What Sort Of Projects Does Sam Boraie Work On With His Father?

Omar Boraie and his son Sam have worked on projects around New Jersey for many years, and Sam has worked his way through the company to become the vice president. This article explains how Sam is taking over the operations of the family business while creating beautiful development projects in New Jersey. Their company is based in New Brunswick, but as Yahoo says it has reach across the state.

#1: What Are The Projects Like?

Development projects from Boraie Development take over large areas that may be developed into something new. Old buildings will be quite beautiful, and the new developments may encompass many different things. The Boraie family does quite a lot of work, and they have built areas that will be quite exciting for the local community. Someone who was sitting in a community that did not serve them will find all that they need when Boraie is done with their work.

#2: How Long Do Development Projects Last?

Sam and his father have built many different projects that are all layered upon one another, and each of them offers a new sort of living situation and work situation. According to the New York Times, the buildings in each area are grown for the benefit of the community, and they are built on a mixed-use principle that will help the community come together. They will live together, work together and play together in the same place.

#3: How Does The Family Manage Each Community

There are quite a few people who are living in developments still managed by Boraie Development, and Sam ensures every building is handled properly. He takes the rent payments for each of the properties, and he ensures the communities are managed well no matter the situation. He will help tenants with customer service, and he manages tenant payments and their rent levels.

It is quite important that everyone who wishes to live in a fine community comes to a place that was built by the Boraie family. Sam has become one of the leaders of the company, and he has ensured the building they manage are updated and constructed in the proper fashion.

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OSI Group Is An Example Of Great American Business

OSI Group opened its doors in the state of Illinois in the early nineteen-hundreds. The company began as a small meat market and quickly developed into a producer of quality products for businesses in the local area. Otto Kolschowsky was the visionary behind a concept that would become an international enterprise. He was a German immigrant who had big ideas. His small-market soon developed into a meat distribution network. At this time OSI Group was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons grew rapidly over the years and soon became a trusted vendor for restaurants, grocery stores and other small food markets in the area of Chicago.

Otto and Sons remained at the cutting edge of the meat distribution industry. Their success eventually lead to an encounter with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the CEO and genius behind the McDonald’s franchise. McDonald’s was growing rapidly at the time. Ray Kroc was opening restaurants in the Illinois area and needed a reliable supplier of meat products. Otto and Sons secured the contract. The relationship between McDonald’s and Otto and Sons would develop in a positive direction over the years.

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Otto and Sons brought many innovations into the meat distribution industry. The company embraced cryogenics. This was a form of preserving meat products in a way that maintained its freshness in an efficient manner. McDonald’s became heavily reliant on OSI’s ability to provide large amounts of fresh beef. Otto and Sons also produced the patty cutting machine. The machine allowed the meat manufacturer to produce the product in a ready-made form to its primary clients. This sort of progressive thinking endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Kroc. It soon became the primary supplier of beef to the McDonald’s franchise.

Otto and Sons eventually became known as OSI Group. OSI was able to maintain its exclusive relationship with McDonald’s and expand into other markets. The company became the meat supplier to large grocery store chains as well as other fast food restaurant organizations.

OSI has operational plants throughout the United States. Active areas include West Chicago, Oakland, Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin and Riverside California. There are also facilities operating in Europe and Asia.

Forbes listed OSI as the 136th largest private company. The number is based on an annual sales report of 3 billion dollars. In 2016 the company was listed by Forbes as number 58 on the list of the largest private companies. Sales leading to this report are over six billion dollars.

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