Jennifer Walden: Texan Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

Are you in need of plastic surgery? Have you ever heard of the superb and astonishing Jennifer Lee Walden from Austin, Texas? Well, she is a plastic surgeon and founder of her own surgery center known as Walden Cosmetics. Walden is known for developing amazing technologies in her practice. She utilizes Vectra, a technique that uses imaging technology that shows a patient’s appearance right before the surgery. Walden has also created tools that can make it easier when performing breast surgery. Patients are always satisfied with the results because they come out exactly how Walden says they would come out.

Her success did not come easily because her education is a key factor that catapulted her into the surgeon that she is today. After graduating from Anderson High School, she attended the University of Texas and acquired her degree in Biology. Walden was always a persistent and brilliant student when it came to her studies. She always asked questions whenever she did not understand a certain topic when discussing class topics. Going through her education, she obtained certain skills that assisted her to talk professionally and boost her confidence so that she becomes the very best person when she graduates from college. Click here to know more.

After obtaining her degree, she applied to wonderful University of Texas Medical Branch. After finishing her residency at that hospital, she acquired a fellowship at Manhattan Eye Hospital. Later on, in 2014, she decided to come back home and open up her own practice because she wanted to be on her own. She was so proud because she gained fame from her patients and even had interviews on television. She has come out on Fox and ABC news, where she talks about her innovative techniques and how she presents the best results in her field using those exact techniques.


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