Sujit Choudhry; A man who has changed the concept of Law entirely

In lay man’s language, the comparative law can be defined as the study of the differences and similarities between legal and legislation rules of various countries or between two and more legal system. It is not a body of principles and standards as many people think but rather, it is a way of looking a problem critically. Comparative law is increasingly being used in various states by the country’s constitutional jurisdiction. Though the law majorly focuses on examining the differences and similarities of law between countries and legal system, it is sometimes difficult for professionals to accurately understand law from another state or legal tradition perspective. Knowing your countries law as a profession is one thing but understanding another countries law and their legal system is another different thing.

Sujit Choudhry is one person who is well known when it comes to comparative constitutional law and development. He is the founder of the world first university-based center, the Centre for Constitutional Transitions, which aims at generating and mobilizing knowledge to support constitutional building. All Sujit’s work addresses methodological questions all matters comparative constitutional law. On his perspective, he views constitutional design as the appropriate tool to manage all the transition from violence to democratic politics that are peaceful. This concept can be implemented mostly in ethnically divided societies and in cases where the rule needs to be changed from authoritarian to democratic.  See and read related articles here.

He has published various book chapters, articles, reports and working papers, explain his understanding of the comparative law. As said before, not many people including professionals can clearly understand comprehensively comparative law but Sujit Choudhry is exceptional, and this is what makes him recognized worldwide. He has worked in various institutions while holding different positions such as World Bank as a consultant. He also worked as a constitutional expert when it came to constitutional transitions in Libya, Tunisia. Jordan, Egypt, Nepal and Sri Lanka. He was once a Professor of Law at NYU School of Law and chaired the faculty of law at the University of Toronto.


All that he has achieved was possible through attaining the required education and his work experience. He earned his Degree in Law from Oxford University that gave him the knowledge he implements today in his day to day activities.

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Important Aspects of Goettl Air Conditioning

Servicing Phoenix, Tucson and the Las Vegas markets with air conditioning, Goettl is a business with vast experience. Since its establishment in 1939, it has been offering efficient services that are satisfying to customer.

Services Offered

Goettl does both commercial and residential air conditioning services which include installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of indoor air equipment. The company also deals with other systems such as humidifiers and dust cleaners. Goettl ensures each customer receives the best equipment by recommending high quality air conditioning machines. With such devotion, the service providers have developed a high flying reputation in America.

Goettl ensures customers are satisfied in having suitable conditions at home by offering exceptional heating services. The company sets up heaters (HVAC) and also frequently inspects them as part of maintenance to ensure they are in their right condition. Roofs and attics are inspected to ensure they are properly sealed to prevent excess heat from entering your house. Cost is never a problem because the company not only offers pocket friendly prices but also recommends the best quality materials that last for long. Other services offered include lighting, ventilation and distribution of UV germicidal lights.

Through its partner company, The Sunny Plumber, the business also provides plumbing and draining services. Goettl is an all-round service provision company that ensures your home is safe and secure. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the popularity of this company has grown even on social media sites.

Follow Goettl on Twitter.

Social Media Presence

Goettl has a well developed and managed website, and a very influential Facebook page. The Facebook page has a huge following, and the company uses this platform to reach out to its customers. Through social sites, the business is well advertised and marketed to a wide population. Other than that, the Facebook account is used for customer care services. Customers queries are solved within the shortest time possible.

The Former Hawks Ownership Company Sues Hampshire insurance Firm for Breach of Contract

Bruce Levenson is an American serial Entrepreneur. He is a prominent philanthropist in the United States and the former NBA Team Owner. He is also the co-founder of the Hawks Atlanta which operates and owns the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. ESPN adds Bruce Levenson is the current serving Hawks Governor and a member of the Governing body of NBA since 2014. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group. He is also the founder and board member of TechTarget. This is an Information Technology media conglomerate.

Bruce Levenson was born in a Jewish family based in Washington, D.C. he spent much of his early childhood time in Maryland. He went to the University of Washington graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law. While at the American University, he studied Journalism and information technology. He commenced his journalism career at the Washington Star while attending a law school during the evening hours. Levenson is also an active philanthropist. More of his charity work cvan be found on

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company, the Former NBA franchise team, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Insurance Company over the breach of contract and bad insurance faith. The claims were made by the former manager, Danny Ferry, in the state courts.

