Nathaniel Ru on Smart Marketing and Keeping It Real

Every achievement ought to outlive the achiever. This is a maxim that Nathaniel Ru holds dear. He explains that you are only as good as the impact you leave in the society. As a result, Ru advises people to go out there and leave a lasting impression. Nathaniel Ru and a few of his dorm mates from Georgetown University discovered that they belonged to the healthy eating cult. When they got tired of looking for joints that served healthy meals, they came up with the idea of starting their food joint without any experience in the restaurant business. That is how the $95 million capital venture funded Sweet greens stores were conceived.


The venture currently stands at 64 stores and still expanding. Nathaniel Ru believes that all it takes is several core values to firmly establish the brand, besides an aggressive, creative marketing to get the word out there.


Nathaniel Ru argues that a win-win strategy for their business, employees, clients and community are instrumental to the store’s success. Satisfaction from all the stakeholders means that quality is king. He emphasizes that good employee relations and incentives kit while allowing them to offer suggestions on management has a great positive impact on how clients respond. Simple acts with an authentic touch go a long way in keeping things real.


Sweet green has financial backing from business tycoons such as Danny Meyers and Steve Casey. It is more than about salads to high-end clients who line up for their goodies. It is also about technology. According to the CEO Nathaniel, they have developed a mobile app through which payments can be processed while earning ‘green points.’ It makes for convenient purchasing. Besides, cash and credit are still acceptable.


Nathaniel Ru together with co-founders Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and their marketing director also a former colleague have creatively come up with marketing strategies that have formed a tradition. The best being the famously dubbed “the music and food experience.” In the concept, music plays in a parking lot as people shop directly from food trucks, food purveyors, and sweet greens stores. Another ingenious strategy is by attaching the stores’ coupons to parking tickets.


Born to entrepreneurs, starting a venture from scratch was a viable option. The group’s CEO Nathaniel Ru maintains that nothing much has changed from the business plans. Discipline and having the right set of values in place is the key to their success and to sticking together eight years down the road.



Markus Rothkranz on “The Only Real Way to Heal”

Over the years, Markus Rothkranz has received thousands of emails asking for advice on what to take for various ailments. Most of these people are looking for a natural remedy of some sort. However, his answer is always the same. The remedy is not what you should take, it is what you should stop doing that is causing the problem in the first place.

No matter what problem you have, there is no medication, herb, mixture, tincture, or magic solution to the problem. The key is to stop doing whatever it is that is causing the problem, or that caused the problem. The disease or disorder that you are suffering from is just a symptom that results from the lifestyle you are living. All of the negative things you have in your life, all of the horrible foods that you put into your body, and all of the times you skip exercise are the reason you have developed a symptom, or disorder/disease. You have to put forth the effort to change.

Regardless of the illness, a large majority of people have found that switching to a raw vegan diet, reducing stress, and living a more natural lifestyle, greatly reduces the problems they face in regard to their condition. While it does not undo the damage that is already done, most of these people see a dramatic reduction in their symptoms, and some people dramatically reduce the assistance they need from a medical practitioner to keep their disorder under control.

Even though medication may be required to control your condition, it is not the first step you need to take to regain control of your condition. The first step is to analyze your life, determine the negative factors that are impacting your condition, and removing the negative factors.

After you have removed the negative factors, you will quickly realize that the medications you are taking to control your condition are more effective, your blood tests will become more normal, and you will not see as many side effects from your medical condition as you did before.

If you are one of the lucky few, after the negatives are removed from your life, you may not need medication at all to control your condition. Simple diet and exercise control may prove to be enough.

Markus Rothcranz Give The Down Low About Fava Beans

In a recent video, Markus Rothcranz explains that a great way to supplement your diet with highly beneficial nutrient is to consume fava beans. Fava beans have been consumed all over the world for thousands of years. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t often offer these powerhouses on the consumer market. They are packed with human growth hormones that slow the aging process and promote energy and well-being.

Fava Beans are also high in fiber and offer ten grams of protein in just one handful or one-quarter cup of beans. This is an amazing amount of protein in such a small serving size. Fava beans make an excellent source of essential nutrients such as B-17 and L-Dopa. These are uncommon in our everyday food in this country and so, therefore, many people are deficient.

Fava beans also encourage healthy levels of probiotics, help regulate the endocrine system and provide immune support. The previously mentioned B-17 vitamin is called the cancer-fighting vitamin and is thought to support the body’s ability to kill cancer cells. Markus also explains that fava beans help control blood pressure, heart function, and gives the body much needed vitamin A for healthy skin and vision. Fava beans can be easily grown in a garden or on a patio so if you aren’t able to find them in your area you can simply grow them yourself.

Fava Beans can be consumed without cooking them. You may opt to remove the waxy coating but it is edible if you wish to leave it on. Markus give a recipe in the video that involved marinating the beans with apple cider vinegar, lots of olive oil, pepper, and other spices. It can sit on the counter for a few hours and be eaten later in the day. The recipe that he gives will keep the beans naturally preserved for some time in your refrigerator.

Nuts May Keep You Healthy

Do you love nuts? Are they one of your favorite foods? If so, then you may be healthier than a lot of people. A new study has found that eating nuts may keep you healthy. It has found that eating nuts may keep you from getting many different diseases. So, if you love nuts, go ahead and eat a lot of them. They may just be keeping you healthy.
If you are not a big fan of nuts, then it might be time that you tried them again thinks Ivan Ong. If you don’t like them plain, then try some recipes that take them. Try them out until you find a way that you can eat them and love them. If nuts can really keep you from getting many different kinds of diseases, as the study suggests, then it will be worth eating them in the end. You’ll be glad that you have have started to eat them.