Andrew Rolfe Career Success and His Involvement in the Ubuntu Fund

Summary on Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund was founded in 1999 by Jacob and Banks. At the time, it was just a small charity group, whose main focus was on educational tools. However, the fund has now expanded its focus to more serious issues such as; Hunger and HIV. Their focus is not limited only to these two. They handle, a lot of issues affecting the society especially in Africa. Ubuntu held a Fund charity gala in London and managed to raise 603,000 pounds. The fund was led by Andrew Rolfe, who is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. The event took place in order to help raise money for disadvantaged children in Africa. The money raised will go to Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa.

The Ubuntu Fund gala was attended by London’s philanthropists and well-known socialites. One of the recipients of the Ubuntu Fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani, got the chance to share her inspiring story. Through Ubuntu Fund, she has become an inspiration to others because of her success.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe has a master’s degree in Business Economics from Harvard Business School. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oxford. He is currently working as the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, and also works as a managing director at Tower Book Capital Partners.

Profession and Career

Before his position as the director of Tower Book Capital Partners, Mr. Rolfe had previously worked as the President of Gap Inc. International. He had also worked as the Chairman and CEO of Pret A Manger, Rolfe was the Chief Executive Officer of Booker Food service. Before this, he had worked with PepsiCo Inc., where he had held several senior positions. His Career path has been extensive and has led him to work with some of the biggest and well-recognized companies in the market.

His most recognized work is the great work he is doing running the Ubuntu Fund. Through his leadership, the fund is now able to promote household stability. The fund now supports 2,000 children and has helped to reduce HIV infections.

Jennifer Walden: Texan Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

Are you in need of plastic surgery? Have you ever heard of the superb and astonishing Jennifer Lee Walden from Austin, Texas? Well, she is a plastic surgeon and founder of her own surgery center known as Walden Cosmetics. Walden is known for developing amazing technologies in her practice. She utilizes Vectra, a technique that uses imaging technology that shows a patient’s appearance right before the surgery. Walden has also created tools that can make it easier when performing breast surgery. Patients are always satisfied with the results because they come out exactly how Walden says they would come out.

Her success did not come easily because her education is a key factor that catapulted her into the surgeon that she is today. After graduating from Anderson High School, she attended the University of Texas and acquired her degree in Biology. Walden was always a persistent and brilliant student when it came to her studies. She always asked questions whenever she did not understand a certain topic when discussing class topics. Going through her education, she obtained certain skills that assisted her to talk professionally and boost her confidence so that she becomes the very best person when she graduates from college. Click here to know more.

After obtaining her degree, she applied to wonderful University of Texas Medical Branch. After finishing her residency at that hospital, she acquired a fellowship at Manhattan Eye Hospital. Later on, in 2014, she decided to come back home and open up her own practice because she wanted to be on her own. She was so proud because she gained fame from her patients and even had interviews on television. She has come out on Fox and ABC news, where she talks about her innovative techniques and how she presents the best results in her field using those exact techniques.


Mike Baur’s Background And Success With The Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur considers the Fribourg in Switzerland his home because he has strong connections to the region. He has been fascinated with the subjects of finance and banking since he was a teenager. He achieved great personal satisfaction when he turned his early passion into his profession.


Mike Baur worked in the industry of private Swiss banking for nearly twenty years and began as a commercial apprentice. Hard work promoted him to an executive board member at one of the larger private banks in Switzerland. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 and founded the Swiss Start Up Factory with the assistance of two partners. The company has become the number one ranked private and independently financed Startup Accelerator throughout Switzerland.


Mike Baur spends a lot of his time in entrepreneurship with Swiss youths. As a mentor he lends his support and financial aid to Swiss startups. He attended the University of Rochester New York where he earned his MBA and achieved his Executive MBA at the University of Bern.


The Swiss Start Up Factory has a mission. They provide Swiss, talented, young entrepreneurs with an execution platform designed to be professional and provide guidance. The platform helps to guide them with a process that is business driven and dedicated with ambitious milestones.


The three month accelerator program provides services, financing, mentoring, coaching, an investor network and office space for startups. Individuals share and create priceless connections. The Swiss Start Up Factory offers affordably priced desks, conference rooms, office space, lunch room, film studio, welcome area, free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso bar, storage space, fitness rooms and so much more. Their services include invoice management, bookkeeping, payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, financial statements, financial and progress health reviews, cash flow reports and customized packaged specifically designed for each clients needs.


Mike Baur is best known as an entrepreneur and a businessman. His twenty year banking career including working at the UBS and the Clariden Leu. He left the banking world and started investing in startup companies before the Swiss Startup Factory began in 2014. His partners in the venture were Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He attended the START Summiteer as a member of the jury for a pitching contest for the University of St. Gallen.


Mike Baur began working as the deputy managing director for CTI Invest after the partnership between the Swiss Start Up Factory and CTI. His early career, entrepreneurship and the Swiss Start Up Factory have been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

How Classdojo Has Been Adopted In Classrooms Around The World



Classdojo is an exciting app which is being used in schools across the United States and internationally. This app is available on both the iTunes store as well as the Google Play Store. The app enables teachers, parents, and student a way to stay easily in touch which can drastically help students learn.

As the people behind Classdojo indicate, there is no such thing as a perfect classroom. Each class is going to have different needs and priorities. Classdojo can help develop a great classroom that fits the needs of the community invested in it. Teachers can easily share classroom activities with parents by using the app. The app enables them to send text, video, and photos to the parents which communicate what’s going on in class and what their child has created. The parents can also communicate with the teachers easily which is a drastic improvement over the once or twice a year parent-teacher conferences of the old days.

Since the app was released, Classdojo is now used in 90% of K-8 schools across the nation. It has also been adapted to support foreign languages and so it is now used in more than 180 countries. As 20% of the team behind the app came have a background in teaching they know what teachers need in order to build a classroom that provides an effective and quality education.

The Classdojo app has been featured on different forms of media since its release. It has also won several awards including the Education Innovation Award that was given to Classdojo in 2011 by NBC Today. In 2016, Fast Company gave Classdojo their Innovation by Design Award as well as being on their 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year.