The former ownership group of the Hawks included the managing partner Bruce Levenson. The litigation had nothing to do with the current management of the company under ( Tony Ressler. The litigation, filed in the Fulton County Superior Court in September, was meant to report and demand compensation from the Hampshire Insurance Company over contract breach. The former Hawks management group, led by Danny Ferry, describes a civil lawsuit for bad insurance faith. Under their agreement with the insurance form, the group was covered for individual acts including workplace torts and wrongful termination of a career. According to the presented documents in court, AHBE gave the insurance company a notice of the covered claims.

The Hawks and Ferry reached an agreement in 2015. The ended relationship was a six-year contract that covered a sum of over $18 million in 2012. The franchise sale approval to the Ressler-led company arrived two days later. According to the current Hawks spokesman, the litigation has nothing to do with the current ownership.


GEORGE SOROS: Trump Is A Con Man And He Will Fail And These Times Are Not Business As Usual. Wishing You the Best in a Troubled World

Addressing the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on, George Soros the hedge fund billionaire cautioned that Donald Trump was an extortionist who might turn into a dictactor on the off chance that he could escape with it. “Trump is a conman and in any case, he is just a would-be dictator, however due to the reason am sure that the Constitution and the United States institutions are sufficiently solid – the division of force is in operation, but unfortunately if he gets away with it, he would become a dictator” said George Soros.

Soros believe that in foreign policies Trump has more prominent forces compared to domestic policy on, but thinks Congress will be a rampart securing its rights, and when Trump exceeds the stamp, they will battle back. What’s more, in case they have a bipartisan coalition, they will really prevail to constraining him. Well before Donald Trump was the President elect of the United States, George Soros sent holiday greetings to his companions that read: These circumstances are not the same we are used to. Wishing you the best in a world that is troubled. According to Soros, there was a great need to share the message with the world now.

“I think Trump will allow to make China worthy as a spearheading part of the universal group than the Chinese could do without anyone else’s input,” George Soros on Politico. According to Soros, Trump will be a failure in office since he asserts that the ideas and plans that Trump has upheld are opposing, and hypothesizing individuals will battle against the new president when he exceeds his limits. Soros additionally anticipated that the present market quality in the U.S. would likely not last long in the first term of Trump’s ruling – that is 45th president first term saying, “At this moment, instability is at its pinnacle, and vulnerability is the adversary of long haul investment”.

The cabinet picks speculated this instability as per Soros who said that there would likely be consistent infighting among the inward hover of the Trump bureau. Soros then turned his consideration into the present condition of the European Union (EU) and the outcomes of the Brexit vote in June a year ago. He asserted that individuals in Europe have turned out to be distanced and that Europe overall had turned out to be excessively confused.

He named the ascent of populist groups like the German Alternative for Germany (AfD) or France’s Front National as “against European” and guaranteed that Europe was currently going the wrong way. With respect to Brexit on Forbes, he said that both the EU and UK must get a common ground and in case of any breakup, both sides would get hurt. The transactions would likely be a long procedure, he accepts, however said citizens will meet up when they understand they are heading in the wrong bearing.

Regarding the matter of Prime Minister Theresa May, Soros anticipated her term as pioneer of the administration that would still not last. Saying the UK masses was “willfully ignorant”; he said that when the financial circumstance exacerbates then the general population of the UK will change their character. According to Soros, UK could effortlessly rejoin the EU without involving the current Prime Minister.

Eric Lefkofsky -Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Known as an excellent entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky has been making an impact in the business world for many years. The CEO and co-founder of the healthcare company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has had an intricate in many major companies including Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings and Lightbank. Outside of his achievements as an entrepreneur, Lefkofsky has become well respected for his tremendous philanthropic efforts which are second to almost none. His talents and abilities are widespread along with the impact he has had. (See article:


Lefkofsky is a graduate from the University of Michigan where he earned a degree at the University of Michigan Law School. He began his career simply working as a carpenter. He later borrowed money for his first business adventure, his company Brandon Apparel. This was a company he created with his longtime friend Brad Keywell. The two would go on to start an early Internet company called Starbelly. This company had a lot of early success. In the early 200’s this duo created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics. They were quite successful here attracting one of the largest technology investors in the country, New Enterprise Associates in 2006.


Stated in this site:, the biggest company Lefkofsky was involved with was Groupon. In 2007 he helped to provide more than one million dollars in funds to create, which became Groupon quickly gained popularity and in 2010 was reported by Forbes as the fastest growing company in history. The company grew so large that in 2010 Google offered a reported $6 billion to buy Groupon. The offer was turned down, and Groupon would go own to raise more than $950 million in private funding just the following year.


