Investing in Chinese Stocks: it’s the “Wild East” out there, and like the Wild West, the boldest and the bravest get the gold, everyone else, head back West

Finance in China can be a chaotic and volatile scene as far as stocks are concerned. Like any chaotic and volatile sector of the economy, aggressive investors see a river full of gold, and it should be a place to start panning.

Stansberry Research Analyst Steve Sjuggerud has issued a fair warning, however: investing in China is not for the faint of heart. As he writes in Stansberry Research periodical True Wealth China, “our model portfolio holdings are volatile. That’s just the nature of investing in China…if the downturn in our China-related stocks [in January 2018] kept you awake at night, you’re doing something wrong.”

What he means is investing in China is a high-risk, high-reward venture. After all, it reflects much of China’s economic situation in the last few decades- it went from an impoverished, war-torn nation to an economy almost as large as that of the U.S. Likewise, Sjuggerud himself has observed that in sharp contrast to Chinese Stocks’ weak overall performance in January, a significant number of Chinese stocks he himself has investigated have seen 100% returns just in the last year alone. Sjuggerud also cites another example: the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index saw a five-fold increase in value between 2005 to 2007, only to lose 66% of it by 2008.

Stansberry Research has provided similar commentary on its studies on commodities. Much like the commodities industries, China’s finance sector experiences dramatic “booms” and “busts”. Sjuggerud concludes that investing in China is a tremendous opportunity, but if you are not brave enough to weather such chaotic storms, either sell off enough stock until you are comfortable with your commitment, or re-think your investment strategy with a more ambitious goal in mind. In an economy like China’s, such a mindset is a must (Gazetteday).

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Why Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Leader To Watch

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been the Chairman of Bradesco’s Board since October 2017 and currently serves as the Director of the company. He became Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer in 2009 and resigned in March 2018.

He graduated from Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo with a degree in Social Psychology and began his career at Bradesco where he has gained Banking experience. His leadership style has attracted the attention of many executives, with many employees willing to emulate him.

His journey to Bradesco’s top leadership
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did not wake up to Bradesco’s top executive position. He began his career at Bradesco in 1969. As all other executives, he went through the hierarchy levels, and as a result of his competency, he managed to occupy the presidency position between 2003 and 2009. While he was the president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi uplifted the bank from its competitors, particularly Itau Unibanco. Although he declared that the company’s goal was not to compete with its rivals, his exemplary leadership has proven otherwise. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi ensured that the company’s profit margin increased in the following years, making a lead in the financial market.

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Successful acquisition of HSBC
Not only has Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi maintained the competitiveness of Bradesco in the market, but has also made strategic choices that would enhance the company’s performance. In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, through the approval of the Bradesco’s Board chair, acquired HSBC’s branch in Brazil. Spending over $5.2 billion in the deal, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has led the company towards the private segment leadership position. As a result of the successful HSBC acquisition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi won the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR IN THE FINANCE award by MONEY in 2016.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s work culture
Considering his leadership style at Bradesco, one would consider Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a transformative leader who values all employees. One he occupied the top executive position, the visionary leader demanded a renewed leadership cadre which would embrace teamwork and bottom-up approach to decision making. He intended to instill autonomy to all the employees at the company, a gesture that has increased innovation and competence among Bradesco employees. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also leads by example. One of his work habits is to arrive at the bank as early as 7 o’clock every morning and leave as late as 6 pm. Interestingly, he extends his work schedules to dinners and weekends, an aspect that shows his selflessness towards serving Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been a part of Bradesco for over 48 years and has applied his Banking experience in the company’s insurance department. He continuously advocates for broker channel sales strategy which has helped the company experience financial growth. His enthusiasm and passion for teamwork will see the company at higher heights. Many Bradesco employees believe that he would have been the best president for the company. But all is not lost; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue to lead Bradesco towards success.

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Securus Technologies-Wireless Containment Systems.

Robert Johnson is an ex-corrections executive who is very concerned at stopping inmates from accessing mobile phones and other contrabands. He was attacked by a prisoner and has injuries of the six shots on his chest and stomach. He was attacked at his home almost seven years ago. While narrating the story about the occurrence, Johnson said that he first heard a boom on his house’s front door and the attacker pointed a gun at him. He was shot and can’t remember the things that happened after until when he found himself lying on the bathroom floor with multiple injuries in his body.

Johnson was in charge of inmate’s phones confiscation, and that was the reason as to why a prisoner plotted for his attack. Since then, Mr. Johnson has been innovating methods to stop prisoners from accessing cell phones. His mission is to prevent more crimes. Johnson also noted that some three inmates terminated a baby’s life for the reason that the baby’s uncle did something against their will.

Robert Johnson believes that confiscating inmates’ cell phones is way not enough. He argues that the best way to stop prisoners from using cell phones is by use of technology. Johnson pointed out that technology can be used to block all calls in prisons. Robert now works as a paid consultant for the Securus Technologies. The State of Florida is tasking the Securus Technologies with the role of devising technological methods to stop calls from connecting in the prisons. Sean Echols was arrested and convicted of trying to kill Mr. Johnson. Echols had been recently released from jail.

