WEN By Chaz Turns Blogger’s Hair Selfies Into Shiny Full Hollywood Mane

Selfies are what we do these days, and it seems like everyone is snapping away. Even blogger Emily McClure was taking photos but mainly of her hair, and she took them while washing with WEN by Chaz. She wanted to see if this no lather shampoo experience could create more beautiful hair on her fine, thin crowning glory. She reported her findings here at Bustle.

WEN by Chaz is the true original, the brand that is pure and botanically-based, the one that gets rid of the harsh detergents found in other shampoos and conditioners. Chaz Dean should know, because he’s been a well-respected celebrity stylist for a number of years now. His unique cleansing conditioners are a one-bottle dynamo that wash, condition, de-tangle and nourish every strand from root to end. His loyal star clientele are obsessed with WEN by Chaz and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The no lather shampoo concept has been copied by competitors, but they couldn’t match Chaz Dean’s soothing and effective formulas. WEN by Chaz delivers shine, body and movement. Wen is Sephora available. It is also available online, visit the Amazon website or Guthy-Renker.com

Emily sampled WEN for seven days and discovered how to achieve the best results with this no lather shampoo. She had this advice for readers:

1. Follow directions on the bottle. Even Emily should have used the proper amount for her medium length hair. Lots of product is key, because Wen is not like store bought shampoos. Massage thoroughly into the hair and scalp.

2. Wash every morning with WEN in the shower. This daily routine creates the biggest hair and allows your hair to adapt to this new cleansing experience.

3. Always follow your wash with a blow-drying and styling session. Make the effort to do your hair, and you will see volume and shine come alive.

Enjoy your Hollywood hair. Read more about the product here: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html