Ben and Jerry Go on the Record to Say They’d Support a Marijuana-infused Ice Cream, but the Company Won’t

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the men behind Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream went on the record with the Huffington Post to say they would be behind a marijuana-infused ice cream, wherever marijuana is legal.

According to the duo, they could see how the two would go together, and slyly indicated they may have some experience with the substance, but they have a legal team that surely would strike down the notion.

According to the pair, they are for marijuana legalization, as they don’t see the point of putting people in jail for not hurting other people, but stoners dreaming of a marijuana ice cream will probably have to continue dreaming as the duo noted on their site. According to Greenfield if it was up to him, the ice cream would be made, but they have wiser heads in the company, and they’d be unlikely to go for the concoction.

For Ben and Jerry lovers, however, there are a couple of flavors that pay homage to the stoner culture. Satisfy my Bowl, a flavor that pays homage to Bob Marley was recently released. The flavor include banana ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls. Chocolate peace signs also dot the frozen treat. Magic Brownie is another flavor that is popular among Dave Matthews Band fans. The ice cream has a black raspberry base, swirled with sweet cream ice cream and brownie bites.

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