Securus Wireless Containment Solutions is an accepted, tested and proven technology that is effective to interdict contrabands. The system is designed specially to detect any contraband and also prevent any use of cellphones in prisons.

Securus Technologies published its analytical data that was collected by use of the company’s Wireless Containment Solution. The released data proved the country’s contraband phone menace. It also validated the efficiency of the devised technology to curb the problem. Securus managed to detect and disconnect about 1.7 million illicit communication trials in close to eight United States correctional amenities within the period between July 2016 and July 2017.

On his comments, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Richard Smith, said that Securus Technology had invested more than $40 million and pledged to continue developing the technology to make sure that it remains in the forefront to detection and prevention of the illegal cellphones in the corrections amenities. Smith also recommended that the Securus Wireless Containment Solution is keen to decrease the amount of paperwork and encouraging wireless carriers to serve the facilities.


The Future Vision on Matt Badiali on Natural Resource Investments

If there is a man who enjoys earth science, call him Matt Badiali. He did earth science at Penn State University and later earned a Master’s degree in geology from the Atlantic University of Florida in 2003. Matt met a friend who asked him whether he would come up with ways that would help average investors make a successful financial career path. By this time, Matt was doing his Ph.D. Matt had seen the financial investments of his father fail and he needed to devise a way that would solve this problem. He saw the need to help people invest their money in productive platforms instead of making losses. Matt travels around the world teaching people how they can double or even triple the money they invest. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

His earth science background helped him to develop a newsletter that would help people know how to invest in their natural resources. Matt starts his typical day at 6:30 in the morning by reading the newspapers to be enlightened on financial investment opportunities. After taking his daughters to school, Matt watches weather news and writes his ideas down and their implementation tips before his day start. Due to his passion for investment, Matt reads news on investment even when at his gym facility.


Matt says that most of the ideas he has brought to life are from his personal experiences. It’s what he has been through that helps him give credible advice to the new investors he comes across. He first assumes himself in others’ situations before he gives them the direction of freedom checks. He looks forward to seeing the natural resources producing efficient and adequate energy across the globe in the near future. As one who has excelled in the business world, Matt says that the secret is that he gives those working for him more than they expect. He doesn’t just offer information and ideas that are required but also extra ones that other may need someday.

Matt joined Banyan Publishing in March 1st as an expert in natural resources. In the natural resource investment industry, Matt is the best expert known today. He has a wealth of experience in geological conferences, consulting environmental companies, recommending investing opportunities, inspecting mines and drill rigs. He was a senior editor at Stansberry Research for 11 years before he came to Banyan Hill Publishing. While at Stansberry Research, Matt advised investors on monthly basis on how they could make productive investments in metals, energy and natural resources. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

US Money Reserve Warns To Be Wary During First Mercury Retrograde Of 2018

US Reserve wants to warn people that we’re going to be experiencing our first Mercury retrograde of the year. The event, which is often accompanied by feelings of apprehension and concern, began on March 22 and will bring chaos along with it. The problem comes in the fact that Mercury is in the house of Aries during this time and Aries, named for the God of War, is an explosive fire sign.

How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Our Lives?

In general, people can expect to experience frequent miscommunications, mechanical or technological failures, and heavier traffic jams. This is also a good time to expect a visit from an ex-lover. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Essentially, if there’s a chance something may fail, this is the time to expect it. If you’re getting the idea that this is a time to be feared, you might just have enough sense to survive it.

Over the next three weeks, Mercury will be doing its backward roll, bringing chaos to everything in its wake. The above mentioned failures are just the beginning with even more trouble brewing, as the astrological condition persists. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

It’s recommended that you arrange for a great degree of flexibility in your plans during this time, because obstacles will likely put you off course. You should expect alarm clock failures, flight delays, and similar mishaps to get in the way of your itinerary.

Another common problem during this period is for people to lose their filter and say whatever comes to mind. Be wary that this may happen, so you can keep from falling victim to it. This can end up ruining personal relationships and causing trouble in the workplace. Watch what you say and try to avoid important conversations, if at all possible. It’s better to put important communication off, until Mercury has completed this phase.

About US Money Reserve

US Reserve is the largest distributor of government -issued coins and an experienced dealer in precious metals. They work with investors to help diversify their holdings with investments in precious metals.

While most investors only consider stocks, bonds, and funds, their portfolio can become much more diversified and may provide higher returns, when precious metals are added to their investments.

US Money Reserve provides experienced and knowledgeable consultants, who are able to answer all of your questions. Any investment should be studied carefully and working with US Money Reserve consultants can help you understand the exciting world of precious metal investing.

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An Interview with IP and International Law Expert Dr. Kamil Idris

Dr. Kamil Idris is the former director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a global organization that offers intellectual property (IP) services such as patent and trademark registry, domain name assistance and dispute resolutions. While still serving as the WIPO director, Dr. Idris sat down for an interview with Venture Outsource to discuss trends in the IP field.