Eric Lefkofsky success extends beyond just building businesses. He and his wife, created the Lefkofsky Foundation which supports charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes around the world. He is a well known for his giving efforts. Furthrmore he is a great teacher and has worked as an adjunct professor. Lefkofsky’s work is admired and respected by many.



How Mark Sparks Is Supporting The Growth Of Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a field that rewards effort and some ventures require a lot of patience before real results are recorded. Many people fail in entrepreneurship for the simple fact they want to rush ideas when this is a field where you have to follow steps strictly before you get to the top of the ladder.

Business when successful is very rewarding and offers one the strength to view other opportunities better and to create ideas that can help in the execution of strategies. Young entrepreneurs are among people who suffer while managing businesses because most of them lack the experience and skills to venture into a competitive field.

Supporting young talent

However, Mark Sparks has been offering support to such individuals to ensure their ideas do not die out due to lack of essentials like funding and skills. His career has been a road of discovery and the things he learnt in the more than 30 years have placed him at a better position of offer young entrepreneurs a chance to progress and advance their careers.

He launched his business eyeing growth and it seems his dream was achieved long ago. He runs a group of companies and venture capitals that are today supporting the development of young entrepreneurs.

To help these young entrepreneurs, Mark Sparks allows them to receive the support they need to set up their businesses. This support comes in the form of advice and ideas that can help them improve their plans and draft new strategies of confronting the market.

Another challenge upcoming entrepreneurs suffer is lack of capital, which is an essential part of building a successful business. His venture capitals have also been inviting successful investors, who review the ideas that are presented by investors then they choose the ones that have potential to grow and overcome the challenges in the market.

Giving to the community

Many entrepreneurs who run successful ventures also take part in the development of structures that help to uplift the social well-being of people. Mark Sparks has been among those who set a budget to support the needy and those who lack the basic amenities that can help them to advance in their lives.

He is a member of several communities that offer support to the needy and to make the process easier, he founded The Samaritan Inn, through which he has been offering support to the homeless in Texas and neighboring regions.

Securus Technologies Is A Security Technology Leader

The technology innovations that have occurred over the past 20 years have changed many aspects of daily life for millions of people. Technology has made many things possible today that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. The technology innovations that have occurred in recent years have made it possible for the world to become a mobile world. People can use technology almost anywhere.


One of the areas where technology has made a significant impact is in the area of security. One of the main reasons why technology innovations have made such an impact in the area of security is because many of the recent innovations have improved many technologies that are used in security. Technology regarding cameras and video have been improved by recent technology innovations. Also, security related communications have been improved with recent technology innovations.


With the technology innovations that have occurred, there have been many technology companies that have contributed to the technology innovations. In addition, there are numerous technology companies that have taken the technology innovations and developed or enhance the innovations to work with security technology. One of the technology companies that has provided various security technology to the public is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that understands all the various aspects of security. The company is able to use this understanding to develop security technology that provides what its customers need. Recently Securus Technologies sent out a press release that contained many comments from customers of Securus Technologies. The comments were about the security technology that the organizations used provided by Securus Technologies.


The comments offered various examples of how the technology provided by Securus Technologies helped the security staff within the organizations to recognize potential security problems that might have otherwise gone undetected.


Securus Technologies  provides an array of technology related products and services to organizations in the investigations, law enforcement, corrections, and public safety markets.

Chris Burch’s insights on future tech fashion trends

Chris Burch is one of the most leading investors and fashion experts with a personal fortune of billions. He is mostly known as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital as well as Co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine for his achievements and expertise in the arena of investment and fashion as well as brand development. Also, he also has a keen interest in technology as well. In a recent article on, he has given some interesting insights on future tech fashion trends.



According to Chris Burch, both fashion and technology has been evolving together and shaping each other in a mutual arrangement. In his article, he pointed out a number examples from the past where we can see that a number of times technology has transformed into fashion and fashion became technological. It is the same way; a bulky boom box has transformed into a fashionable MP3 player. It’s actually the fashion designers who are always obsessed with innovation and functionality and trying to create a what their customers are looking for. This is what helps experts like Chris to predict the future trends in tech fashion.



