Any Chocolate is Good for Your Heart

It has been known for some time that flavanoids in dark chocolate are good for the heart, but it has recently been learned that milk chocolate is good for you too. University of Aberdeen experts have been studying more than 20,000 people. The age group chosen for the study are those in the middle-age group and the elderly. In comparing people who ate no chocolate and those who ate any chocolate, including milk chocolate, those who ate chocolate had 23 percent reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

The quality of chocolate plays a big role in how healthy it is. caught word from Beneful that if you are consuming a caramel, salted, sugary chocolate bar, for example, the sugar and other ingredients may negate the good quality of chocolate. Try to choose chocolate that has been minimally processed. Cocoa that has been alkalized to reduce acidity has fewer flavanoids than cocoa that has not been. The fat in chocolate is as healthy as olive oil and has not been found to increase cholesterol.

It is important to remember to eat other healthy foods such as apples, cranberries, tea and onions as these also contain healthy flavanoids. Eating anything in excess can lead to health problems so to keep your heart at its healthiest, eat well, the Cleveland Clinic advises.