This year’s political atmosphere in the United States is different from the other election years. The main difference is observed where liberal donors are in one side of the poll. George Soros and other liberal billionaires are willing to fund the Democratic Party and help it through its campaigns. This has been seen in the super PACs project which is aimed at rallying all the Latinos living in the United States into voting for the Democratic Party’s candidate in the coming election. George Soros according to New York Times, together with other donors has given out $15 million to be used in the mobilization project which targets bringing massive voter numbers to help the Democratic candidate to power.
George Soros has been funding other political activities in the past. In the year 2004, he made a contribution to the $200 million advertisements which sought to help John Kerry to power. The project, however, failed since Kerry lost the elections. The most impressive thing about that advertisement is the amount of voter turnout that it was able to raise on the Democrats side. Soros has never left the Democratic Party’s side as far as politics have been the question. He believes in the protection of the immigrant rights. Democratic Party according to him is the party that cares and protects the immigrants in the United States. He has funded projects in the United States that aim at educating and organizing the Latinos politically. It will be better for the marginalized parties to realize their political and democratic strength in the United States. The Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and all other immigrants should realize the need to support the Democratic Party by voting for its candidate.
The project in which Soros and other billionaires are massively throwing funds to see its running will aim at mobilizing the Latinos to come out strongly in support of the Democratic Party come this year’s election. The Latinos and most immigrants are already in support of the Democratic Party. The purpose of running this project will, therefore, to look for new supporters to vote for the party this election. This will be realized by taking advantage of Trump’s declaration that he will deport a good number of the immigrants living in the United States.
The Republican Party and its candidate Trump have been openly campaigning and confirming that they would put in place onerous regulations on immigration. This will include limiting the rights of the immigrants. The immigrants in the United States have been seeking better considerations and rights. The Latinos might have voted for the 2008 Democratic candidate Obama, but they feel betrayed since almost 5000 deportations were made on Latinos during Barrack Obama’s term. With such mobilization, the Democrats might have a win again this coming election.