Adam Goldenberg’s Successes

JustFab is one of the most popular online retailers that is available on the web. Each day, thousands of people join the site. Every day, even more people make the choice to order from the site. One of the things about JustFab that is great is the founder of the company and of the brand on Adam Goldenberg has worked with many different people to build up businesses but JustFab is one of the most successful ones that he has worked on and continues to be a success no matter what happens on the Internet or what other type of sites there are available for people who are on the Internet.

Adam Goldenberg has always been successful. At just 15, he started his own company. The company grew and flourished to a point where he was able to sell it off. He sold it to the Myspace parent company and it was syndicated with the Myspace model. It quickly became very popular and was something that everyone wanted to be able to get their hands on. When he sold it, Goldenberg was only building up capital for another business venture. He knew that he was going to be great at whatever he did.

When he began the next venture, Goldenberg was the youngest COO of any company. He was so young that, in fact, he had to have someone accompany him on business travel because of the age. He knew that he could make even more money than what he had originally made and he set off to become even more successful. He built his wealth with his second company and sold the company off. He wasn’t sure what his next business strategy on would be, but he knew that it had to be something big and something that would work well for him.

He met Don Ressler when he was doing business. The two quickly became friends and they made the decision to start JustFab. The company was something that the Internet had never seen before and something that they felt would take off really well. It did. It became one of the top retailers online in no time and continues to sit at that spot. It is a site that provides excellent options for women and something that most women do not have enough of: convenience. The brand behind JustFab is one that is intended for success and ease of use.

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Founder of the Stow Company Inc., Dick DeVos Appoint a New CEO for the Company

Dick DeVos is a Michigan entrepreneur businessman and the founder of The Stow Company Inc., one of the largest companies in custom home storage and organization products industry. Earlier this year, Dick DeVos appointed Phil Dolci, 48 to be the incoming CEO of the company following the retirement of Frank Newman, 67 year. Newman however will be retained as a member of the board of advisors in the company.


Phil Dolci has earlier been working at a company owned by Dick DeVos’s wife, Windquest Group, the Grand Rapids-based Corporation based in Holland. Phil is described as a complete leader with more than 25 years of experience as reported by Mlive, in consumer products manufacturing and marketing. He recently was involved with Crosman Corporation, serving as the company Chief Executive officer. Crosman is recognized for its savvy in designing, manufacturing and supplying shooting sports products and is based in Cincinnati.


Phil is expected to bring into the company, the kind of experience and knowledge that will stimulate growth, expansion and presence in the home organization industry according to the founder of the company, Dick DeVos. They entire company’s team also acknowledge the Frank Newman for his exceptional leadership in the company over the last five years.


Dolci continue to serve different leadership positions at US Playing Cards, a Jarden Corporation’s subsidiary, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods, Sanford (a subsidiary of Newell Rubbermaid) and Dean Foods. Academically, Dolci earned his MBA from Northwestern University, School of Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Chicago University.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos has had an enormous journey in the world of business. He career began in Amway Corporation in 1974 where he was employed to oversee various divisions in the company including finance, sales, marketing, research and development and manufacturing. This earlier in 1974. Later in the year 1991, the DeVos family purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic, with Dick DeVos becoming the CEO of the team. Two year down the line, Dick DeVos ceased being the president and CEO of Orlando Magic, rejoining Amway as its president. After succeeding his aging father. After working with the company for several years, Dick DeVos finally retired in 2002 having made the company’s highest amount of profit in a fiscal year as detailed in Wikipedia.


Together with his wife, the couple established the Stow Company Inc., a company that presently has manufacturing facilities at 3311 Windquest Drive in Holland and Indianapolis. The company has employed more than 280 people and sell products under its brands; EasyClosets do-it-yourself, Distinctive Wine Cellars and Easy Track Modular Storage systems.



Ricardo Guimares is a man born to a business family and seeking to continue that reality. He has achieved a high level of success in a crowded field of banking.Guimares has grown his grandfather’s bank from a small bank to one of the largest in the country. It has increased 17 fold in less than a decade and today has a market capitalisation of $ 3 billion with an asset base worth R $ 29 billion.


