Bellamy’s Restaurant a product of Business Genius Brian Bonar

Bellamy Restaurant is a top new joint by business genius Brian Bonar. San Diego business world has felt the aggressiveness of Bonar in starting and running successful ventures. His skills enable him give his clients only the best, and this is precisely what he is doing with Bellamy’s.

Getting Chef Patrick Ponsaty on board was a wise move. Having known Ponsaty long time ago from El Bizcocho, his old time favorite joint, Brian Bonar was aware of his extraordinary skills. He was sure that Ponsaty would help him take Bellamy’s to the next level by offering clients with the best dining experience. In 2012 Ponsaty earned the prestigious title Meilleurs Ouvrier de France.

Patrick Ponsaty is a native of Toulouse, France and for him Escondido is home. He is known for his expertise and excellent skills in the kitchen. At Bellamy’s Ponsaty is looking to get even more recognition and the freedom he has longed for so long. He describes his style of cuisine as “French”. Ponsaty’s menu includes monkfish with morels, filaments of watercress, and duck sauvage.

Apart from the exotic menu, Ponsaty is bringing along his cave for vintage Armagnac. The elegant dining areas, fine wines, amazing Jazz paintings giving the place an impression of a traditional home with world class cooking and relaxing copper hues get the diners coming back.

Bellamy’s is not the only plan that Brian Bonar has got for Chef Ponsaty. He has plans of transforming the Ranch at Bandy Canyon into an event space and a top notch dining destination with Ponsaty heading these plans. If at all Bellamys, the Ranch, and the planned pizza venture get Ponsaty the fame he deserves, he will be thanking El Bizcocho, the place where he first met Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar has over forty year’s successful career in the finance industry. He has earned extensive experience and expertise as a financial executive and a top businessman in the country. His top-notch management skills are widely sought after by many companies and today he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucep Inc. Brian’s technical background has significantly shaped his career.

Immediately after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree from James Watt Technical College, Brian Bonar got his first job with IBM. He worked here as a procurement manager for 16 years. Later on, he worked he worked for other notable organizations like QMS as director of Engineering and Rastek Corporation where he was Sales and Marketing Vice President.

In 1994, Brian Bonar launched his very first business Bezier Systems. Brian loves the community he works and lives in. He tries his best to give back to the community by imparting in them the great leadership skills that have elevated him to one of San Diego’s successes. Brian holds a Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England UK.

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