Upwork: Better Managing Your To–do List

Almost anyone can tell you the benefits of using a to-do list however very few people can tell you how to best use one. Upwork has recently posted several tips that will help you better take advantage of your to-do list. Upwork is a platform that allows freelancers to connect with businesses that need professional work done. Globally it produces around $1 billion in revenue annually. This makes it one of the largest freelance platforms in the industry.

Several tips involve the actual creation of your to-do list. First, it is very common for an individual to make a to-do list first thing in the morning. Instead of wasting your time in the morning that could otherwise be used productively you should create your to-do list the night before. It is also important that you keep all of your to-do list items in one place. It is not a good habit to have your tasks scattered around your workplace or home. Whenever you are in the process of writing your to-do list, you should focus on putting every single thing on paper. This will eliminate negative thoughts that may otherwise distract you from actively using your time.

Whenever you are deciding on the items to put on your to-do list, you should order them by their level of priority. This will allow you to tackle the most important tasks of the day first. If you do this then even if you do not complete every single item on your to-do list you will have at least completed the most important tasks. You should also set time requirements for each of the items on your list. This can be when you will start the task, how long you will spend on the task, and when you plan on finishing the task.

Over the course of your day, it will be likely that your tasks may change. You should reevaluate what you have on your list and decide how important each item is throughout the day. Sometimes you will find that you have placed things on your to-do list that are of low importance and can be eliminated entirely.


Sam Boraie pulls through to complete first Newark high rise in 50 years

Newark, New Jersey has fallen on a rough half century. Starting in the early 60s, the city, once a major center of industry in the state of New Jersey, began experiencing many of the same problems that cities across the country faced. Deindustrialization, white flight and increasing urban crime were just some of the problems that beset Newark, in its fall from grace. Things got steadily worse, with no sign that anything would intervene in the process of collapse that would eventually render the city little more than an East Coast facsimile of Detroit.

But one man had a different idea about where Newark’s future would lie. Sam Boraie, of Boraie Development, one of New Jersey’s most successful and innovative real estate development companies, saw in Newark the raw materials and building stock that are the makings of a great city.

Sam Boraie had made a name for himself spotting value where no one else thought it existed. His firm was largely responsible for the miraculous comeback of New Brunswick, New Jersey from the brink of total collapse. Today, that city is home to some of the most sought-after real estate on the East Coast, and it has the perspicacity and tenacity of Boraie Development to thank for it. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Still, in Newark, Sam Boraie faced an even steeper challenge. Conventional lenders wanted nothing to do with risky projects in what they regarded as a backwards slum. Boraie was laughed out of numerous meetings with bankers, being chided for his relentless optimism and for having the gall to think that an area populated by winos and ex-cons could ever amount to anything but a cesspit of rampant criminality and vice.

But it was Boraie who would have the last laugh. The veteran developer paired up with basketball great Shaquille O’Neil, bypassing traditional lenders completely. The duo first successfully developed a state-of-the-art cinema complex, the Ciniplex 12. Then they set their sights even higher.

Boraie and O’Neil broke ground on One Riverview, a 26-story, ultra-luxurious apartment complex in late 2013. The building is slated to open this fall and has already been nearly fully reserved. You can visit Bloomberg for more info about the company.

Check out boraie.com

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