Bustle Blogger Gets Hair-Wowed When She Samples WEN By Chaz

Blogger Emily McClure admits her hair is fine and thin and sometimes a bit frizzy, and she’s frustrated trying to deal with this shapeless mass. As a beauty contributor to Bustle.com, Emily tries a number of cool products. This time, she reached for a bottle of Wen hair by Chaz, hoping the famous no lather shampoo could give her red carpet hair.

Emily kept a hair log with hair selfies on a 7-day journey with WEN by Chaz. She posted her results to Bustle.

WEN by Chaz is an excellent choice for any type of hair on the planet. These special cleansing conditioners were designed to offer a pure and natural hair care alternative. Creator Chaz Dean is a famous celebrity stylist in Los Angeles who developed the brand without harmful sulfates. His amazing blends feature plant-based ingredients that nourish the strands and give back shine and volume.

The brand must be awesome, because Chaz Dean’s star clientele remain loyal and satisfied with WEN by Chaz. Shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner, it’s all in there in one bottle. Wen hair products are available on Guthy Renker.

Emily has shoulder length hair whose rough texture smoothed into soft, healthy strands as she washed with WEN in the shower. Her hair seemed to double in volume with mega-watt shine. After she blow-dried and styled, her hair looked pretty impressive, and her selfies show the proof. Emily’s friend were wondering what her new hair secret was.

Emily learned that to achieve the ultimate WEN by Chaz experience, you need to make an effort. In other words, the WEN system isn’t for lazy people. Taking time and effort to blow-dry and use styling tools helps seal in the style.

Because of her busy schedule, Emily felt she didn’t have enough time for WEN but otherwise, it was an amazing hair experience. Follow Wen hair on Twitter to get updates.

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