Doug Levitt Uses Greyhound Buses to Understand the Other Side of America

Americans are known to prefer traveling by plane over buses. This was the case for former CNN correspondent, Doug Levitt until he crisscrossed the vast American nation in a voter registration campaign for John Kerry, the 2004 Democrat presidential aspirant. For the first time, Doug found himself boarding buses to destinations he previously hadn’t heard or even dreamt of in his life. In the buses, he met and interacted with many people from all walks of life. The experience in these buses ignited a desire in the young journalist’s heart to explore the entire country by bus. In his quest to get to the smallest towns, Doug chose Greyhound buses as his number one traveling choice since the buses go to over 2000 destinations. He has since used those buses to travel for over 120,000 miles over the last 13 years, branding his experiences in the buses as Greyhound Diaries. Doug uses his talent in music and writing to narrate his Greyhound Diaries.


The Neo-Nazi Seatmate


In one of his many journeys, Doug sat next to a Neo-Nazi man who happened to be his fellow Jew. Doug could tell that the man was an ex-convict from his exquisite Hitler prison tattoo. He also learned that the man belonged to Aryan Brotherhood from a symbol tattooed on his arm. Doug admitted that he was a bit nervous about sitting next to the strange man for the 20-hour journey, but his perception changed when the man did the unimaginable- he volunteered to sleep on the floor so that Doug could use their two seats to sleep. This is an experience Doug will live to narrate.


Personal Growth


Besides helping him to understand other people’s lives, Greyhound Diaries have assisted Doug to understand himself and appreciate life. Having lost his father through suicide when he was still a teenager, Doug had been living in trauma until he shared his story with his fellow Greyhound travelers.


About Doug Levitt


Doug is a former foreign war correspondent for CNN. He mostly gathered news in foreign countries like Rwanda, Iran, among others. He is also a songwriter.

Doug was born in Washington D.C and studied at the Washington DC public schools. He received his master’s in Nationalism and Ethic Conflict from the highly ranked London School of Economics.