Kulfi Ice Cream Comes To NYC

A very new and unique form of ice cream that is popular in India is hitting the streets of New York City in its massive competition for the best ice cream around. Most shops and restaurants in New York City have been attempting to make themselves known for their frozen treats, and especially with summer already here it’s not hard to see why that would be the case. Summer is humid, hot, and just sticky so there is nothing better than a delicious ice cream.

Babu Ji grew up eating Kulfi, which is a very dense but amazing kind of ice cream that comes from his native India. He even brought back the molds from the country to make these treats which his mother and grandmother always used to have for him. It also takes nearly a whole day to prepare these ice cream treats because the milk process is hard, it has to be boiled and then brought to room temp and then refrigerated for almost 12 hours. Right now Babu Ji is only making one flavor that is kind of pistachio-like, but according to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street he plans to make a chai one later with ginger, as well as incorporate local fruits into the deal as well. Gianfrancesco Genoso points out that it could be just what the great NYC needs this summer and for years to come too.

Any Chocolate is Good for Your Heart

It has been known for some time that flavanoids in dark chocolate are good for the heart, but it has recently been learned that milk chocolate is good for you too. University of Aberdeen experts have been studying more than 20,000 people. The age group chosen for the study are those in the middle-age group and the elderly. In comparing people who ate no chocolate and those who ate any chocolate, including milk chocolate, those who ate chocolate had 23 percent reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

The quality of chocolate plays a big role in how healthy it is. Twitter.com caught word from Beneful that if you are consuming a caramel, salted, sugary chocolate bar, for example, the sugar and other ingredients may negate the good quality of chocolate. Try to choose chocolate that has been minimally processed. Cocoa that has been alkalized to reduce acidity has fewer flavanoids than cocoa that has not been. The fat in chocolate is as healthy as olive oil and has not been found to increase cholesterol.

It is important to remember to eat other healthy foods such as apples, cranberries, tea and onions as these also contain healthy flavanoids. Eating anything in excess can lead to health problems so to keep your heart at its healthiest, eat well, the Cleveland Clinic advises.

Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

Everyone would love and excuse to eat more chocolate. And now, thanks to this article, you have one! Not only can you eat more chocolate, but you should. Studies have found that increasing your chocolate intake to a moderate amount can provide many health benefits.

The largest benefit of eating chocolate is the benefit to your heart. Those that consume up to one chocolate bar daily were at an eleven percent lesser risk of having a heat attack, the study showed.

Another major benefit to eating chocolate is a decreased risk of a stroke stated UOL.com. The same study looked at thousands of elderly people– both those who did, and did not, consumer chocolate. It found that those that ate approximately one bar of chocolate per day also had a twenty-three percent lower risk of having a stroke.

Scientists do not know, for sure, that the chocolate itself is what provides the health benefits. Those that consumed more chocolate tended to be younger, have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), a smaller weight to hip ratio and commit to more vigorious activity.

The study questioned if chocolate provided major health benefits or if those who consumed chocolate were happier and more likely to perform physical activity that would keep them healthy. Avid chocolate lovers would love to believe that it’s the chocolate itself that is keeping them healthy but the happiness that their beloved chocolate brings them just might be what’s causing all of the health benefits.

Nuts May Keep You Healthy

Do you love nuts? Are they one of your favorite foods? If so, then you may be healthier than a lot of people. A new study has found that eating nuts may keep you healthy. It has found that eating nuts may keep you from getting many different diseases. So, if you love nuts, go ahead and eat a lot of them. They may just be keeping you healthy.
If you are not a big fan of nuts, then it might be time that you tried them again thinks Ivan Ong. If you don’t like them plain, then try some recipes that take them. Try them out until you find a way that you can eat them and love them. If nuts can really keep you from getting many different kinds of diseases, as the study suggests, then it will be worth eating them in the end. You’ll be glad that you have have started to eat them.

