Fabletics: Predicting Change

The economy is an ever-changing ecosystem that depends on savvy businesses. For the most part, businesses used to have all the power to sway consumers either way. These days, that power’s been taken by consumers after being misled one too many times. Now, companies kneel to the power of the crowd.

While it doesn’t seem fair that companies must bend over backward to get new customers, they’re only doing what they should’ve been doing all along. Customers used to trust their favorite brand’s advertising, but recent market shifts allowed certain businesses to get away with taking advantage of their customers.

To combat the pitfalls of online shopping, consumers now research companies before purchasing. This allows the power to shift in favor of the customer. One of the most beneficial sources of information is the comment section found on most websites. By using online reviews, customers get firsthand accounts about a product or service before spending a penny.

According to most studies, over 80 percent of people using online reviews trust these reviews, written by strangers, as much or more than personal recommendations from people they know. This means that companies need to adopt more review-centric marketing strategies to survive.

One brand that adapted quickly is Fabletics. Fabletics became one of the most popular activewear brands in the world in less than four years. To date, Fabletics is a multimillion-dollar business generating over $250 million a year. Last year, their sales increased 43 percent because of online reviews.

Despite some negativity surrounding their original membership model, Fabletics has 1.2 million paying members who are loyal. Everyone seems to love Fabletics’ discount prices on on-trend fashion. It’s the only brand selling that quality of products at such affordable prices. The quality of their products actually surprises a lot of the online bloggers who think the company’s overselling itself.

The most likable thing about Fabletics is the friendliness of the brand. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is trying to take on America’s struggle with health and fitness. Hudson hopes that using fashion to push women toward healthier choices will be a good place to start.

Unlike other brands, which only make products for already fit people, Fabletics makes products for all women; regardless of size or age. By slowing inspiring women, they’re more likely to take that first step if it’s at their own pace.

Fabletics: More Than Fashion

Most fashion companies like to say that their products are about making customers feel better about themselves. In truth, it’s usually about the money. People are a lot more gullible these days than they were a decade ago. As long as a company can maintain some form of brand recognition, people will buy from them.

That is not the case with Fabletics. Co-founded by award-winning actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has heart. In 2013, when Kate Hudson got the chance to join the fashion juggernaut TechStyle Fashion Group, her priority was creating an activewear brand that stood apart from all other brands.

While others “talk trash” about Fabletics, Fabletics continues to excel. In the four years since its founding, Fabletics grew an online audience of more than 20 million followers on social media. It also has added 18 retail stores to its revenue stream. And by the looks of its social media account, it plans on adding more by year’s end.

The grand idea of Fabletics is to offer high-quality fashion at affordable prices. That’s how the brand’s been able to overcome all the negativity surrounding its membership model. Despite what people are saying, members just can’t get over on-trend fashion at half the price of what other companies are charging.

For Kate Hudson, Fabletics is meant for more than just e-commerce success. Profit isn’t nearly as important as making every customer feel special. Too many fashion brands are profit-focused or shape-biased. Fabletics is meant to inspire every woman; regardless of size, age, or ability.

Fabletics doesn’t just want to inspire women to look their best. It also wants women to feel their best. Part of looking and feeling great is living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Kate Hudson created an activewear line instead of just casual clothes.

What most members find shocking is that the quality of Fabletic’s products rivals that of more expensive brands. According to one member, the pair of leggings she bought from Fabletics is made of an amazing quality. To this date, those leggings maintain their compression and shape and haven’t faded.

The biggest draw for Fabletics is the combination of styles and affordable prices. Nowhere else can people get such high-quality fashion for those prices. Fabletics even offers a free lifestyle quiz for non-members who are on the fence about joining.

Chris Burch Develops A New Five-Star Resort, Nihiwatu

When Chris Burch bought a beach hostel on the Indonesian Island, he had no clue that the venture would be a worldwide leader in the hospital industry four years later. Known for his international retail brands like C. Wonder and Tory Burch, Chris’ five-star resort, Nihiwatu, which is based on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the world. In partnership with hotelier James McBride, the duo bought the hostel in 2012 and rehabilitated the facility to create a five-star resort, which was launched in 2015. They spent $30 million on the renovations. The resort has 27 private villas, including Chris’ private home, Raja Mendaka, which has additional four villas with private plunge pools. The plunge pools provide an amazing view of the Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean.

Being in the remote of west coast of Sumba Island, Nihiwatu was nicknamed “The Edge of the Wilderness.” It features two two-story tree houses, which are connected by a bamboo bridge. Besides a bedroom, bathroom and balcony, the main tree house has a living room and a private infinity pool. In addition, the resort has traditional Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints and local wood decorations. Clients can enjoy spa treatment in their own rooms or at the hotel’s beach spa. The hotel offers a series of entertaining and relaxation activities like yoga sessions, surfing, excursions to a nearby waterfall, and horseback riding. During the low season, the prices for a single-bedroom villa are as low as $750 per night.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm that capitalizes on support and scale, incubation, creativity, and new market opportunities to come up with unique brands and businesses. With over four decades in the investment and entrepreneurial sector, Chris Burch has contributed to the establishment of over 50 businesses. They include ED by Ellen DeGenres, Poppin, Cocoon9 and TRADEMARK as well as established brands like Voss Water, Jawbone, and Faena Hotel + Universe.

Chris uses his extensive knowledge on consumer trends as well as international and direct sourcing experience to come up with innovative ideas for different brands. Presently, Burch Creative Capital is working with various consumer products and lifestyle brands that include retail, organic foods, hospitals, technology firms, apparel companies and home furnishings corporations. Some of these companies are Blink Health, Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods, Soludos and BaubleBar. The company strives to create businesses and brands that have a positive and long-term impact on consumers’ lives.

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