Cancer Treatment Centers of America Implements New Software

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making incredible strides in the field of oncology. The Cancer Treatment Centers are rolling out a new platform that leverages the knowledge of hundreds upon hundreds of cancer specialists all across the nation and allowing doctors in remote locations to have this information at their fingertips. The program, known as Clinical Pathways, seeks to provide the best treatment to all patients regardless of who their personal doctor is. Utilizing the knowledge of many has the potential to save countless lives and more quickly and efficiently diagnose this disease that has impacted everyone in one form or another. The operating system being utilized for this ever evolving project is known as NantOS and is the newest version of this promising type of knowledge sharing between cancer specialists. By implementing systems such as this into their daily operations, they have quickly become one of the most trustworthy and reliable names in cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has locations in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa and offers the highest quality of care for those in all stages of a variety of kinds of cancers. The center realizes, and ingrains in their doctors that no two cases of cancer are exactly the same and thus all have to be treated with the utmost attention to detail and highest level of personal service. The center’s highly knowledgeable and thoughtfully trained staff are working around the clock to answer all of your questions and provide you with the highest level of service possible. With organizations like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America leading the charge, a cancer free future may be closer than once previously thought.