Mobilization With Movement, The Mulligan Concept

Brian Mulligan finished his training on becoming a registered Physical Therapist in 1954 at the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Two years later he went into private practice in Wellington as a physiotherapist and stayed as an active clinical therapists until 2000. Brian is a well-known International Lecturer in the art of manual therapy.

In the 1960’s Brian was introduced to manual therapy by Stanley Paris. Brian always had a great interest in manual therapy and accredits Freddy Kaltenborn as his mentor. He also contributes invaluable information from James Cyriax, Robin McKenzie, Geoff Maitland, Robert Elvey and others in the field of physical therapy.

In 1968 Brian and a small group of other physiotherapists founded the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists association. He and Robin McKenzie were the main teachers of the Post graduate program. The program awarded those students who graduated from the program a Diploma of Manipulative Therapy. In 1972, Brian joined the international lecturing circuit. While being in the United States, Brian has taught in 91 different cities. He has also traveled, lectured and taught in over 20 countries around the world.

There is great demand from therapists who are wishing to learn Brian’s techniques. In 1995 he formed the international organization to accredit teachers. At the present time there are 48 Mulligan Concept Teachers from 18 nations. The Mulligan Concept is taught both as an entry-level program and as a postgraduate physical therapy program. The programs are taught by faculty members who already have the credentials to teach the programs.

Brian has received the International Service to the Profession Award from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The award is only presented only once every four years. Brian received the award for his teaching and development of mobilization with movement, the Mulligan Concept.

The Mulligan Concept was founded in 1995. As a manual therapy technique for musculoskeletal disorders, the Mulligan Concept has become extremely popular. The Mulligan Concept relieves pain and increases the range of motion in the patient. The concept uses mobilization with movement in the extremities to help relieve neck, back, and spinal pain.

Brian Mulligan has been an international lecturer in high demand since 1972 and has received numerous prestigious awards for his books, writings and seminar lecturers. He has been married to his wife Dawn for over 50 years. They have two daughters, a son, five granddaughters and a grandson.

How The Real Estate Market In New York Has Changed Over The Years

No one wants to live in a place where comfort and safety are not guaranteed. According to Town Real Estate, the NYC real estate market has changed tremendously over the years, and that explains why prices have skyrocketed. According to the New York Times, buyers are clamoring for better outdoor space and better parking amenities. Customers are also offered with low-priced homes that are priced around $500,000 or even less. For such homes; however, terraces and big outdoor spaces are not easy to come by.

In Staten Land, for instance, many listings have yards but for a buyer who wants a home with space that is green, some perseverance and patience is needed. Real estate website StreetEasy had many homes in the under $500,000 category in Manhattan as of August 2015. However, the site does not specify the kind of outdoor spaces the homes have therefore made it very hard for buyers to know how many gardens and gardens are shared with neighbors. Individual brokerage firms and multiple listing sites do not give users the specific details about the property, and they tend to narrow their results by using keywords like ‘garden’ and ‘patio’.

In Brooklyn for instance, there is an apartment being advertised that had a Japanese maple and brick paths that are edged in host as. The property has space that can accommodate a table and few chairs. Brokers who were selling were quick to describe it as able to take someone out of the metropolitan feel of things. The unit was listed for only $435,000, and it has a garden bigger than the 500 feet apartment. Deeper in Brooklyn where apartments are much cheaper, there is a lot more green space. However, in most instances, the outdoor parking spaces are shared by neighbors.

In Manhattan, on the other hand, location plays a very instrumental role in deciding the price of a particular property. A triplex penthouse on a 72-storey CitySpire that has wrapped terraces on three levels and with a total of 3,000 square feet of outdoor space is listed at $100 million. Other properties that have similar characteristics are also listed for around the same price in the area. This alone makes the place a reserve for only the wealthy and affluent in society.

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