Donut Sandwich

National doughnut day has come and gone, but the memories and impressions that is has left behind will surely stick around for a while. After all, it seems that typical doughnut flavors may soon becoming a thing of the past. Doughnut shops all over the world would offer an array of chocolate, vanilla, sprinkles, custard filled, you name it! There were always so many options…usually those options just revolved around what type of frosting or sprinkle would grace your donuts.

Well, now it seems the options are getting overwhelming and strange. According to Eater, one restaurant created quite the concoction that hopefully will never be seen again. Philadelphia’s Mac Mart food truck decided to put bacon, and mac and cheese between two donuts! It seems like one of those foods that are so bizarre, you just have to try it. And by try it – hopefully only once before it gets grossly overwhelming. National doughnut day is a good day to get creative chef Steve Murray adds, but other than that I cannot see a mac and cheese bacon doughnut selling. The calories in that thing alone are probably enough to put you over the limit for the day.

So, this doughnut might have been a rare treat for those who love mac and cheese and bacon. For the rest of the people, however, in the world it was probably something that was to be avoided. A bite of one probably wouldn’t kill you though.