Cancer Treatment Centers of America Implements New Software

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making incredible strides in the field of oncology. The Cancer Treatment Centers are rolling out a new platform that leverages the knowledge of hundreds upon hundreds of cancer specialists all across the nation and allowing doctors in remote locations to have this information at their fingertips. The program, known as Clinical Pathways, seeks to provide the best treatment to all patients regardless of who their personal doctor is. Utilizing the knowledge of many has the potential to save countless lives and more quickly and efficiently diagnose this disease that has impacted everyone in one form or another. The operating system being utilized for this ever evolving project is known as NantOS and is the newest version of this promising type of knowledge sharing between cancer specialists. By implementing systems such as this into their daily operations, they have quickly become one of the most trustworthy and reliable names in cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has locations in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa and offers the highest quality of care for those in all stages of a variety of kinds of cancers. The center realizes, and ingrains in their doctors that no two cases of cancer are exactly the same and thus all have to be treated with the utmost attention to detail and highest level of personal service. The center’s highly knowledgeable and thoughtfully trained staff are working around the clock to answer all of your questions and provide you with the highest level of service possible. With organizations like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America leading the charge, a cancer free future may be closer than once previously thought.

3 Things to Know about Rodrigo Terpins Rally Career

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally sensation. He is a rally driver, rider, and member of the Sertoes Rally team based in Brazil. He has enjoyed a lot of victories in the rally championship. He competes in the F1 prototype competition and he has achieved a lot in this category. Just recently, Rodrigo managed position seven and 22 overall.

Here is what to learn about his rally success:

  1. Rodrigo Derives His Rally Passion from Family

Even though Rodrigo’s father, Jack Terpins was not a rally sensation, he was actively involved in basketball. He was a great player in his youth and this pushed Rodrigo to engage in something different from Jack but which was able to earn him the same recognition. His dream for the rally is also stimulated by his brother Michel Terpins. Though Michel is younger and with more collections to his name, Rodrigo has always seen reason in making the family name proud by trying to complement his brother’s rally success.

  1. Partnership is Crucial to Rodrigo’s Success

Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabricio are a formidable team in the T1 competition. Their recent success at the Sertoes rally is mainly because of their longstanding partnership and this is why they have managed to overcome the tough terrains of Brazil. According to, the Sao Paulo born Rodrigo is a humble guy and Fabricio understands this. They have a fair share of light moments and disappointments but what makes them effective is their team spirit.

  1. Rodrigo believes in Versatility

As an experienced driver, Terpin has participated in more than five Sertoes Rally competitions. Besides the Sertoes Rally, he also participates in other cross-country competitions. In 2011, he competed at the Mitsubishi Rally cup competition and he managed the second position. This was very impressive from him and his co-driver. Currently, he drives the T-Rex model but this does not stop him from trying others.


Over his years of driving experience in the Sertoes rally editions and cross country events, Rodrigo has developed both as a driver and a person. He is very instrumental towards the Terpins family popularity. In Brazil, Rodrigo is considered as an inspiring rally figure and a motivational pillar to lots of young Brazilian rally drivers. Visit for more information.

David Giertz Expounds on The Social Security as A Critical Issue in Financial World

There is an enormous requirement for money related firms to make attention to their customers about standardized savings. David Giertz says that the monetary counselors are maintaining a strategic distance from the point on the grounds that the standardized savings tote is an intricate docket with more than 2700 columns and subsequently is difficult to fathom it. In spite of being perplexing, he proposes that the most critical thing is to have a fundamental comprehension and certainty around every one of the columns. As the leader of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution, he teamed up with the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute in completing a buyer review with the point of get-together client input on the theme of standardized savings. As indicated by the review on scholarly studies most retirees said that they would soon adjust their guide since they are not providing counsel on issues of standardized savings.

For guides to hold their customers on, there is the massive requirement for them to take the client’s enthusiasm on a fundamental level. The primary motivation to consider this is on account of consultants are a piece of the client’s pay retirement design and government managed savings contributes up to 40 % of the salary. Turning government managed savings too soon may bring about the customer losing up to $12,000 a year. The consultant’s assistance is in this way pivotal.

David Giertz, otherwise called Dave, is a worldwide business pioneer with more than 30 years working knowledge in the field of money related administrations. Other than being the leader of NFS Distributors Inc., he is an industry authority at FINRA and a leading group of trustee at Millikin University, the organization where he did his four year college education. For a traverse of a decade, Giertz has held the head office in the diverse money related associations that he has worked with.

In preparation for his vocation, David Giertz sought after a degree in Business organization and administration and later assisted with the same at the MBA level. His key abilities incorporate retirement arranging, common finances and in addition budgetary administrations. David Giertz is a lead money related consultant with huge information in the budgetary issues.

James Dondero, Measuring Progress As A Corporate Executive

Having amassed $31 billion in total assets Highland Capital Management has gained a reputation of financial excellence for its innovative Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). The CLO is a diverse pool of capital funds, which uses integrated credit analysis to provide secure loans for retail and institutional investors. Highland has won numerous awards for its global investment services, including the 5 star designation by Morningstar.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Highland was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. And currently, Dondero serves as Managing Partner, President and Portfolio Manager. In addition, he’s also Chairman and Director of Highland’s affiliate organizations including HCM Acquisition Company and Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.

After graduating from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with the highest honors in 1984, James Dondero was accepted into a training program, hosted by Morgan Guaranty. His career in the financial services industry began the following year in 1985, when Dondero joined the American Express Corporation; first as a Bond Analyst and later being promoted to Portfolio Manager. While at American Express he managed a fund that grew to $1 billion in assets; he remained there for four years. In his next career position as Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life Corporation, he guided a fund to $2 billion in assets. He holds active certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

The sum total of James Dondero career experience is 30 years. Because of this expertise, Dondero is a respected board member for several different organizations including the Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings, American Banknote and NexBank Capital, Inc. and MGM Studios. Outside of his professional obligations, Dondero and Highland also maintain community involvement through financial contributions to several non-profits. Highland Capital Management Corporation is committed to helping non-profits in Dallas and Fort Worth area succeed by providing millions in annual funding. Highland Capital’s charity recipients include: the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Family Place and Southern Methodist University’s Highland Capital Management Towers Scholars Program and the Dallas Zoo, to name a few.