Randal Nardone’s Memorable Stewardship

Randal Nardone, a well-informed gentleman, has built an excellent reputation for himself in the purse of his career. He has indicated to be an Investment guru through working very hard to earn a significant amount of wealth to the extent of being among the few billionaires globally. In Forbes list, he seizes number 557, and he owns a net worth that exceeds $1.8billion.

Randal Nardone underwent his studies in Boston University School of Law where he graduated with a bachelor degree in both English and Biology. Also, he has a Juris Doctor Degree in the field of Law that he was awarded from Connecticut University. He has been able to gather much experience by working in several organizations in different positions with different role since he began his career. Randal Nardone has performed as the Springleaf Financial Holdings’ president and chairman as well as the secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings. He has also been BlackRock’s principal, which is a financial management firm.

Fortress Investment Group came to existence in 1998 by Randal Nardone working jointly with his colleagues both Kauffman and Wes Edens. Currently, Randal possesses the Chief Executive Officer position in Fortress and his fundamental duty being to manage the financial and authorized matters that may affect the firm’s operations. He has been the Chief Executive Officer ever since 2013, and in addition to this role, he works as the Fortress Credit Corporation’s principal and a member of the Fortress managing board for more than a decade.

Randal Nardone surety that Fortress Investment Group would face stiff competition from financially stable Organization made them adopt strategies that could earn Fortress a comparative advantage over its competitor. It is these strategies which have enabled the firm to develop rapidly over the past decades to the extent of being ranked among the paramount Investment Firms worldwide. Also, it is under the stewardship of Randal that Fortress gained acknowledgment to the point of being honored in 2014 by being given two awards in the same year in various occasions due to the marvelous reputation it has built in the commercial sector.

Agora Financial Builds Businesses through Its Online Publications

It is no secret that not every entrepreneur enjoys conducting financial forecast. Most of the time entrepreneurs think that it is not only a waste of time but also complicated. That is however not the fact as economic forecasts prepare entrepreneurs for their future in all aspects. Aside from that, financial projections play a pivotal role in securing investors. But most essentially, financial forecasts assist entrepreneurs to develop long-term plans that will benefit the business. That explains the relevance of Agora Financial.

 History of Foundation

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of one The Agora Network that was established in 1979. Behind the foundation is one Bill Bonner who is not only a business professional but also the author of Empire of Debt as well as Financial Reckoning Day. Closely working with his co-author Mr. Addison Wiggin, the duo established Agora Financial with the objective of providing relevant tutorials on finances management and investment.


Agora Financial has published numerous financial newsletters tailored to offer advice to investors on how to make money from different industries including emerging technologies, metals, minerals and lastly, small-cap stocks. To make sure that these financial dockets are safe from higher risks, Agora Financial works with skilled financial analysts. All too often, these financial analysts are recruited on the basis of their academic credentials, expertise and general experience and performances.

Predicting Financial Dockets and investments

At Agora Financial, the primary objective of operating is to minimize risks involved in running businesses. That is why since its inception, Agora Financial has worked hard to become a leading service provider for innovative skills in finance and publishing industries. For that reasons, in the past two decades, Agora Financial has correctly predicted the future of businesses in Washington’s leading industries.


Agora Financial has mastered the art of providing an exceptional corporate culture. Unlike the typical cliché where a unique culture is barely standards away from typical cultures of operation, Agora Financial has crafted a new culture that challenges its employees to work better and more focused.

Growth and Expansion

For entrepreneurs, business professionals and prospective investors, Agora Financial is always prepared to provide you with quality publications to foster entrepreneurship and create a healthy economy in the world. That is why over the past few years, the company, under the management of its various leaders, has expanded its operations by opening offices in different cities and continents.

Sahm Adrangi’s Inside Revelations

According to a research done by Kerrisdale’s CIO Sahm Adrangi, Eastman Kodak Company is a one hundred thirty-eight year old imaging and printing company whose stock increased two-fold or more ever since a blockchain and cryptocurrency partnership licensing has been announced. Kodak gave permission to have its brand be licensed in connection to a blockchain project that created more than $300 million. Prior to the licensing announcement, the Board members provided themselves with shares, and hired a promoter who has a bad history in public relations together with a team of Germans who pretended to be blockchain platform managers. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


While innovative in every sense Sahm Adrangi maintains that cryptocurrencies and blockchains have the ability to unsettle more than one industry, and utilizing KODAKOne media right licensing will not be a part of that. Using a blockchain in the operation of a copyright image platform will not realize anything. KODAKOne will be using a crypto-asset and smart contracts to resolve the issue on copyright violation.


Decoding and coding an image within a blockchain does not demonstrate the origin of having intellectual ownership. A blockchain does no minimize the sources needed for copyright violation. A photographer would preferred to be paid in KODAKCoins that real money. KODAKOne is at its best a declining company with muted efforts to pursue the ICO or initial coin offering fashion trend. To this point it is considered a PR initiated stunt that offers a distraction, which will eventually pass when the company issues its financial earning reports that would inform stakeholders of its true financially troubled situation. More details on Sahm Adrangi at valuewalk.com.


Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and has been hand-on in the various facets of development of the company ever since it was founded in 2009. At its initial launch the company has a little under $1 million in capital asset, and as of 2017 the company is managing $150 million assets.


Sahm Adrangi is popular for research publishing and short selling where he imparts his company’s opinion and take on stocks that are overhyped short and under-followed long, which are often misunderstood by the public. Kerisdale publishes its investigation on relevant third party investing websites, on Twitter and on its own website.

View: www.futuresmag.com/author/sahm-adrangi

All About Agora Financial

Agora Financial Company was founded in 1979 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a subsidiary of the parent company named The Agora, and it was founded by Bill Bonner. The company is a leading financial corporation that publishes and produces a number of publications in print and email, such as books, conferences, all aimed at advising its readers on financial matters, predicting market behavior and trends on stocks, energy, emerging technologies and so forth.Agora Financial Company boasts of being the “leading innovator in the financial industry around the globe.” Their work has been recognized by renowned publications such as the Washington Post, the Economist, Reuters, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, the Daily Telegraph and many more.

Agora Financial Company hosts a yearly Agora Financial Investment Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is considered one of the company’s largest events as it brings together a large audience as well as a significant number of speakers. In panels, debates and general conferences, these speakers analyze contemporary and upcoming financial trends and market behavior. Each of these annual symposiums has a specific theme, for instance, the theme for the 2013 symposium was “A Tale of Two Americas.”As mentioned earlier, Agora Financial involves publishing. Some of its flagship publications include Breakthrough Technology Alert which informs readers about investment trends in the technology industry.

Capital and Crisis is a newsletter that delves into issues of global value investment; Daily Reckoning is a daily publication exploring ideas on investment, analyzing the market and addressing issues of economy, and, Options Hotline is a publication looking into possible chances of investment in stock markets.Agora Financial gives unbiased and rather independent reporting on investment opportunities, financial news and market analyses to its customers to ensure that they make sound financial decisions. According to their website, their news, publications, and editors are independent in that they do not accept bribes of any kind from corporations to favor their products or stocks. The editors of their publications are also not afraid to make bold predictions, as customer satisfaction and success are of utmost importance to Agora.