There are a number of possible trends that we can expect in the near future. One of those is the increasing popularity of recycling. Now designers are coming up with intuitive fashion accessories and clothes through recycled materials. An example of this is SegraSegra who came up with jackets and t-shirts from recycled bicycle tubes. In addition to that, designers will shift their focus to using technology in fashion to deliver something safe for their clients such as the Airbag for Cyclists by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin that pops up out of the neckwear. In addition to that, we will also see a trend where fashion and technology will be combined together to energy as well. Soledad Martin, a popular fashion designer, has already come up with a shoe prototype that can charge a cell through kinetic energy.



Chris also hopes that in future we will see a better and stronger synergy between technology and fashion. In the past, fashion designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg who helped to popularize new technologies such as Google Glass and the trend will intensify in future for sure. According to Chris, both technology and fashion influenced each other in the past and the same trend will continue in future at an accelerated rate.



What Sort Of Projects Does Sam Boraie Work On With His Father?

Omar Boraie and his son Sam have worked on projects around New Jersey for many years, and Sam has worked his way through the company to become the vice president. This article explains how Sam is taking over the operations of the family business while creating beautiful development projects in New Jersey. Their company is based in New Brunswick, but as Yahoo says it has reach across the state.

#1: What Are The Projects Like?

Development projects from Boraie Development take over large areas that may be developed into something new. Old buildings will be quite beautiful, and the new developments may encompass many different things. The Boraie family does quite a lot of work, and they have built areas that will be quite exciting for the local community. Someone who was sitting in a community that did not serve them will find all that they need when Boraie is done with their work.

#2: How Long Do Development Projects Last?

Sam and his father have built many different projects that are all layered upon one another, and each of them offers a new sort of living situation and work situation. According to the New York Times, the buildings in each area are grown for the benefit of the community, and they are built on a mixed-use principle that will help the community come together. They will live together, work together and play together in the same place.

#3: How Does The Family Manage Each Community

There are quite a few people who are living in developments still managed by Boraie Development, and Sam ensures every building is handled properly. He takes the rent payments for each of the properties, and he ensures the communities are managed well no matter the situation. He will help tenants with customer service, and he manages tenant payments and their rent levels.

It is quite important that everyone who wishes to live in a fine community comes to a place that was built by the Boraie family. Sam has become one of the leaders of the company, and he has ensured the building they manage are updated and constructed in the proper fashion.

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Maggie Gill Partners With Eon for a Healthier Society

Maggie Bags CEO Position


If there is a woman young girls can look up to, it has to Maggie Hill. Maggie has garnered a lot of experience through her career. She currently serves as the President of Memorial Health. Also, she is the Chief Executive Officer of the facility, her roles being running the day to day activities. Memorial Health is a medical facility with over 604 beds for patients. Abbreviated as MUMC, the University of Memorial Medical Centre offers services to all patients across South East Georgia and Southern Carolina. Having joined the facility in 2004, Maggie was appointed the Vice President. Her roles revolved around care and finance control. She was later elevated to Chief Operating Officer within a year. In 2011, Maggie’s position was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and President.


Career and Education


Before joining Memorial Health, Gill was the Senior Financial Officer of Florida Health System located in South Tenet. She was an employee of Coral Gables Hospital and North Shore Hospital located in Miami. Gill also worked for Palmetto Hospital located in Hialeah. Before her roles in the listed medical facilities, Gill went to the Florida State University where she acquired a Bachelor’s degree and later an MBA from the University of Saint Leo. Being a studious lady, Gill attended the Wharton School for critical thinking and managerial courses.


Roles at MUMC


With her enormous experience in the medical field, Maggie controls the trauma department, corporate communications, orthopaedic programs, Memorial Health Department of Physicians and Neuroscience. She is also in charge of Heart and Vascular School, financial assistance department, internal audit and government relations. Gill offers leadership skills for both junior and superior staff in the health facility. In 2016, she was featured in the Chief Executive Officer categories in the health care system.


MUMC Healthcare Plan


In 2016, MUMC joined Eon in the objective to offer a new Medical Plan for the residents of South Carolina and Georgia. The healthcare plan featured affordable pharmaceutical costs in addition to medical bills. The program was accessible to all patients since 2016, which marked its commencement year. With the plan, patients with chronic and terminal illnesses enjoy the program of special needs programs. Maggie continues to promise her full involvement in developing more Medicare Advantage Plans for the residents in the bid to fight disease and protect health. She continues to partner with Eon and other health organizations to offer medical insurance plans for a healthier society.