How Greg Secker became the Leading Foreign Exchange Veteran

Greg Secker is a financial guru who has strived to make it big in business. He was compelled to venture into business upon realizing that most people were struggling to set up thriving businesses.

Greg Secker’s success story

Mr. Secker was motivated by the desire to create a tool that guided people to trade in foreign transactions. Mr. Secker believes that one does not need intense training to understand how businesses operate. Initially, he used companies to make money for him. Currently, he makes his wealth from the programs he runs, such as Learn to Trade. His ventures became profitable after six months of putting in hard work. Despite the challenges that come with new businesses, Mr. Secker worked relentlessly to ensure that his efforts paid off. In just a couple of months, he had made money than he would not have if he had remained in the corporate sector.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a British entrepreneur, famous for his expertise in foreign exchange. Mr. Secker is also an author who has published various books, including “Financial Freedom through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success,” and “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success.” Mr. Secker is an alma mater of the University of Nottingham where he majored in agriculture and food sciences. Mr. Secker is also a serial entrepreneur who has helped setup companies, such as FX Capital, SmartCharts Software and Learn to Trade. Mr. Secker initiated his career in the early 90s where he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. In the late 90s, he had already made a name for himself and was awarded the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce.

Mr. Greg Secker was the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, and this is where he developed a passion for the foreign trade. Mr. Secker spends most of his time hosting business seminars and summits on training people. Since 2008, he has held various meetings in New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, and Ghana. Mr. Secker is also a philanthropist and a founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, an institution determined to make the lives of people easier. This foundation also works with the youth to bring positive changes in the leadership, education, and social sectors.