Cassio Audi – Music and More


Cassio Audi, renowned financial management executive from Brazil, has quite an early music career history as a past member of a band called Viper, which was very active in the ’80s and ’90s. The band was famous for pop and rock songs and even released a few albums and solos. It was formed in 1985; Audi was the drummer from its initial days. In 1987, Viper released the first official album – called Soldiers of Sunrise; it became a massive success in Brazil. In 1989, the band released Theatre of Fate, which showcased the band’s classical touch with its best lyrics and an introduction to classical music.

Viper’s known for mixing metal and classic music to form progressive metal and neo-classical songs that attracted many across South America. The band’s third album was named Evolution, and it was released in 1992, following hard rock styles with influences from classical tastes. During the band’s later stages, Audi found himself only partially cooperating with his band, due to a new financial career. However, he sometimes finds the time to spend with colleagues and test his drum skills. His passion for music and finances still equal.


Finances and More

Audi has two decades’ experience in the financial industry and first began his career with a global banking firm – JP Morgan Chase – as a trade assistant. He then worked multiple companies in different industries – like GMVI, Gillette, Dow Chemicals, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., Rossi Residential and Commercial Properties. He then obtained his BA from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and later earned an MBA from the Universidade de São Paulo. He’s primarily known for his critical thinking, strategic planning, team leadership, and organizational skills – which first helped him become highly successful.

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Andrew Rolfe And His Expert Leadership Of The Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe began his work with the Ubuntu Fund when he became the CEO, and he is now searching for as much funding as possible for this educational organization. Someone who is in need of a better school for their children in South Africa may approach the Ubuntu Fund, and they will find that the charity gives children every opportunity to improve. This article explains how Andrew Rolfe runs one of the largest education funds in the world.

#1: Limitless Giving

Limitless giving is the new mantra at the Ubuntu Fund, and the people who give to this charity are asked to put no limits on their money. Andrew Rolfe prefers to have freedom to help as many children as possible with each gift, and he believes that children will learn much more when they are in his schools.

#2: Advancing Child Progress

Children believe that they may have bette lives if they reach their goal of going to college, and they are given opportunities that help them prepare for school. A child who is not trained well enough for college often falls through the cracks, and they are stuck in schools that may not help them. A child who comes to the Ubuntu Fund schools will be pleased to know that their teachers are focused on college.

#3: The Whole Country Is Served

The Ubuntu Fund serves the whole of the nation, and it has created many lovely learning opportunities for kids who wish to learn. Children are given many places to go that will serve their interests, and they are allowed to learn about a field that may be their major in college. Andrew Rolfe wishes to help children learn what they love, and they will begin to study that more closely.

The best schools in South Africa are run by the Ubuntu Fund, and a child who comes to one of these schools will feel much better about their educational prospects. These children are given every opportunity by Andrew Rolfe to improve, and they are sent to schools by the Ubuntu Fund that will enliven them and their families.

Honey Birdette Will Spice up Your Life

Honey Birdette has just launched its new site in order to keep yup with the demand for its lingerie items form its US customers. Honey Birdette, which was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, has experienced a 374% increase in sales in just 12 months from its US customers and has created a new site to give them an even better shopping experience. The new site will offer not only a wider range of selection but also faster shipping, easier returns, and frees shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is thinking of expanding into the US and has already expanded into the uK with boutiques located in London’s Covent Garden, and two more located in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and one in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette has plans t add 40 additional stores by the end of next year and already has locations picked out in Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette already has 55 boutiques in Australia and is even planning to expand its market into Europe in the near future.

Honey Birdette has grown popular very quickly and is always adding new collections to keep things spicy and exciting. Honey Birdette has been created because of a couple of friends that were sick of the lack of lingerie choices available n the market. They decided to change that and they did.

Honey Birdette has a wide range of sexy items to choose form whether you shop their sensual boutiques or you shop their online stores. You will find everything you will need and may even find something new that you will want to try out. Whether you are looking to add some extra sparks to your relationship or you want to rekindle an old flame, you will find what you need at a Honey Birdette.

How hands-on learning and fun has helped Success Academy avoid public school problems

When you hear anything about a Success Academy school, you will often hear how high their students’ test scores are, and how few discipline problems they have. Considering many public schools in New York City have low test scores and out-of-control discipline problems, you are probably wondering how does Success Academy do it?


How do they avoid the problems public schools usually have, and how have they helped their students excel?


Hands-on learning and fun — Success Academy’s philosophy is to introduce a strict and rigorous curriculum to their students at a very young age but, while doing so, also make it fun to learn.


They manage that by having their students involved in hands-on learning for most of each day, and by making what they learn fun.


So, while other public school students in New York learn about science by listening to a teacher speak, Success Academy students learn by dissecting squids, programming the software for a working robot or conducting experiments and then looking at the results like a real scientist would.


This hands-on learning is carried over into every subject at a Success Academy school. As learning is fun, and students are encouraged to get involved, to problem solve and to learn critical thinking while they are doing so, instead of fooling around in class, Success Academy students are working hard.


As activities are fun at school as well, Success Academy students go to school every day as, if they do not, they know they may miss something interesting.


Discipline is also key — Even though learning is looked at as being fun, however, Success Academy schools still have strict guidelines for how their students are expected to behave.


Arriving on time is key, as is arriving wearing appropriate clothing for school. Paying attention in class, working on projects and not letting others do their work for them, is also expected. As is hard work in every subject they take.


If students arrive at school in inappropriate clothes, do not work hard, or act up in class, the consequences can be quite severe.


With just this mix of making education fun, and instilling respect in their students for good behavior and hard work, Success Academy has been able to help a large percentage of their students get test scores that were otherwise unheard of from public school students.