saturated color to be used in an organic and natural way. The line of color is like the rest of the line of cosmetics from the Lime-Crime business, it contains no animal fats as well as being certified as being tested animal free. For now, there are 21 shades of color for you to choose from when dying your hair.

Fabletics: More Than Fashion

Most fashion companies like to say that their products are about making customers feel better about themselves. In truth, it’s usually about the money. People are a lot more gullible these days than they were a decade ago. As long as a company can maintain some form of brand recognition, people will buy from them.

That is not the case with Fabletics. Co-founded by award-winning actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has heart. In 2013, when Kate Hudson got the chance to join the fashion juggernaut TechStyle Fashion Group, her priority was creating an activewear brand that stood apart from all other brands.

While others “talk trash” about Fabletics, Fabletics continues to excel. In the four years since its founding, Fabletics grew an online audience of more than 20 million followers on social media. It also has added 18 retail stores to its revenue stream. And by the looks of its social media account, it plans on adding more by year’s end.

The grand idea of Fabletics is to offer high-quality fashion at affordable prices. That’s how the brand’s been able to overcome all the negativity surrounding its membership model. Despite what people are saying, members just can’t get over on-trend fashion at half the price of what other companies are charging.

For Kate Hudson, Fabletics is meant for more than just e-commerce success. Profit isn’t nearly as important as making every customer feel special. Too many fashion brands are profit-focused or shape-biased. Fabletics is meant to inspire every woman; regardless of size, age, or ability.

Fabletics doesn’t just want to inspire women to look their best. It also wants women to feel their best. Part of looking and feeling great is living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Kate Hudson created an activewear line instead of just casual clothes.

What most members find shocking is that the quality of Fabletic’s products rivals that of more expensive brands. According to one member, the pair of leggings she bought from Fabletics is made of an amazing quality. To this date, those leggings maintain their compression and shape and haven’t faded.

The biggest draw for Fabletics is the combination of styles and affordable prices. Nowhere else can people get such high-quality fashion for those prices. Fabletics even offers a free lifestyle quiz for non-members who are on the fence about joining.

MB2 Dental Solutions; Provider of welcoming Dentistry Environment

In the modern world, many companies fail to succeed due to external factor away from their service provision. The healthcare industry, dentistry to be particular is a field that calls for every practitioner to fully focus on his or her undertaking to provide the best version of himself. Thanks to MB2 Dental Solutions, today dentists can fully concentrate on their primary duties and leave the rest to the firm. As many would say, an experience is one of the primary keys needed for success in any field. On this, MB2 Dental takes credit as it is an idea of well-versed dentists. The team openly understands what is best for the patients. Besides, the firm knows what the dentists require hence making it a suitable place for every dentist willing to concentrate more on his or her practice.

The history of MB2 Dental Solutions runs back to 2009 when the firm came into existence. Although young in the industry, the company’s success story surpasses that of many old players in the game. MB2 was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a successful practitioner. Just like any other dentist, the renowned Chris had started his practice amid the dental community. According to MB2’s founder, the dentist environment was filled with challenges that turned overwhelming hence blocking him from carrying his fundamental duty. At that moment, Chris longed to get back into his career which is patient care, and that is how the idea to launch MB2 Dental came into existence.

Dr. Chris’s experience as a dentist played a significance in delivering the MB2 Dental Solutions that we all know of today. The successful doctor was well placed to understand the practice inside out. Therefore, Chris was well positioned to pick out the negative characteristics of single practitioners or group firms hence developing a platform that fully accommodated both the individual and group practitioners. Today, MB2 has grown into an incredible platform. Chris MB2’s CEO supervises over 500 employees who are spread across the firm’s 70 affiliated offices. MB2 Dental is headquartered in Carrolton, Texas in the United States. In an expert’s point of view, Chris’s idea to launch was not only focused on making profits but improving the lives of dentists. The active practitioners who happen to work in close collaboration with MB2 Dental Solution never regret the decision as they all agree to one thing which is Chris and his team ability to influence growth hence good business.

MB2 Dental takes pride of holding the best practitioners in the game. Dr. Akhil Reddy is among the few talented individuals who happen to be associated with the great firm. Reddy joined the California Dental Association in 2016. Reddy is an alumnus of the University of Pacific and is well-versed in dentistry, and dental implants among many other vital services.

How Greg Secker became the Leading Foreign Exchange Veteran

Greg Secker is a financial guru who has strived to make it big in business. He was compelled to venture into business upon realizing that most people were struggling to set up thriving businesses.