Ben and Jerry’s Announce New Flavor

If dairy-free is how you live then you will be happy to here about the new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream coming out; although spokesperson Kelly Mohr wouldn’t give any specific dates, it is rumored to be in stores in the Spring of 2016 shared Steve Murray of Ben and Jerrys. They will be releasing a vegan ice cream where either almond or coconut milk will be the substitute.

Ben and Jerry’s fans have been asking for something new like this for quite some time and with the huge rise in vegan everything now-a-days, this is the perfect time! In the US there are vegan ice cream substitutes from smaller, less well-known, companies but Ben & Jerry’s will be first mainstream company that will do that. Ben and Jerry’s have always maintained their passion for the planet so it is no surprise that they have found an alternative to using dairy in there new ice cream.

Bernado Chua Brings You Gourmet Coffee and Teas

Are you looking for a great cup of coffee or tea? Are you tired of sipping the cheap stuff? Are you ready to finally enjoy your cup of morning coffee — and feel great? If you want to add an elevated taste to your breakfast or afternoon snack – plus reap health benefits – then it’s time to learn about Bernardo Chua and his gourmet coffee and tea line.

Who is Bernardo Chua? He is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a global network marketing company selling gourmet products such as coffee, tea, personal care products and other certified organic products that are infused with a special herb used throughout Chinese history. Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Organo Gold has its headquarters. The company offers its diverse product line — including not only gourmet coffee and teas but also personal hygiene products such as vitamins, toothpaste and more — to consumers in Canada and the United States through a special club called the Coffee Connoisseur Club. Anyone can become part of the Coffee Connoisseur Club and sell Chua’s products to friends and family members as an official distributor of the products. In addition, Bernardo Chua has expanded the enterprise in more than 39 countries, most recently in Turkey.

Chua touts the health benefits of its products because they use a mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum, according to an article in evictorynews. This mushroom was used in ancient Chinese medicine practices.

Chua has partnered with a scientific advisory board tasked with infusing all of Organo Gold’s products – from coffee to vitamins to toothpaste – with Ganoderma Lucidum. Among those on the board is Dr. Irma Prado, a chief medical consultant and physician, and Li Ye, the founder and CEO of one of Organo Gold’s company partners — Xianzhilou Biology Research Corporation located in Fujian, China. Together, these partners are bringing 100% certified organic Ganoderma to people all over the world.

If you are ready to try something new in your morning breakfast, then it may be time to give Organo Gold products a try. The best part about Chua’s line of products is that they are diverse. There is a certified organic Ganoderma product for many of your everyday activities — from drinking breakfast tea to brushing your teeth. Give Chua’s products a try and decide for yourself how you feel each day. Find out more information on Bernardo Chua’s Facebook or simply follow him on twitter!

Source- youtube.com   OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention.


Donut Sandwich

National doughnut day has come and gone, but the memories and impressions that is has left behind will surely stick around for a while. After all, it seems that typical doughnut flavors may soon becoming a thing of the past. Doughnut shops all over the world would offer an array of chocolate, vanilla, sprinkles, custard filled, you name it! There were always so many options…usually those options just revolved around what type of frosting or sprinkle would grace your donuts.

Well, now it seems the options are getting overwhelming and strange. According to Eater, one restaurant created quite the concoction that hopefully will never be seen again. Philadelphia’s Mac Mart food truck decided to put bacon, and mac and cheese between two donuts! It seems like one of those foods that are so bizarre, you just have to try it. And by try it – hopefully only once before it gets grossly overwhelming. National doughnut day is a good day to get creative chef Steve Murray adds, but other than that I cannot see a mac and cheese bacon doughnut selling. The calories in that thing alone are probably enough to put you over the limit for the day.

So, this doughnut might have been a rare treat for those who love mac and cheese and bacon. For the rest of the people, however, in the world it was probably something that was to be avoided. A bite of one probably wouldn’t kill you though.

