Ted Bauman: Saving your Investments

Ted Bauman is an editor in Atlanta, Georgia. Ted Bauman received his post graduate degrees in economics and history from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has been the leader in household developments in low cost areas and he founded Slum Dwellers International where he’s helped individuals in many countries. Meet the experts at Sovereign Society.

One article Ted Bauman has published discusses whether your valuable belongings will survive a natural disaster. In this article he gives 5 tips on how to keep your belongings safe. Several recommendations he has include a safe box, a safe deposit box in the bank, a safe deposit box in a foreign bank, a vault in the United States, or an international vault. All will keep valuables safe but the main difference will come with cost. Even though he recommends a home safe he advises that valuables should be stored elsewhere. Within the banking system, you will need to insure your possessions which can be costly. A foreign bank seems to be one of the best options Ted Bauman mentions. A bank in a foreign country needs to follow their policies making it difficult for anyone to gain access to your valuables. Vaults located in the United States can provide more security because no one can access it without a court order, unlike banks that need to share information with an order from law enforcement. An International Vault has the advantage of keeping your assets extra secure. He ends his article by stating that keeping your valuables safe will help future generations.

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Another article Ted Bauman wrote discusses how to keep your personal information safe from identity theft. One method is to use file encryption on your computers. He suggest saving your files as a pdf and then saving them to a drive where you will then stash it safely away in one of your safe’s or deposit boxes. The files will be saved on the cloud and this will keep it safe from anyone who might try to steal your identity. He also suggests creating a passphrase instead of a password, meaning creating longer sentences as passwords. This makes it more difficult to crack the password. Using several tools for data encryption and methods of payment can also protect your information from identity theft from your debit card. A few items he mentions include Windows and Mac encryption and using paypal or google wallet as a method of payment. Read this article at Medium.com.