Just Who Is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Society is full of medical professionals and without these extraordinary figures, people’s lives would be miserable to some degree. Plastic surgery is big business as it generates billions of dollars on an annual basis. Some of the most intellectually gifted individuals work in this industry, and they have provided great services for their patients. Have you ever heard of a guy named Sameer Jejurikar? Are you generally interested in cosmetic surgery? Sameer Jejurikar is one of Texas’ top cosmetic surgeons, and he has a long list of satisfied patients that will attest to all claims. This man is also very accomplished as he has graduated from one of the nation’s top medical schools, and he is a member of the Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force.

With 21 years under his belt, Dr. Jejurikar has more than enough experience to get the job done. He treats his cosmetic procedures as if they are works-of-art. This board-certified cosmetic surgeon works with a number of medical facilities in the Dallas region, including the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dallas Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Thanks to earning his medical degree from the University of Michigan, a high-number of medical doors are always open if he wants to relocate to another area. Dr. Jejurikar specializes in a myriad of cosmetic-surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, otoplasty, Botox, breast reduction, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, facelift and many other services.

Safety is also something that he works hard to maintain. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and all safety measures must be adhered. This is why Dr. Jejurikar has become a member of the Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. Is there anything that this man can’t do? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has laid down the blueprint of success in this field of work, and he will continue to push the boundaries of safety when it comes to cosmetic surgery.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco discuss leadership change and the economy

Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended the World Economic Forum this year that took place back in January. The annual forum is composed of delegates from around the world an opportunity to explore and discuss various ways private and public entities can tackle various economic issues. Brazil, Latina America’s largest economy and the worlds 8th largest has had some very challenging political and economic turmoil over the last few years. In 2014 the Brazilian economy report growth in the GDP and since continued to show signs of improvement. The government has invested billions of dollars in the support of the implementation of many public private partnerships (PPPs) and has effectively demonstrated the positive effects of them. Read this article about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Estadao.

Despite these positive signs shown recently, the banking and finance expert has raised his a few red flags that need to be considered when giving an honest assessment of the situation in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco pointed specifically to what is referred to as an economic recovery cycle. Mr. Trabuco indicated during the first stages associated with a recovery cycle, it is expected to show positive signs. Despite the positive data returned from 2014, he is afraid more turbulent economic times are possibly ahead. Luiz Carlos Trabuco continued by stressing there is truly a need for the creation and implementation of ways to control government spending. Luiz sees a direct link between government overspending and the vulnerability it put the Brazilian economy in.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco recently attended the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting where several changes at the leadership level of Bradesco was announced. The current Chief Executive Officer and former President introduced Octavio de Lasari as the 5th president of Banco Bradesco. During the AGO meeting, it was revealed that after 75 years with the bank Lazaro Brandao would be retiring. The 91 year old would no longer serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The new president will be faced with many challenges, but with such a decorated professional career, Bradesco’s executives have full confidence in his ability to do so. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

Daniel Taub Continues to Sound the Alarm About an Iran With Nuclear Capabilities

As Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Taub is the one man who “stand in the gap” for the ancient country. If anything concerns him, he will sound the alarm and throw out the lifeline in order to represent his country to the rest of the world. Indeed, one of the most pressing concerns he might have would be an Iran with a fully capable nuclear device.

Taub has floated many ideas in regards to conquering this threat, including the idea that the Jewish state should consider some alliances with some longstanding rivals in order to try to assuage the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. Taub hearkens back to the Geneva accord, which was signed in 2013. He has noted that even with that accord being the rule – Iran still has nuclear ambitions five years later.

Taub actually even believes that cooperation between Israel and Sunni states such as the Gulf Countries and Saudi Arabia might be necessary in order to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. He also believes that there are some positives, however. These would include the fact that sanctions against Iran were eased in return for their cooperation with U.N. Inspectors.

However, according to Daniel Taub not even a single centrifuge was dismantled after this deal was created. Progress? Maybe in the eyes of liberal apologists, but for those of us living in the real world not so much. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

The dominant elephant in the room after the signing of this deal occurred about a day after the signing of it. Does Iran have the right to enrichment, even though they claim it is just for providing electrical power? Some say yes, and some say no. The fallout in the international community was quite severe, with many saying they were furious at the deal.

Benjamin Netanyahu said that the world was a less safer place. Barack Obama said that he was going to “ratchet up the pressure.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that there needs to be a comprehension resolution and this wasn’t it.

Finally, David Cameron said that the world continues to need “persistent diplomacy” in order to solve these concerns. Taub is right to be alarmed, and hopefully the powers that be will continue to “stand in the gap” to keep Israel and the rest of the world safe.

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Drew Madden: What Will Happen When CVS And Amazon Collide?

Is there going to be an epic blowup when Amazon enters the healthcare market? This has to be the kind of question that executives at companies like CVS are asking themselves out loud at the moment. They have every reason to be concerned about things. After all, their entire company could be on the line when it comes down to it. They risk losing out to the likes of Amazon simply due to the economics of scale. That is to say that Amazon could take over a big portion of the healthcare market rather quickly simply based on its size and how many people rely on it for so many things on a regular basis.

Madden has made a life of following stories like this. He has to in order to protect his livelihood. He works as a healthcare information technology entrepreneur. Before that, he was someone who worked in the industry as an employee. Putting it simply, he has always had some role in the industry throughout most of his career.

