A Summer Treat

Anyone who has been to New York is fully aware of where to get the best food. Whether it’s pizza, pasta, or seafood. New Yorkers have tried out a variety of restaurants until they finally get it right! There are almost always discrepancies over what is actually the best. There is one thing that almost everyone in the SoHo area can agree on. That’s where to get the best cookie.

Maman’s is the creator of one of New Yorks top chocolate chip cookies. They are moist, they are delicious, and they have the finest quality chocolate chips in it. Alexei Beltyukov wondered what could possibly make them better? Stuffing them with ice cream! According to GrubStreet that’s exactly what is happening. It’s absolutely genius.

It’s summer, and it’s hot out there. As good as a cookie sounds at all times, it’s sometimes hard to eat a warm one in the heat. People want something cold and refreshing. That’s where this genius plan comes into play! They get their cookie, and they get premium ice cream as well. They’re only making 50 of these bad boys a day so people have to hurry out there, and get in line quickly. If they continue to be this popular, then the restaurant might take into consideration making more each day. Until then, it’s a struggle to get your hands on one of these delicious summer treats!