George soros

George soros is in the top dothirty most richest people in the world and he puts a lot of hard work into what he does and a lot of people look up to him as a very successful businessman and he does his part to help people far and wide. He is very smart and has grown a lot as a person since his beginnings. He is a very successful investor in the world and does his part to help the world and really knows how to invest well concering everything that goes on around him. He does not let any obstacles get in the way of what he is doing. He was born in budapest and grew up in that area and enjoyed living there for a time. His childhood was in this area and he soon went to england in 1947. He went to the london school of graduates and got a bachelorss degree and a masters degree in philosophy. He is a very brilliant man and went through a lot of training to be the person he was today.

He is very smart and humble and a lot of people like him and admire him for who is as a person today. He started a business career at merchant banks and then went from there. He is a very successful person becasue of the hard work he put into all that he does and he doenst let anyone tell him that he cant do something. He is a strong individual mentally and knows very well how to work with people. People like being around him and they enjoy seeing what new thing he comes up with and way of investing. His strategy of investing is spot on and people look up to him as one of the top investors in the world. He knows exactly what he is doing. He was born to a jewish family but he did not let his roots stop him.

Peopple felt very uncormatable being jews at the time but he did not let that stop him from completing and education and moving on a in life. Early on in life he found it very difficult to find a job but went as a traveling salesman for a short time. Life wasn’t always fair to him but he did not let that stop him from moving on up and completing what he had to complete to become a successful investor. This happended to be a low point in his life looking for a job was of prime importance but he did not let that stop him. He then went on to continuing to be the man he is today a very successful man and wealthy investor.

The Brighter Side of Cassio Audi’s Musical Career

Little is in the public domain as far as Cassio Audi’s musical career is concerned. Little is even said about his prowess in drumming and vocalist skills used to sway huge Brazilian crowds and according to him much admiration from the fans. Having started off as a solo drummer, he was then approached by one of his friends Yves Passarell to forming a band in mid-1985. Together with three other mates namely: Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell and Andre Machado, they formed a band called the Viper. In the band, his passion for the drum grew immensely as he took most his time perfecting the skill. With great vocals at his disposal, he also trained his band mates on their vocals which seemingly became their source of admiration to many.

Compiling an Album

With their persistence and diligence in their stage performances, they won a lot of shows with across Brazil and even beyond their borders. They continued composing songs and perfecting their techniques throughout their performances. These efforts bore fruits when they finally compiled their first album in 1986 which they named Killer Sword. Since its launch, the album got a lot of positive reviews and Cassio Audi together with his band mates secured more shows courtesy of the hits that the album had. The album comprised tracks such as Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and Killera.

End of an Era

Seemingly, it was not the end of things for Cassio as he went on to help the band compile yet another album in 1987. In 1989, he and the band members had a remarkable year with a string of performances in Europe and South America. It was just unfortunate that it marked the end of Cassio Audi musical career. He was poised to start off a business career through furthering his education in that field. Even so, he remained a loyal fan of Rock music and a reliable source of inspiration in music.


Avaaz: The Rise of a Network of Progressive Idealists Throughout the World

Avaaz is a US-based civic organization bent on making sure changes are made to address climate change, human rights violations, animal rights violations, corruption, and poverty. It is considered one of the worlds largest online activist network.

Avaaz is actually the transliteration of a Persian word that means ‘voice.’ The organization uses a team of campaigners throughout 30 countries to give a voice to the voiceless. The countries include the UK, India, Lebanon, and Brazil, just to name a few. All members communicate through email and video chats. The members use all tactics available to them, such as online public petitions, videos, and social media just to name a few.

The network of activists also use many styles of political actions such as sit-ins, rallies, phone-ins, and social media stunts that might generate awareness. One of the most famous stunts that the group has organized is when a number of activists took a herd of cardboard pigs to the World Health Organization. This was done to be bring attention to the link between giant pig farms and the swine flu.

This group is known as a network of practical idealists who seek to change the world where it needs change. It is obvious that the group mostly supports progressive causes. Avaaz is the kind of group that could only exist now since so much of the world is connected through the internet.

There is no doubt that the group will only continue to expand since there are many other countries out there that need help, including countries most people think are doing fine. For example, Avaaz campaigned against Donald Trump who, they believed, would hurt the country and the world.

The group is looking for people who think similarly. They need volunteers and want people to get involved so that they can get things done.

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