Beautiful parks with a Beneful view

A press release has just recently come out about Beneful’s five years of committed support to the Dream Dog Park program. Originally released on PR Newswire, the article is short, concise, and full of fun facts about Beneful’s involvement. Beneful has been instrumental in fundraising for Dream Dog Parks. They participate in crowd funding, and have been active participants in crowdfunding and community leadership campaigns. Brent Gleckler, the director of the Beneful brand, knows exactly how special the bond between down and owner is. He hopes to reach even more dog-loving communities soon! In the last five years, four major dog parks have undergone renovation as part of Beneful’s plan. The are stocked with oversize toys for the pups to play with, fun splash pads to keep our doggies cool while they run, and a tree that launches tennis balls automatically. In order to further their enterprise, Beneful is searching for new parks to reach out to. If selected, Beneful plans to financially support the parks rebuilding efforts, as well as providing volunteer hours side by side with the members of the community that wish to see the parks improve. Gleckler recognizes that all parks have potential to be Dream Dog Park to the dogs that frequent them. He wants to share his knowledge and wisdom to all parks, that they reach their full potential for their furry friends. Currently, Beneful is at the helm of the renovation of the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, MO. Read all about it at the press release: