OrganoGold Brings an Ancient Food to a Modern World

When people talk about a company it’s often worth taking note of. But when that conversation travels the planet than it usually means that there’s something special to take note of. And there’s one company which has been getting a lot of praise these days. The OrganoGold line of products is becoming more and more commonplace within people’s homes. And this has prompted quite a few of those people to wonder about the company behind the product. It’s a simple question with some important answers. The story of OrganoGold is, in some ways, focused on two important elements. The first is creator Bernardo Chua. And the other important thing to understand about the company is that it places a heavy focus on the Ganoderma mushroom.

Bernardo Chua is a man possessed of a special insight. He’s always had a talent for communication and networking. He’s one of those people who have a special talent for helping people find the things that they need. And that insight is probably what helped him discover a long standing tradition in natural medicine. He discovered that native peoples had been using one particular mushroom for both medicine and food. It was delicious and appeared to have health benefits as well. Chua knew that this was something that could help the entire world. The only problem was helping them get access to it. He was already a successful businessman at that point. It was obvious what he had to do. And he quickly formed a company to research uses for the mushroom and distribute it around the world. His knack for people was exactly the right tool for the job. He knew exactly how to fit the mushroom into the specific tastes of different areas. And in particular his idea to make it into a coffee was amazingly well received.

This initial vision became the guiding vision of OrganoGold. OrganoGold is about spreading amazing and healthy products all over the world. OrganoGold knows that the world is a global marketplace. The most delicious and healthy foods shouldn’t be limited to a specific region. And OrganoGold is dedicated to ensuring that people the world over can taste the benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom.

OrganoGold began as a small shop with only three employees. And today it has offices in over 35 countries. It continues to hold true to a motto of loyalty, unity and edification. And in the process it’s helping people on a multitude of different levels. It’s helping customers by delivering a range of tasty and healthy products. And it’s helping employees with a number of different services dedicated to ensuring they can reach their full potential.