This is the kind of thing that makes Drew Madden appeal to the hearts and minds of a lot of people. He is someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Now he observes CVS and Amazon and believes that when the dust settles the consumer will be at an advantage. Check out his website drew-madden.com

Amazon might be applying for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products through the country, but what is so wrong about that? They sell all kinds of other things already, so to add this to the list basically just makes good and common sense.

CVS might not like that Amazon is getting involved in their business. They would probably prefer it if they could keep this competition out. If they cannot stop Amazon, then they will do the next best thing. So far that has been to purchase the healthcare insurance company called Aetna. This has allowed them to create a more one-stop shop feeling to their mission. In other words, they have actually made it possible to get your insurance and prescriptions all from the same place. That is changing the game, but in a very positive way for customers.

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The Brighter Side of Cassio Audi’s Musical Career

Little is in the public domain as far as Cassio Audi’s musical career is concerned. Little is even said about his prowess in drumming and vocalist skills used to sway huge Brazilian crowds and according to him much admiration from the fans. Having started off as a solo drummer, he was then approached by one of his friends Yves Passarell to forming a band in mid-1985. Together with three other mates namely: Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell and Andre Machado, they formed a band called the Viper. In the band, his passion for the drum grew immensely as he took most his time perfecting the skill. With great vocals at his disposal, he also trained his band mates on their vocals which seemingly became their source of admiration to many.

Compiling an Album

With their persistence and diligence in their stage performances, they won a lot of shows with across Brazil and even beyond their borders. They continued composing songs and perfecting their techniques throughout their performances. These efforts bore fruits when they finally compiled their first album in 1986 which they named Killer Sword. Since its launch, the album got a lot of positive reviews and Cassio Audi together with his band mates secured more shows courtesy of the hits that the album had. The album comprised tracks such as Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and Killera.

End of an Era

Seemingly, it was not the end of things for Cassio as he went on to help the band compile yet another album in 1987. In 1989, he and the band members had a remarkable year with a string of performances in Europe and South America. It was just unfortunate that it marked the end of Cassio Audi musical career. He was poised to start off a business career through furthering his education in that field. Even so, he remained a loyal fan of Rock music and a reliable source of inspiration in music.

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Vincent Parascandola Steers AXA to Greater Heights

AXA is an insurance firm serving different nations around the globe. It has its headquarters in 8th Arrondissement, Paris. It deals in insurance, financial services, and investment management. The firm has scooped various awards in the past eight years, making it rank as number one in all those years. The primary markets of AXA are based in Asia Pacific, North America, and Western Europe. The firm also operates in Africa and the Middle East.


The name AXA came to be in 1985 after changing from its former name Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. AXA acquired various businesses such as Winterthur Group, Sun Life, Provincial Holdings, and Guardian Royal Exchange. AXA supports various philanthropic initiatives. The firm, in 2008, offered research aid focusing on knowledge and prevention of risks that threaten human life, society, and the environment. The endowment was a success that in 3 years, it had funded over 250 research projects globally.


Vincent Parascandola’s Background


Vincent Parascandola is a prominent financial professional who works for the AXA Advisors, LLC. He serves as a Senior Executive President where he is responsible for the management, development, recruitment, and retention of financial professionals. He formulates and implements appropriate strategic plans aimed at meeting all long and short-term financial goals. Vinny also provides advice on investments such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks and annuities, estate planning strategies, and retirement plans. All these are aimed at securing the financial future of his clients. Vinny has offered his skills and services for over 25 years.


Vincent attended Pace University and did a BSc in Business Economics and Finance, and later enrolled for MBA in Finance in the same institution. Vinny started his career as an agent working for Prudential in 1987. He was later honored with the Rookie of the Year Award. In addition, he has been recognized for his skills in guidance. Throughout his career, Parascandola has been honored with various management awards that include Master Agency Awards and Career Development. He is a much sought-after public speaker, and he has given speeches at several industry conferences, including LIMRA’s distribution conferences. Vinny is a proud donor to Westchester Cop Fund.

Technology Staffing Firm Divesant & John Goullet

Diversant has established itself as one of the top technology staffing firms in North America. The firm helps a number of businesses find qualified technology professionals to hire for their technology departments. This firm also helps a number of technology professionals who are looking for work in the information technology field. With its assistance, companies and technology professionals will be in great position to fulfill their various goals. Part of what makes Diversant among the top staffing firms in the technology industry is its core values. Diversant emphasizes things such as teamwork, discipline and diversity in order to help itself meet its goals as well as meeting its clients’ needs.

Like all other organizations, Diversant has quality leadership that helps it stand out among its competitors. The person who currently leads Diversant is John Goullet. He has been working in the technology industry for over two decades and therefore brings a lot of expertise. As well as being an expert in technology departments need in order to thrive, Goullet is also very experienced in the field. With his experience, he is able to provide a lot of guidance to both his staff and the companies he helps to hire the right technology professionals. On a regular basis, John urges his staff to emphasize the core values of teamwork, discipline and diversity in order to help the firm reach its full potential.

While John has worked as the principal of Diversant for many years, he began his career as an employee. He worked for at a number of computer firms in which he held various positions as a consultant. This allowed him to gain considerable experience and knowledge about the technology industry. John Goullet would evaluate and analyze the software and hardware that his companies were using. After evaluating these things, he would then make recommendations to his employers on what new hardware and software will increase efficiency. As a result, he became a vital asset to his employers and had a successful career in this capacity. However, he would move on to entrepreneurship in which he would start up his own technology staffing firm.