Mars Candy Company Takes a Surprising Stand

We are all used to the idea of companies lobbying the government to get rules and regulations and tax breaks that favor them and to oppose any that threaten their bottom lines. Whenever a carbon tax is proposed, all the oil companies will, of course, oppose that, and the same for any other industry when you try to tax their product. The same could be said for just about any proposed rules change that negatively affects a particular established industrial interest. They will hire an army of lobbyists and either kill the proposed law or at least steer it in their favor, so the resulting legislation minimally impacts them while restricting potential competition. One thing you never see is a company, especially a large, multimillion dollar company, lobbying for laws that put an economic cost on them; until now.

The candy giant, Mars Inc., has recently added their support to the idea that people should be getting no more than 10 percent of their calories from sugar. They have gone a step further in advocating the proposal of including a declaration about added sugar on product labels. This seems contrary to their business interest, so the cynic may be wondering what they are up to. They must be aware that people know chocolate candies have plenty of sugar and are bad for them, but by coming out for this rule and labeling they look like good guys who are looking out for people.

Thanks to Daniel Amen for showing me this story!