Greg Secker’s success story

Mr. Secker was motivated by the desire to create a tool that guided people to trade in foreign transactions. Mr. Secker believes that one does not need intense training to understand how businesses operate. Initially, he used companies to make money for him. Currently, he makes his wealth from the programs he runs, such as Learn to Trade. His ventures became profitable after six months of putting in hard work. Despite the challenges that come with new businesses, Mr. Secker worked relentlessly to ensure that his efforts paid off. In just a couple of months, he had made money than he would not have if he had remained in the corporate sector.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a British entrepreneur, famous for his expertise in foreign exchange. Mr. Secker is also an author who has published various books, including “Financial Freedom through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success,” and “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success.” Mr. Secker is an alma mater of the University of Nottingham where he majored in agriculture and food sciences. Mr. Secker is also a serial entrepreneur who has helped setup companies, such as FX Capital, SmartCharts Software and Learn to Trade. Mr. Secker initiated his career in the early 90s where he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. In the late 90s, he had already made a name for himself and was awarded the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce.

Mr. Greg Secker was the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, and this is where he developed a passion for the foreign trade. Mr. Secker spends most of his time hosting business seminars and summits on training people. Since 2008, he has held various meetings in New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, and Ghana. Mr. Secker is also a philanthropist and a founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, an institution determined to make the lives of people easier. This foundation also works with the youth to bring positive changes in the leadership, education, and social sectors.

Technology Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope has established himself as one of the newest and most successful technology entrepreneurs. As a technology entrepreneur, Hope has proved to be an expert at predicting future technology trends. This has helped a number of individuals and organizations find ways to improve technology and benefit from it. The main thing that Hope has been able to make predictions on is the Internet of Things. As many devices become more connected, it is going to provide many benefits and advantages to those who use it. As a result, Jason has been in position to provide valuable insight on how technology and the internet will become even more effective and convenient than it already is.

Since there are a number of young entrepreneurs who are in need of capital to get their ideas off the ground, Hope has introduced a grant program which will provide entrepreneurs with funds necessary to make progress. Even with a $500 grant, a number of entrepreneurs have been in position to start up their businesses and make their idea into a reality. With this funding, a number of entrepreneurs will be in better position to start businesses that will greatly benefit the technology industry. Starting a business is quite difficult for many in the technology industry due to lack of resources, but Hope’s grant program has proven to provide valuable assistance to those who are looking to start up innovative businesses in the technology industry.

Whenever an individual is looking to start up a business, it is very important that they don’t overcomplicate it. According to Hope, entrepreneurs who make their business ideas very complex will often end up wasting time and experiencing failure. Another thing that Jason Hope mentioned that entrepreneurs who are looking to start up a business will want to communicate their ideas to those that are closest to them. Jason has stated that he does this and has been able to receive positive feedback as a result. Hope has also mentioned that it is important for entrepreneurs to network on a regular basis. This allows them to interact with many people that can give them advice as well as become future customers. Lastly, Jason believes that entrepreneurs must take projects one at a time instead of taking on many all at once. This will lead to better results and more success.

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How NuoDB cloud database technology Can Help You Grow Your Business on Budget

With increasingly rapid changes in technology, many successful businesses are migrating to NuoDB cloud data base technology for maximum efficiency, organization, and workflow.

Quickly Migrate Applications to a Cloud Based System

Today, customers expect applications to be readily available, and NuoDB will help you meet customer demands and allow for faster and reliable transitions to cloud, despite failures, outages and rolling upgrades faced by modern day businesses.

NuoDB cloud database technology keeps data logic in the database rather than the application, which ensures consistency and durability. You can rest assured that all data objects are safely stored and maintained with NuoDB’s set of in-memory caches that support cloud-style elasticity.

Your Best Choice For Cost Effective Growth

Many cutting edge businesses rely on NuoDB cloud database technology because it is versatile, cost-effective, and easy to scale as the company grows.
While upfront costs can delay profitability for new applications, NuoDB cloud database technology can minimize costs and maintain function due to its elastic scaling and familiarity with SQL. In addition, NuoDB offers pay as you go pricing, thereby taking the risk out of new application development and growth.

If you are serious about building and scaling profitable applications, watch the demo and request a technical overview to learn more about how NuoDB cloud database technology can get help determine the best type of database management system (DBMS) to help your business grow.

