Bernardo Chua: Introducing a Healthy Coffee to the World

Bernardo Chua is one of the hardworking Filipino people who managed to find success overseas. He is a businessman who founded a company that sells one of the tastiest and healthiest coffees. The Organo Cold Coffee is the flagship product of his company, and he has been serving as the chief executive officer ever since the business was established. Bernardo Chua’s company also specializes in other products, like vitamins and supplements. The company’s products are mixed with Ganoderma, which is a known herb from China that has been known since the ancient times for treating a lot of diseases. It also cleanses the body, taking away all toxins that can have harmful effects. The contribution of Bernardo Chua to the business world gained the attention of other entrepreneurs and business clubs, and he was given an award because of his contribution to the industry. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Despite the difficulties in maintaining a business in the United States, Bernardo managed to get through all the challenges and his company flourished. Online reviews are stating that the Organo Gold Coffee has a great taste, and people are buying it because of the buzz it made online. Those who purchased the coffee were not disappointed with the taste, and through excessive word of mouth advertising, the Organo Gold Coffee gained more customers. The Organo Gold Coffee was established in 2008, and Bernardo did everything to make his product famous. The last decade has shown that his business thrived because of the health benefits that it offers, and Bernardo stated that he will still improve some aspects of his product so that it would be sold at a broader market.

Today, the product sold by Bernardo is sold in more than 40 countries. The Organo Gold Coffee is changing the industry of coffee-making, as it is one of the first to infuse healthy herbs in the product. The future of the company established by Bernardo Chua is bright, now that people know that the product can have positive benefits for the body. His company is also looking at alternative ways on how to develop other products that would have positive health benefits to the people.





Bernardo Chua Teaches The Masses About Ganoderma Through Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the direct sales company Organo Gold. Although Chua was born in the Philippines, he started the company while living in North America. Chua had moved to the United States to run the operations of Gano Excel, a company that produced and marketed coffee, tea, capsules and other ingestible products containing extracts from the ganoderma mushroom. The mushroom has been used in medicines in Asia for hundreds of years. Acting as president of Gano Excel USA, Chua was able to recruit a large network of marketing agents and reach out to millions of customers. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to go out on his own. He founded Organo Gold and began to market his own line of ganoderma infused products. The brand was a huge success and won awards for being among the fastest growing companies in the network marketing industry. Chua not only recruited about 800,000 independent marketing agents, he also hired top organic farmers to grow the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible. He also focused a great deal of resources on educating customers on the many health benefits they could get from using dietary supplements and topical creams containing ganoderma extracts.

Today, Organo Gold products are available in over 50 countries. The company is known not only for its incredible products, but for the lucrative business opportunities it offers its marketing representatives as well. Organo Gold is also deeply involved in philanthropy and has created a number of excellent programs for children and adults. Bernardo Chua’s high quality products have resulted in both him and the company winning numerous awards. Even with all the success the company has enjoyed, Chua remains committed to making more people around the world aware of the health and nutritional benefits of the ganoderma mushroom.

Bernardo Chua had learned about the power of ganoderma from his Chinese grandparents when he was a child. He had always wanted to teach people in the Western World about the mushroom and its benefits. Now, through Organo Gold, he has been using the direct sales industry to do just that.

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Life and the Success of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is a previous support investments investigator. The 35-year-old is as of now a credit investigator. He is the organizer of Kerrisdale Company. His administration at Kerrisdale capital has raised $100 million from financial specialists. The speculation finance is unique. Kerrisdale is a firm situated in New York, and it has an arrangement to utilize the cash to short pitch the organization for the up and coming disclosing to people in general. The business could collect an enormous measure of cash in only a brief timeframe length. Adrangi is concentrating on their future crusade and expanding on the organization’s site. The organization was divulged in Mid-May of 2016. Kerrisdale oversees over $500 million. Its ongoing movement incorporates satellite organization worldwide star and sage therapeutics. The organization’s essential fence investments has a normal return of 28% over the most recent five years.

Sahm Adrangi is the main speculation officer and originator of Kerrisdale capital administration. He has been engaged with the improvement of the firm as far back as 2009 when the organization was established. Sahm Adrangi propelled the business just with $1 million. As of now, the firm has over $150 million as at July 2017. Sahm Adrangi is known for distributing examination and short offering. His examination tries to adjust the misguided judgment about the business prospects of the capital administration firms. Kerrisdale shares the exploration on Twitter, outsider webpage, and their site.

Adrangi first came into the spotlight in the wake of uncovering the false Chinese organizations including lihua worldwide, China biotics, and china marine nutritional category. A portion of his objectives incorporate china cast training corp and china instruction partnership. He started his vocation in credit by performing influence advance obligation financings and notwithstanding prompting loan boss boards of trustees in chapter 11. He additionally put in quite a while in a multibillion-dollar support investments Longacre administration. Adrangi has a four year certification in liberal arts in financial aspects from Yale University. Adrangi has likewise been a speaker at an assortment of gatherings including troubled obligation contributing meeting, Sohn gathering, extremist’s financial specialist meeting, and the esteem contributing meeting. He has been included in various productions like the New York Times, divider road diary, business week and the Washington Post.

The Philanthropist Jason Hope

Jason Hope has an inspiring story that not many people are familiar with. He is originally from Tempe, Arizona. He studied at Arizona State University, where he was inspired by mobile communication technology because of its potential for growth. That is how he got started with his first business, a premium text message company.

He currently makes his income off of his investment portfolio. He invests in SEO (search engine optimization) companies. As a futurist, he believes the technology is essential in this society, and that our people and our future is dependent on it. Jason Hope is an accomplished individual. He also graduated with an MBA and a degree in finance. His philosophy as an entrepreneur was to use his doubt, which helped him elevate his ideas to the next level and stay steps ahead of the rest. Read more about Jason Hope at

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation’s Research Of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies, a nonprofit organization. He believes that new age technology can enhance our way of living, and if used correctly, help us find cures with the proper research. His donation assisted the company with speeding up their profession to fight against age-related disease.

Jason Hope has expressed his interests in anti-aging technology, stating he would like to develop a better standard of living. Speaking in regards of diseases the deteriorate the human body and make us age faster than we should. One of his greatest struggles is trying to get his writing out to the public. Hope has been writing content for blogs related to technology, but his goal is to get his theories and thoughts written for the public to read. He wants to inspire and

Hope can be a huge inspiration for those who want to attain more for themselves inform those who want to know more about future technologies.

, but let their failures get in the way. He believe’s that if you fail, don’t let that hold you back from accomplishing your next goal. You are capable of accomplishing anything, don’t let your failures paralyze you.

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