Ben & Jerry Pot Lace Ice Cream Is On The Way

Co-Founder Ben Cohen Likes The Idea Of Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

The KFC Corporation has stepped into the cannabis-infused food business, so the idea of cannabis-infused ice cream makes some sense. A Richmond, California company is already making pot-laced ice cream for California medical marijuana prescription holders. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream would be a natural fit once marijuana is legalized in most states, or it is taken off the FDA’s Schedule1 drug list.

Susan McGalla stated that the company  co-founder Ben Cohen is on board, and Jerry Greenfield is warming up to the idea since they both have experimented with pot in the past. Pot-infused food is here to stay. Food manufacturers around the country want to get a piece of the lucrative marijuana business, but some are more excited than others. The stigma of pot smoking is still a major roadblock for some companies in the food industry.

Ben & Jerry’s has always been a company that’s not afraid of stepping into the unknown pond of consumer likes and dislikes. The company already has 17 names for their pot-infused products. How many of those flavors actually hit retailers around the country is still in the planning stage.

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