The Great Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb, the only key executive of Visium Asset Management who had remained stand still even when the company decided to wind down its business, has been the CIO of the company. Gottlieb has stood his ground and decided to stay like a captain who cannot abandon his sinking ship. Gottlieb founded the company back in 2005 and has been its CIO for these years even when it continues to wind down. The healthcare-focused hedge fund that Gottlieb and his 20 partners created was the perfect match for his experience in the medical and finance sector. After graduating from, Gottlieb felt more inclined to the finance sector and went on to look for a job on Wall Street. It is in 1998 that he landed a job at Sanford c. Bernstein & Co where he was the buy-side analyst and was in charge of the global healthcare. Later on, he left Sanford after spending several years there to pursue a healthcare career at Merlin BioMed Group. He did not stay for a long time at Merlin as he quickly moved to Balysany Asset Management (BAM). At BAM, Gottlieb was able to build up his reputation as well as with the team where he became a top earner. From there, Gottlieb and his team left the firm to start Visium with a seed capital of about 300 million dollars.

Visium at its peak had a hedge fund that amounted to about eight billion dollars. Visium announced in 2016 that it was in the process of winding down their business. Jacob Gottlieb has not been charged with any wrongdoing and for this reason; he has continued to serve as its CIO to date. Other executives who earlier served at Visium have however left. For instance, Joshua Brown, who was the partner and portfolio manager at the company for over ten years moved to Paulson & Co. the former COO of Visium, Steven KU went to NextGen Church in 2017 and became an executive minister. Ron Belldegrun who has been a part of the team went to establish Consumer Health Ventures (CHV) with his father who was Vision CEO. Neetu Dhaliwal who was Visium’s senior analyst joined the Hillary for America campaign in the year 2016.