Advancement in Social Networking Platforms

Communication development has led to the emergence of different social media platforms. Over the years, communication has gradually developed due to the emergence of the internet. The internet provides different enhanced communication platforms. Many communication companies have developed across the world and mostly rely on the internet as there marketing platforms. The internet provides faster means of communication throughout the world. Internet enables people to easily exchange information through a click of the button. It has also enhanced efficiency and accessibility of information needed during communication. Digital migration has also played a major role in the advancement of communication platforms. Through digital migration, the world has developed into a global village and people can interact closely as compared to the earlier years when the world was still in analogue platform. As a result, many companies have emerged across the world with the aim of bring people together to foster unity and understanding. Most of these companies have developed application software that is used on mobile phones and computers to enhance social bonding.
Skout is an online dating company that has developed different dating application software used by many people. This is a dating site that has applications on iphones operating system and android operating system both used by mobile phones. Skout was among the first companies to develop dating application software that is user friendly. The application uses the global positioning system to enable the users identify each other. The company was established in 2007 and has grown gradually over the years to be among the top leading dating sites in the world. The company has developed different guidelines that are used to identify which content is viewed by adults and teenagers. These guidelines are used as moral guide to avoid younger people from access the content meant for adult people. The dating application has many advantages over other sites for instance during dating, a person can view the profile of the other user before taking the necessary steps in dating. This allows the user to know which kind of a person they are dating. The platform also enables users to exchange information through the messaging platform. This allows for faster and instant exchange of information among people.
Skout is headquartered in San Francisco in the United States of America. The company has grown and is estimated to be worth over 22 million dollars in venture capital. Through the good governance of the Chief Executive Officer Christian Wiklund, the company has expanded and its applications to over 180 countries globally. In addition, it is accessible in over 18 different languages. This has raised the standard of the site because different ethnic groups can access the information needed during dating. Skout has continuously developed its application to fit in the evolving communication market. It introduced an application which helps people to identify each other during the course of their traveling encounters. This has ease mobility of people since people are easily meet in the course there dating process.