Antonio Guimaraes founded Banco BMG in 1930.It was meant to serve primarily as a miner’s bank and served as a payroll processor for many decades. When Guimares took over in 2004, he expanded into the Personal credit sector. It was an area with low default rates. It is this that prompted him to start provisions for the cheapest form of consigned credit for Brazilians.


Today, Banco BMG has merged with Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to leverage the strengths of BMG with those of ITAU.BMG has an extensive distribution network and pioneered the use of USSD mobile banking in Brazil.Itau has this year posted impressive results with 36% increase in profits and its stock price up by 28%.


Ricardo Guimares is a big sports fan. He supported Clube Atletico Mineiro and served as its president for five years. During that time, he did his best and today is a club legend. Ricardo has also started a hedge fund that targets future players. It builds their brand and creates it to enable them to monetize the effort. It currently has R$ 20 million in funding and is growing fast.


Banco BMG is the leading sponsor of sports in Brazil.It sponsors over 100 teams in various divisions of the Brazilian league. It has posted the highest returns on a per dollar invested. More than any other brand. It recently announced Marcio Melo as the newest signing.Melo is expected to fly the banks colours high as he seeks more glory at the Olympics.


Soccer is big in Brazil, and over 70 million watch matches each weekend. It is a huge market that BMG gets access to every weekend.


Guimares is a Business Administration graduate. He has achieved a great deal of success thanks to his hardworking nature and relentless pursuit of perfection. He advises any brand that seeks a piece of the Brazilian market to hire the brightest and work hard. Visit wiki to know more.

Dick DeVos Changes Direction

I admire the leadership of Dick DeVos. He is a grand business leader, and he is also great philanthropist. It isn’t everyday where someone in the business world is able to work with his family to give back as much a billion dollars. That is astonishing and almost unreal, but Dick DeVos has done it. Right now I am interested in seeing what he is doing next as he endeavors in the liquor business.

The best way to keep track of DeVos and his business is through his Facebook account. This is where all the smart businessmen will go to push their products to the market. This is free market for anyone that needs it. DeVos could really get the best marketing team together with the type of money that he has, but Facebook offers a chance for him to save money. He has been approved for a license to distribute so this can be another golden opportunity for him to push a new product line to the market.

He also uses his network to champion causes and to express his gratitude to his community as well as his sympathies when a member of his Michigan family is in pain.

Betsy and I extend our deepest sympathies, thoughts, and prayers to Matt’s family, his wife Penny, and their children…

Posted by Dick DeVos on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The liquor business should be an easy sell for Dick DeVos. The Amway business that his father discovered was passed down to him He became the president of this and he even started his own company under the Amway umbrella. I think that this alone qualified him to run his own liquor business, but that was only the start of his business endeavors. Dick would go on to become the owners of an NBA team. He would also open up a charity with his wife. All of this shows me that he was a headstrong business leader that knows how to manage. I thing that his new company will do just fine because he has been cut out for this. He has business management in his blood.

That is what I like about DeVos. He is doing it for the passion of it. He has given away millions. He doesn’t need the money. He and his wife have grown children that have made it on their own as well. He has a legacy of philanthropy that cannot be depleted. I know that the work that he has done down through the years has been good work. He is a hard worker that has carried the DeVos name well. I look forward to following him and seeing what he will do through his family foundation and what he will do with the liquor business that he is working on. 

The Unique Opportunities of Entrepreneurship

When people go into business for themselves, there are a vast array of opportunities awaiting them. However, those who know how to best capitalize on those opportunities find the greatest success. In the financial services industry, many people have found success using a variety of skills and abilities. However, there are arguably very few who have achieved greater success with their businesses than Brad Reifler. Over a 30-year period, Brad has founded one successful company after another, setting sales records and creating unique strategies that are used today by numerous businesses around the world. Because of his success, Brad has been able to show the business world just how many unique opportunities exist when it comes to entrepreneurship.

