Adam Goldenberg’s Successes

JustFab is one of the most popular online retailers that is available on the web. Each day, thousands of people join the site. Every day, even more people make the choice to order from the site. One of the things about JustFab that is great is the founder of the company and of the brand on Adam Goldenberg has worked with many different people to build up businesses but JustFab is one of the most successful ones that he has worked on and continues to be a success no matter what happens on the Internet or what other type of sites there are available for people who are on the Internet.

Adam Goldenberg has always been successful. At just 15, he started his own company. The company grew and flourished to a point where he was able to sell it off. He sold it to the Myspace parent company and it was syndicated with the Myspace model. It quickly became very popular and was something that everyone wanted to be able to get their hands on. When he sold it, Goldenberg was only building up capital for another business venture. He knew that he was going to be great at whatever he did.

When he began the next venture, Goldenberg was the youngest COO of any company. He was so young that, in fact, he had to have someone accompany him on business travel because of the age. He knew that he could make even more money than what he had originally made and he set off to become even more successful. He built his wealth with his second company and sold the company off. He wasn’t sure what his next business strategy on would be, but he knew that it had to be something big and something that would work well for him.

He met Don Ressler when he was doing business. The two quickly became friends and they made the decision to start JustFab. The company was something that the Internet had never seen before and something that they felt would take off really well. It did. It became one of the top retailers online in no time and continues to sit at that spot. It is a site that provides excellent options for women and something that most women do not have enough of: convenience. The brand behind JustFab is one that is intended for success and ease of use.

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