The strategies that EOS used to beat Lip Balm industry veterans like chapstick

Before the evolution of smooth became a household name in the lip care industry, it was hard to imagine anything else being used as lip balm besides the tubes of colorless balm at the beauty section of the convenience store. If one wanted to get extra, the perfumed tube was all they could get. However, EOS entered the field, and they brought along beautiful orbs filled with flavorful and colorful balms, an enticing clicking sound each time you open and close and a whole lot of natural goodness for the lips.

When the minds behind the invention started out, they were determined to revolutionize the industry. The first thing they had to do was rethink the entire packaging of the lip balm, hence the spherical packaging. After creating the product, the next challenge was to get the product to the customers. They were lucky enough to convince one Walgreens to stock their lip balm and within no time, their products were flying off the shelves. At this point, Walmart also started stocking the balm and the deal was sealed, the next biggest product in lip care had just been born.

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Then, they decided to make use of the right ambassadors to reach the millenials who are their main market. Celebrities such as Taylor swift, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and Nina Dobrev have all been spotted wearing EOS Lip Balm. This is how the phenomenon that is EOS lip balm was born and brought to the masses. There are other factors that have led to the massive success of EOS. These include the variety of flavors that the product comes in and the creative marketing solutions of the team at the top. Even though there have been challenges, which are common for all startups, it is easy to see how successful this product has been in general and the sales are being projected to get even better with time.  Now is the time to follow EOS on

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The Ins and Outs of Lip Balm Products

Convenience is something that most people want, no matter the reason. Lip balms are the perfect example of this notion as they are some of the most convenient devices of all time. The field is literally saturated with numerous brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees. These brands have been around for a long period of time, but they haven’t done much with evolving. On the other hand, the brand known as “Evolution of Smooth” is the epitome of evolution as it has become the top lip balm product on the market today. Evolution of Smooth is superior to others because of it’s DNA. This brand comes from a natural source, which makes it highly beneficial. The lip balms are 95% organic and they’re loaded with some of the finest of ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamins.

Another reason that helps to the brand to stand out is by it’s wide array of flavors. Most lip balm brands will usually give you no more than 3 or 4 flavors, but EOS lip balm takes things a full step further. Some of it’s most popular flavors are strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, vanilla mint, blackberry nectar, lemon drop, and passion fruit. There are plenty more to choose from, but this is just a taste of what the brand has to offer, “no pun intended.” Evolution of Smooth’s products deliver fast relief from dry chapped lips. Hydration is the key and with these organic formulas implemented into your daily routine, you’ll definitely notice a big difference in no time.

The Visibly Soft “Coconut” Lip Balms are also some of it’s best sellers on Lucky Vitamin as it gives the user a rich flavor of coconut milk. The long lasting formula stays with you all day as well and being so effective, you probably won’t have to administer another swipe across the lips unless you really want to. Evolution of is leading by example and it’s blazing the scene with it’s no nonsense approach to oral care.


Lip Anatomy Proves That Every Mouth Needs Extra TLC In Lip Balm

Everyone enjoys soft, kissable lips, but not all of us have those. It takes an amazing lip balm to do its work and offer protection and moisture to our thinly layered puckers. Plus, lip balm only works best if you use it daily, 365 days a year.

Your lips might be full or thin or average, but all that doesn’t matter, because when it comes to lip anatomy, we are all blessed the same. Science shows us that our lips are fragile in several ways. They don’t have much melanin, which means our lips can burn badly in the sun. Lips also chap rather easily, especially in winter, because air is very dry and cold. Lips don’t have protective oil glands, so they thirst for constant moisture.

Lip balm is the best beauty invention to keep your mouth smooth, youthful and attractive. The best kinds feature decent protection from the elements, made from pureness and organic bases, taste heavenly and come in an assortment of flavors.

We vote Evolution of Smooth as the ultimate balm and not just for its adorable round ball shape in its little round pot. EOS lip balm formulas all rock, because this balm has the most incredible texture ever. If you crave their organic spheres, then you’re getting an awesome dose of vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. The ingredients are exquisite and your lips will transform before your eyes. Maybe that’s why Kim Kardashian is Evolution of Smooth obsessed, and KK’s lips are super sexy.

Evolution of Smooth features these gorgeous balms: Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks.

EOS balms are so travel-friendly, too, and if you lose one in your big stuffed handbag, their round, unique shape will be easy to find. You can find Evolution of Smooth lip balms at your favorite stores like Well, Walmart and Target. The products are also available online on Amazon and


Hair Transformation Comes Easily With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

WEN cleansing conditioners were made in order to meet the growing needs for women and a good hair care product that could handle many types of hair. WEN was designed to be effective at cleansing the scalp and hair, along with removing and product buildup from other hair care products that contain sticky or harsh chemicals. The unique formula that went into creating WEN, which took a lot of effort on the part of its creator Chaz Dean, allows it to be effective on all hair, whether it be damaged, thin, curly, fine, oily, and more. There are many positive reviews out there of women who have achieved amazing results, this includes Emily McClure’s review over on Bustle, which gives specific details about using the product from WEN. Check here:

Emily is a big skeptic herself, which is probably due to all the products in her past that have failed her. But when she tried out Wen, she started seeing the results she wanted for so long within a matter fo a few days, which had her excited to spread the good news to her readers. Being so gentle, WEN can be used alongside other hair care products as well, as long as they are not full of chemicals. It also must be noted that using other products with WEN could make it take longer to take effect on a persons hair. Through Emily’s review, women can see her results by viewing her photos, showing the before and after of using the QVC advertised WEN cleansing conditioner. They can also see how Emily tested the product and how much she used, as she tweaked this a couple times during her week long process of testing it out.

Most women who use the WEN cleansing conditioners should see results within a week or two, depending on what other products they may be using in their hair, especially if they contain chemicals. Visit the Wen Twitter account and the official Facebook page ( to learn more.