Lime Crime: Cosmetics for Those Who Dare to be Different

There are many people out there who love to express themselves in the coolest possible ways. They do this through their trendsetting fashion choices and their makeup application. Color, glitter, and even neon-inspired hair are what help make people unique. For those who love to be on the edge of fashion and always dare to be different, Lime Crime is a cosmetics line that will help them achieve just that.

Lime Crime was created by the lovely and soft-spoken Doe Deere, a fashionista who isn’t afraid of color. This is evident in the style choices available through the Lime Crime cosmetics line. The line features new hair colors, glitter, lip glosses, lipsticks, and eyeliners that will turn heads wherever a person goes.

For starters, Lime Crime is not an average makeup brand. This is made clear the first time a person shops for a Lime Crime product. Silver eyeliner and neon green glitter take a person’s look from fabulous to standing out in a crowd. Nail polish hues in lovely peachy, soft pastels help a person complete their look.

Lime Crime is all about expression and helps a person express themselves without apology. Whether a person wants to dye their hair a hot hue of violet or look-at-me pink, Lime Crime has all people covered. Males and females alike love this accepting brand, which takes people just as they are and helps them shine in their own individual ways.

Not only is Lime Crime designed to help people be their best, unique selves, it’s designed to help people put their makeup choices together in the best possible way. Online tutorials and makeup pairing suggestions help a person pick the right shades for any event when they buy their cosmetics or accessories via Lime Crime.

Many people hear about Lime Crime through the controversy it creates. Simply because it encourages people to be absolutely unique to their own selves, Lime Crime hits the popular media outlets for promoting what it stands for- being an individual. This helps make the brand rise even more in popularity as Doe Deere adds even more products to the growing line.

Is Lime Crime for everyone? Maybe not, but anyone who wants to try something new or be different every once in a while can certainly find something to love. From sherbet orange nail polish to a magenta glitter for the face and body, Lime Crime truly does have something for every boy and girl wanting to put themselves out there. For true expression and unique appeal, Lime Crime is where it’s at.