When Brad decided to become an entrepreneur and investor in the 1980s, he knew that in order to stand out from everyone else he would need to try things that few others had ever dared. Therefore, he decided to focus his efforts on sales strategies and market analysis, believing this would lead him down the road of success. When he founded Reifler Trading Company as his first venture, Brad put these plans into action as showed. Using these business tactics, along with intense institutional research and global advisory services, Brad quickly saw RTC evolve into one of the world’s largest futures trading companies. As the company grew, Brad began to see that these tactics not only worked well for his company, but could be customized to work with other companies as well. Not one to stand pat and relax, Brad decided it was time to move on from RTC and begin anew. Thus, in 2000 he sold the company to Refco, Inc., which happened to be the world’s foremost futures trading company.

Taking the strategies he developed and used at RTC, Brad formed Pali Capital soon afterward and quickly began to see success similar to what he experienced with RTC. However, it was with Pali that he took entrepreneurship to an entirely new level in the financial world. Focusing on equity markets, he created sales strategies that led to the firm earning more than $1 billion during his 13 years as CEO. After this, Brad was known worldwide for his keen insight and analytical abilities regarding economic markets. Brad can be followed through his Twitter account.

Angela Merkel As Seen By George Soros

The current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has her own opinions and advice to staying safe in times of turmoil that we are seeing in the European union. According to FX Street’s George Soros, a renowned author with many best selling books and novels, says she is one leader striving for a free world. Living and dealing honestly, the data show, really is important to what is going on in Europe. The current situation does indeed represent a challenge for the country’s economy and well-being, but her team has figured out to outwit the atrocities caused by crisis and get around successfully.

In George Soros‘ policies, the focus is on the long-term benefits and drawbacks of illegal immigration. Migrant crisis has always been a problem in the European Union since many centuries, but what they are dealing with right now is a severe one that is detrimental to Europe’s economy and lives of its citizens. Many previous policies are flawed because they rely too heavily on others’ opinions about the whole process. Those solutions are subjective and not always accurate. The current problems are not straight-forward and there is no one solution to it. Angela Merkel is not an avid participant of previous policies like many others are. Many such policies about immigration come from a host of sources – with solutions that go well beyond previous experiences. Aside from the self-interest there are also many things that go into these policies. If you think about it – a complete overhaul of these policies is not a great idea either.

Again, if you think about migrant crisis, you come to realize that there can never be a surefire way to find out about where the country is headed to in the future. Of course there have been successful track record with migration, but how do we know that would be the case in the current situation as well? If we knew two people were alike, then we might have a reasonable comparison. But people from different regions differ in many many ways. They differ in ways that no one can know about. Therefore, the policies that are currently in place are somewhat flawed. Angela Merkel is one such leader who wants to make changes to these policies and bring positive results for the long term. She has so far done her best to be as accurate as possible when dealing with this crisis. And most of her predictions have come true.

Tracing the lives and perspectives of hundreds of individuals migrating to the European union from Syria as a result of wars and conflicts, it has been discovered new twists to their existence. Reports have uncovered a series of what they call a hostile nature among some of the migrants. What exactly has caused these migrants with similar backgrounds to diverge in terms of their views and opinions about Europe, no one can say for sure. Yet, Angela Merkel seems to be a promising leader in delivering safety and security to the people of the European Union.


From Shoeshiner To Food Court Namesake

When the town of San Antonio do Mount wanted to honor the great entrepreneur who helped it and its residents and workers to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, it knew exactly whom to name. It chose to honor the great entrepreneur and BMG bank manager, Marcio Alaor. Not only did the city put Alaor’s name on the town square and a plaque in his honor, but in August of 2014, they dedicated a food court in his honor. A tribute to the man who helped his hometown, the San Antonio do Mount community, not only through financial direction but through the friendship and esteem from himself to the town, has positively impacted all who know him and who have been positively affected by his acts of service.