Agora Financial Video Wrap Up

Bob is a dentist who wants to invest for his family’s future as well as his retirement. Bob may know about cavities and fillings but not when it comes to upcoming financial trends. THis is where Agora Financial comes into play.
For more than 10 years Agora Financial has helped people like Bob protect and grow their wealth during the most difficult times. Agora Financial uses online newsletters and publications as well as books, seminars, and documentaries to help investors find the latest trends in the stock market. Agora Financial also finds companies that are expecting rapid growth, secrets of generating income, and strategies on how to protect one’s wealth for the future. Agora Financial provides more than 20 newsletters that individually focus on a different part of the stock market.
Agora Financial is not limited to just one part of the world. Analysts will travel anywhere around the world in order to find potential. This includes the oil fields of the United States, gold mines in South Africa, and real estate in Mongolia. Agora Financial spends more than $1,000,000 in research and travel expenses in order to find the next big trend in worldwide markets that haven’t hit the mainstream.
Agora Financial helps investors find new ideas to invest in early so they can watch their wealth increase substantially when the idea hits the mainstream market. Experts on Agora Financial’s staff include a self-made billionaire, Harvard geologist, bond experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and an ex-banker to the Presidents.
Agora Financial has foreseen major events like the rapid rise in gold prices, the mortgage crisis of 2008 four years prior, and the rise of biotechnology and other of medicine. Agora Financial will be there today and in the future to make sure your money is safe.

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Why Is It Important To Admit To Mistakes? George Soros Imparts Words Of Wisdom

As a nation, America values the confident type. Successful people are seen as infallible. The ideal business man or woman, or politician, gets things right the first time. Trial and error is seen as unnecessary and inconvenient.

Billionaire and successful world trader George Soros shares a different perspective. In an article written for The Atlantic several years ago, Soros described a concept called an “open society” in depth. Soros, whose Hungarian roots introduced him at an early age to the atrocities of the Nazi regime and the consequences of communism, values freedom of choice. He says that freedom is paramount. He describes an open society as one in which no controlling force has the final word on what is true and what is false. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Soros teaches that an open society is one in which mistakes are openly discussed and learned from. Instead of stigmatizing mistakes, they can be seen as mighty teachers. In a society in which trial and error were regular modes of learning, progress would be much faster. Soros explained that within a truly open society, trial and error would became a valued process: “The open society not only allows this process but actually encourages it, by insisting on freedom of expression and protecting dissent”. Instead of judging or shunning people with new and unconventional ideas, an open society would listen and learn. Leaders would own up to faults, and errors would not be seen as unnecessary transgressions from a productive path, but instead part of the path itself. He writes that the ideal society must be open to seeing its own faults because that way it can improve. If we cannot see our faults, and as a society aim at being right all the time, then improvements can not be made. Mistakes are the foundations of progress.

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George Soros is a unique thinker in our modern age. His theories have helped him succeed in the financial world. His career shows that he thinks for himself and is not afraid to speak his mind. In some cases, this means being laughed at (as was the case after the Berlin wall fell, when Soros proposed that world leaders install a new Marshall Plan). He never lets the opinions of others deter him from his values.

He works tirelessly to devote his wealth to programs that matter to him. He has given millions in past years to political movements which he supports (such as his donations to thwart the conservative majority in 2004, or funding to the Clinton campaign in 2016). He started a fund called The Open Society fund, which is aimed at creating open societies around the globe. His political activism is not limited to one country or people. He has worked towards progressive change in South Africa, Europe, and America. Learn more about his profile at

The Giving Life of James Dondero

In alternative investments and philanthropy, James Dondero is a force to be reckoned with. He is the owner and founder of Highland Capital Management from Dallas, Texas. This is where he has worked since he finished school in 1993. Until today, he has managed to open new branches in world’s major cities like New York, Perth, Sydney and London. He also has an office in Singapore and Hong Kong. From the money he makes from this company, he is able to support philanthropic activities in the United States. Up to now, he has been involved with many charitable deeds that include:
The Family Place
Just some few months ago, James Dondero announced that he would support the Family Place by awarding them $1 million. The family place is a charitable organization that is based in Dallas and specializes with victims of domestic violence. The Family place recently announced that they needed $2.8 million for a project known as the legacy campaign. During an annual Texas trailblazer, James Dondero said that the $1 million would be managed though the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management. He mentioned that beyond the $1 million, he would match every amount raised by the company by 50 percent. James Dondero was responding to a grant prayer by David Brown who is Dallas police chief and Mike Rawlings who is the Mayor of Dallas. James Dondero said that his company was proud to invest in a project that would help the residents of his community. The Family Place is constructing a new center that will comprise of a counselling center for domestic violence victims
The money that James Dondero raised will be used to construct an animal shelter for people who are afraid of leaving their pets behind. The building, when completed will house approximately 2000 people. Other than The Family Place, James Dondero has been involved with other organizations such as the Education is Freedom Forum, the Dallas Zoo as well as the George W. Bush Presidential Library Institute. He has also been involved with the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Uplift Education as well as the Capital for Kids.