Why Savy Shoppers Choose Beneful Brand

When dog owners want an affordable food for their pets that is also healthy for them, they turn to the Beneful brand. The Beneful line of wet and dry dog food is a great tasting meal that is only made from the most wholesome of ingredients. Not only will your dog crave the delicious tasting food choices from Beneful, you can rest assured knowing that they are getting all-natural ingredients in their daily diet that will help them long-term.

Why Choose Beneful Dog Food?
With over 20 different varieties of Beneful dog food to choose from, you dog will simply love the unique blends of proteins of pork, chicken, lamb, or beef. The textures of the wet dog food are a delicious blend of thinly sliced or hearty chunks. You and your dog can see all those healthy ingredients bursting from the bowl. In addition to all those nutritious proteins, you will see healthy vegetables like barley, rice, carrots, and green beans in each can. The food comes packages in large 10 ounce resealable containers and smaller sized 1 ounce packets.

Beneful Brand Baked Dog Treats
When it comes time to reward your special dog for something he did good or for training purposes, take advantage of the all unique oven-baked Beneful dog treats. These treats are baked with a unique combination of wholesome ingredients and flavor bursting textures. One of the reasons your dog will not be able to resist these treats, they are baked in either a light and airy cracker style, or the more traditional shortbread cracker. Both are surely to become your pets absolute favorite new snack, both delicious tasting and good for them too.

Dog owners today are making the smart choice to buy Beneful brand dog food, a delicious tasting style food that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The all natural ingredients and bursting with the flavors that your dog simply craves, and with 20 different varieties to choose, they will never get bored of the same old dog food each and every day. Each time that you prepare a meal for you dog, you know you are getting a balanced nutritious meal that includes omega rich ingredients and antioxidants. Regardless if you choose the wet or dry dog food, or the dog snacks, you are making the wise decision so many other pet owners are now making, ensuring your dog live a longer and healthier life.

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Save Our Swirled

More so than just being a snack that many turn too, that little container of ice cream has done many other things. It’s mended broken hearts, it’s comforted tears, and it’s been there for a person after going through a tough time. Ben & Jerry’s will soon be able to add “saving the planet” to that list of accomplishments in their repertoire.

According to Grubstreet Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor coming out, and it’s all about bringing climate change awareness. The newest flavor will be called Save Our Swirled and it’s been created as part of a partnership with an environmental advocacy group. The ice cream of course has a title that gets you thinking about the environment, but it goes beyond that. Each pint of ice cream will have information on the container about an online petition that has to do with global warming.

So if the environment is your thing, or global warming is your thing, like James Dondero says it is for him, on his linkedin profile – pick up a carton! Before you do that however, you are probably wondering what’s in it.It’s raspberry ice cream that has raspberry swirls, marshmallow, and little ice cream cones. It sounds pretty tasty, but more than that it’s actually doing some good out there in the world.

A New Eco Flavor Of Ben & Jerry’s: Save Our Swirled

Everyone at TechCrunch and Skout are excited because the ever popular brand of Ice Cream “Ben & Jerry’s” is on a new mission now: to help the planet that we live on and assist it in continuing to thrive. This new flavor is going to be called “Save Our Swirled” and it will be forming a partnership with some environmental groups such as Tesla Motors and Avaaz.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Grubstreet.com, the flavor will be similar to something like dark and white chocolate fudge ice cream with cone bits, raspberry ice cream, raspberry swirls and also some marshmallow stuff. Apparently it will have an interesting feature and if it melts down it will say at the bottom that if it’s melted it is ruined, which is their message to people about how global warming is going to affect the Earth.

It is good that big companies like this one work hard to use their fame and popularity to change the world for the better. After all, people like to take other’s advice and listen so this is a great way to send that message out. I am sure that this summer with the heat months coming up there are going to be a lot of fans of this new flavor, and it is awesome that the company is always coming up with relative titles and new tastes to their ice cream that they make around the world.