His work has benefited the city’s growth while addressing the local problems without selling out to political corruption. The chosen food court location was previously a grain warehouse, which a former mayor of the city has said is an appropriate metaphor for what Alaor has done to “feed” the hopes and dreams for the locale. Starting as a shoeshine boy, Alaor worked his way up to the position of Vice President of BMG Bank, and he is said to recognize the people who helped him throughout his life to get where he is today.

One of the biggest executives to come from Brazil, Alaor has not forgotten his roots, and his position has opened many doors for those in the city, including helping the city to become the largest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais, in spite of the hardships inherent in the city. Alaor has also helped farmers through a union, and Alaor says that he values great friendships and not just the purchasing power. While he is glad to be alive to see the town grow and to be honored for his contributions in his lifetime, it is likely that he is even more gratified by the city’s achievements and the potential which will be realized in the years to come.

Mobilization With Movement, The Mulligan Concept

Brian Mulligan finished his training on becoming a registered Physical Therapist in 1954 at the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Two years later he went into private practice in Wellington as a physiotherapist and stayed as an active clinical therapists until 2000. Brian is a well-known International Lecturer in the art of manual therapy.

In the 1960’s Brian was introduced to manual therapy by Stanley Paris. Brian always had a great interest in manual therapy and accredits Freddy Kaltenborn as his mentor. He also contributes invaluable information from James Cyriax, Robin McKenzie, Geoff Maitland, Robert Elvey and others in the field of physical therapy.

In 1968 Brian and a small group of other physiotherapists founded the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists association. He and Robin McKenzie were the main teachers of the Post graduate program. The program awarded those students who graduated from the program a Diploma of Manipulative Therapy. In 1972, Brian joined the international lecturing circuit. While being in the United States, Brian has taught in 91 different cities. He has also traveled, lectured and taught in over 20 countries around the world.

There is great demand from therapists who are wishing to learn Brian’s techniques. In 1995 he formed the international organization to accredit teachers. At the present time there are 48 Mulligan Concept Teachers from 18 nations. The Mulligan Concept is taught both as an entry-level program and as a postgraduate physical therapy program. The programs are taught by faculty members who already have the credentials to teach the programs.

Brian has received the International Service to the Profession Award from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The award is only presented only once every four years. Brian received the award for his teaching and development of mobilization with movement, the Mulligan Concept.

The Mulligan Concept was founded in 1995. As a manual therapy technique for musculoskeletal disorders, the Mulligan Concept has become extremely popular. The Mulligan Concept relieves pain and increases the range of motion in the patient. The concept uses mobilization with movement in the extremities to help relieve neck, back, and spinal pain.

Brian Mulligan has been an international lecturer in high demand since 1972 and has received numerous prestigious awards for his books, writings and seminar lecturers. He has been married to his wife Dawn for over 50 years. They have two daughters, a son, five granddaughters and a grandson.

Organo Gold Expands Into Turkey

As originally reported on PR Newswire, gourmet coffee company Organo Gold recently opened its newest international office in Turkey, a country already well-known for its love of coffee, having opened the world’s first recorded cafe in the fifteenth century. Though the Vancouver-based Organo Gold has offices in thirty-nine countries already, Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua called this expansion “a significant operational achievement.” Chua, well-versed in the Turkey’s history of consuming fine coffee, seemed excited by the prospect of bringing his fine products to a country where they will likely be highly appreciated. He also mentioned the benefits of having an office in Turkey, namely that the expansion will help unify the European, African, and Asian offices by providing a distribution center that is relatively central among the trade routes. Ever an intelligent businessman, Chua seems to recognize that opening an office in Turkey will increase profits in more ways that one, possibly opening the door for further growth in the future.

On his LinkedIn Bernardo Chua is no stranger to success– he is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal– and with his expert guidance, Organo Gold has been providing gourmet coffee to countries around the world since its inception in 2008. Organo Gold sells organic Ganoderma Lucidium in coffee, tea, and personal care products. They distribute through their Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada, and using independent distributors for the rest of their international markets.