Vinny Parascandola – The Man With Integrity

The multinational corporation AXA, based in Paris, has been ranked the top insurance brand for the 8th year. It is a firm that started in the year 1816 under a different name and over the years became what it is today, a brand with repute. They have gone through a slew of mergers and acquisitions to sport the size that they have today. Bringing to the fore we see as the end result in the year 1999 when they officially kept the name AXA advisors.

They have their businesses spread out across continents with only the south American continent eluding their reach. They are a firm that believes in giving to the people, this philosophy made them start the AXA relief fund, endowing it with a hefty sum of 100mn euros, to further the research meant to alleviate human suffering.

Vinny Parascandola, Senior Vice president, AXA Advisors, LLCWords elude you to use as a means to praise Mr. Vinny. He is utterly dedicated, hard-working, affable and shows the true grit of a born leader. He has more than 25 years of experience under his belt, having started his career in the year 1987 as a naive agent as was enshrined as the rookie of the year. He joined AXA in the year 2004 and has since been with us.

He has been well endowed with awards that sing praises for his leadership skills, the newest addition to his kitty being the GAMA’s Career Development and Agency Award. He was recently invited to give a commencement guest lecture to the graduating class of 2014, at his alma mater, pace university, New York.