Sussex Healthcare Audiology Provides Care Home Residents Unparalleled Services

Care homes that excel at providing unparalleled services tend to cost a pretty penny, but this is not the case with the Sussex Healthcare group. Sussex Healthcare is known by its previous residents and patients as a haven for older adults who have unique needs and families of residents have recommended the care homes along due to the efficient audiology services provided here.

The two care homes that are run by the Sussex Healthcare group are located at Horney Common, Nutley, Uckfield, TN and welcome patients who have dementia, Alzheimer’s and other ailments that do not allow them to perform day to day tasks on their own with ease.

The dedicated and professional team that works at both the Wisteria Lodge and Forest Lodge, two care homes in West Sussex, are committed to providing only the best care to patients and residents. The staff members that have been chosen to work here undergo mandated training at periodical intervals so that they can excel as health care providers.

In addition to taking care of older adults who are frail and need assistance, the staff members are responsible for helping patients make proper use of the specialism gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools, holistic therapies and sensory rooms. Physiotherapy and daily exercises are both encouraged and offered by Sussex Healthcare care homes. The staff members are also responsible for fitting audiology equipment and helping patients get used to these hearing aid devices.

Recognized and registered with the Care Quality Commission, Sussex Healthcare Audiology works in harmony with the residents of the care home with the mission of providing safe, effective, affordable audio equipment to improve the overall patient experience patients have when they choose this healthcare provider. Also registered with UKAS and RCP, Sussex Healthcare Audiology follows the National Good Practice Guide by the letter ensuring that patients receive timely and ongoing care along with unrestricted access to other facilities such as periodical reassessments set at a duration of once in three years. The RCCP and HCPC also recognize Sussex Healthcare, and the care homes work along with NHS to make sure that older adults with hearing and memory issues get the best of audio equipment that they can offer.

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