Dr. Idris was first asked about what kind of patent system WIPO suggests to help the economies of emerging outsourcing destinations. He answered that knowledge and ideas drive economic growth, and thus proper IP regulation is crucial. WIPO believes that having skilled IP professionals and political and economic environments that support intelligent IP policies is absolutely necessary for emerging outsourcing destinations.

Kamil Idris was also asked about how globalization is creating new pitfalls for intellectual property laws. Dr. Idris cited piracy, counterfeiting and backlogged patent applications as the biggest pitfalls, and he believes that training more IP professionals is the best way to address this problem. The communications revolution, Dr. Idris further said, has made counterfeiting and digital piracy far more prevalent. WIPO has helped to tackle this issue through measures such as the WIPO Copyright treaty, but Dr. Idris recognizes that these issues will need to be dealt with further by increasing the global focus on strong IP policies.

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese national who has served as a diplomat and civil servant around the globe. He holds a PhD in international law from Geneva University in Switzerland as well as honorary doctorate law degrees from nineteen different institutions. He has served as the Director General for both WIPO and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, and he is also a member of the International Law Commission of the U.N.

Currently, Dr. Idris is the President of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation, where he utilizes his skills as a diplomat and an international law expert. He has published several books on topics relating to international law and intellectual property law, and he ran as an independent candidate for the Sudanese Presidency in 2010. Kamil Idris currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland.



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Tony Petrello And His Company Assist Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tony Petrello might not be one of the people who go for television and other media interviews every day, but he is a professional who is becoming a household name in America because of his kind nature.

The businessman is currently one of the leaders who run the most successful business ventures in the United States, and he commands respect because of what he is doing for the Americans. Tony Petrello was appointed to become the president of an energy company several years ago, and he has remained to be an influential figure who wants the best for the American corporate world. His leadership skills and his generosity are some of the personal traits that are admired by the people who are close to him.

Most company leaders never care about the welfare of the people who work for them. These greedy and corrupt leaders are always interested in earning profits and at the end of the day ensuring that the company is performing to the satisfaction of the customers and other stakeholders. Tony Petrello has a very different idea about his employees. Whenever they face any challenges, the businessman is always the first one to offer a helping hand, and this is probably one of the reasons the businessman has managed to perform so well while working as the leader of Nabors Industries.

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When Tony Petrello and the people living in Dallas region were affected by a storm named Hurricane Harvey, he had to act fast. The company employees could not even come to work because of the floods that were affecting most of the operations in the region. People lost lives, homes, money and other resources that they had saved for their lifetimes. People in most of the Dallas regions could not get basic items of life such as food and water. Getting basic shelter proved to be a great challenge to the people that were affected by the storm.

Nabors Industries, led by their CEO, did a wonderful job to all the communities that were affected. According to the company website, Tony Petrello ensured that the company employees had enough time to look for alternative shelter. The businessman and his company also offered some monetary help so that the affected people could start their lives all over again. Standing with the company employees during the natural disaster speaks volumes about Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries. The people who got the assistance are very excited.

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Agora Financial Builds Businesses through Its Online Publications

It is no secret that not every entrepreneur enjoys conducting financial forecast. Most of the time entrepreneurs think that it is not only a waste of time but also complicated. That is however not the fact as economic forecasts prepare entrepreneurs for their future in all aspects. Aside from that, financial projections play a pivotal role in securing investors. But most essentially, financial forecasts assist entrepreneurs to develop long-term plans that will benefit the business. That explains the relevance of Agora Financial.

 History of Foundation

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of one The Agora Network that was established in 1979. Behind the foundation is one Bill Bonner who is not only a business professional but also the author of Empire of Debt as well as Financial Reckoning Day. Closely working with his co-author Mr. Addison Wiggin, the duo established Agora Financial with the objective of providing relevant tutorials on finances management and investment.


Agora Financial has published numerous financial newsletters tailored to offer advice to investors on how to make money from different industries including emerging technologies, metals, minerals and lastly, small-cap stocks. To make sure that these financial dockets are safe from higher risks, Agora Financial works with skilled financial analysts. All too often, these financial analysts are recruited on the basis of their academic credentials, expertise and general experience and performances.

Predicting Financial Dockets and investments

At Agora Financial, the primary objective of operating is to minimize risks involved in running businesses. That is why since its inception, Agora Financial has worked hard to become a leading service provider for innovative skills in finance and publishing industries. For that reasons, in the past two decades, Agora Financial has correctly predicted the future of businesses in Washington’s leading industries.


Agora Financial has mastered the art of providing an exceptional corporate culture. Unlike the typical cliché where a unique culture is barely standards away from typical cultures of operation, Agora Financial has crafted a new culture that challenges its employees to work better and more focused.

Growth and Expansion

For entrepreneurs, business professionals and prospective investors, Agora Financial is always prepared to provide you with quality publications to foster entrepreneurship and create a healthy economy in the world. That is why over the past few years, the company, under the management of its various leaders, has expanded its operations by opening offices in different cities and continents.